Merged list of all headstone information complied by Wilma Roesler and Imogene Bailey in the 1970s. This list does not include the results of surveys of other cemeteries, surveys performed by others, or subsequent surveys/updates. The information is also available in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (PDF). If you would like a page of the headstone reading copied contact the Historical Society either by mail or use our e-mail address ( Each page copied costs $1.00. Please state the page number when ordering.

NameTownshipCemeteryPage Number
?, ?Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery43
?, B. (possibly an Eaton?)Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery10
?, DwightRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery42
?, ElizabethLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery100
?, Emma J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery52
?, IsaacLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery13
?, KennethMontgomery TWPMorea Cemetery34
?, KennethOblong TWPOblong Cemetery69
?, LettaLicking TWPBellair Cemetery17
?, M?Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery54
?man, ?Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery17
?, Our Little WillieLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery57
?, RobertMontgomery TWPNorton Cemetery5
?, WilliamHutsonville TWPLindley Cemetery13
A., M. E.Oblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery4
A., T. I.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery8
Abbott, BenjaminPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery21
Abbott, Cornelia CraigRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery38
Abbott, Harvey J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery72
Abbott, JohnRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery38
Abbott, John S.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery102
Abbott, Martha LedbetterRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery102
Abbott, Mary A.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery21
Abbott, Mary E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery72
Abbott, Mary L.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery12
Abbott, Salma H.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery21
Abel, C. HubertHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery67
Abel, Elma F.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery45
Abel, Estella (Lindley)Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery26
Abel, Henry A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery45
Abel, Mildred (Fischer)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery45
Abelman, LeonardLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery17
Abrams, LillieHoney Creek TWPTohill Cemetery25
Acker, Clara B. (Winters)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery56
Acker, NancyOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery9
Ackman, Leona M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery90
Ackman, Orman C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery90
Acord, Irvan S.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery81
Acord, Jiles U.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery144
Acord, Lillie DearingHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery57
Acord, Nellie V.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery144
Acord, Thomas E.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery57
Acton, BerthaMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery24
Adams, A. CleoLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery63
Adams, Amanda L.Martin TWPAdams-Richart Cemetery2
Adams, Anna (Holderman)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery54
Adams, Anna J.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery129
Adams, Anna M.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Adams, AugustusMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Adams, C. E.Montgomery TWPFuller Cemetery30
Adams, C. H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery45
Adams, CatherineMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Adams, Charles E.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Adams, Charles K.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Adams, Charlotte I.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery40
Adams, ClarenceHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery60
Adams, Curtis E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery129
Adams, DellaMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Adams, Della OdessaMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Adams, Edna M.Martin TWPAdams-Richart Cemetery2
Adams, EffieRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery68
Adams, Effie E. TennysonLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery58
Adams, EleanorMontgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Adams, EliMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Adams, EliMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Adams, Eliza JaneMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Adams, ElizabethMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Adams, Emma N.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery40
Adams, EthelLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery92
Adams, Eunice E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery100
Adams, Everett O.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery100
Adams, Families Graves (2)Montgomery TWPUnmarked Graves Cemetery38
Adams, Florence J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery45
Adams, Francis M.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Adams, FrankMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Adams, Frank R.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery66
Adams, Fred D.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery63
Adams, Georgie EatonHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery33
Adams, Gussie ClarkMartin TWPAdams-Richart Cemetery2
Adams, HannahHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery66
Adams, HelenLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery102
Adams, HoseaHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery36
Adams, Ida D.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery21
Adams, Ida F.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery66
Adams, Infant DaughterMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Adams, Infant DaughterLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery45
Adams, J. B. S.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Adams, James H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery68
Adams, James MonroeHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery62
Adams, James R.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Adams, JessieLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery19
Adams, John F.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Adams, John QuincyMartin TWPAdams-Richart Cemetery2
Adams, John R.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Adams, John W.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery45
Adams, JosephMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Adams, Joseph VanceRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery129
Adams, Josephine TraftonHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery63
Adams, JosiahLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery47
Adams, JosiahLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery46
Adams, Laota and BabyRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery116
Adams, Laura A. (Reinbold)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery98
Adams, LawrenaLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery20
Adams, Lester T.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery81
Adams, LewisHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery66
Adams, Lillian B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery81
Adams, Lillie A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery81
Adams, Lloyd W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery120
Adams, Lola DianeLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery75
Adams, LowduskeyMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Adams, Mamie E.Oblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery4
Adams, Martha J.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery60
Adams, Mary A.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Adams, Mary A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery45
Adams, Mary A.(Duncan)Honey Creek TWPCedar-Maxwell Cemetery18
Adams, Mary AddaMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Adams, Mary AnnLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery19
Adams, Mary E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery45
Adams, Mary J.Oblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery4
Adams, Mary L.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Adams, Mary M. (Powden)Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Adams, MatildaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery45
Adams, Milo EarlMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Adams, Minnie M.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Adams, NancyPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery14
Adams, Nancy AnnMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Adams, Nancy ChaplenPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery9
Adams, Nancy J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery44
Adams, O. LloydLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery79
Adams, Ora J.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Adams, Orley L.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Adams, Orville F.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Adams, Ovie H.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery40
Adams, PaulHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery48
Adams, PhiLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery58
Adams, Rachel JaneMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Adams, RayLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery92
Adams, Roscoe P.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery102
Adams, Ruby ChloeMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Adams, Samuel R.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery60
Adams, Sarah (Daggett)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery66
Adams, Stella E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery79
Adams, Thornton B.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Adams, WesleyLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery19
Adams, WilliamHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery40
Adams, William B.Martin TWPAdams-Richart Cemetery2
Adams, William C.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Adams, William H.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Adams, William H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery47
Adams, William OrisMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Adams, Wm. H.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery19
Adams, Wm. M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery45
Adkins, W. B.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery45
Adkison, Mary (Shook)Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery19
Adkisson, Eliza A.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery15
Adkisson, HanmerLicking TWPBellair Cemetery7
Adkisson, Harmon E.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery15
Adkisson, Infant Twin SonsLicking TWPBellair Cemetery11
Adkisson, Maggie M.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery15
Adkisson, Mary E.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery11
Adkisson, Mattie E.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery7
Adkisson, Ralph SLicking TWPBellair Cemetery11
Adkisson, ThompsonLicking TWPBellair Cemetery15
Adkisson, Wilma B.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery7
Affleck, Anna A. (Winkel)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery118
Agey, Herbert D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery82
Agey, Laura B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery82
Akeman, AugustusLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery39
Akeman, Cecil R.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery27
Akeman, Dale EvansPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery29
Akeman, Eliza J.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery39
Akeman, Elizabeth AlfarettaOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery7
Akeman, Glen V.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery36
Akeman, James GeraldPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery29
Akeman, JaneLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery39
Akeman, John A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery68
Akeman, Julia E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery88
Akeman, MaryPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery27
Akeman, RubyPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery27
Akeman, Ruby H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery68
Akeman, S. D.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery88
Akeman, WilliamPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery27
Akers, NoraHoney Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery14
Albert, AnthonySouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery8
Albert, Bertha AnnSouthwest TWPWaldrop Cemetery Addition13
Albert, Bessie M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Albert, CharlesSouthwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery16
Albert, Charles WesleyRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery141
Albert, Claudia MaxwellRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery141
Albert, Francis IvilSouthwest TWPWaldrop Cemetery Addition13
Albert, Francis M.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery8
Albert, George A.Southwest TWPShaw Addition Cemetery10
Albert, George W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Albert, Helen W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery86
Albert, Jacob W.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery4
Albert, Laura L.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery8
Albert, Leslie V.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery86
Albert, LeviSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery8
Albert, MaggieSouthwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery16
Albert, Maggie D.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery8
Albert, MargaretSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery8
Albert, Margaret E.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery8
Albert, Mary M.Southwest TWPShaw Addition Cemetery10
Albert, Robbie D.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery6
Albert, Robert S.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery8
Albert, Sarah E.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery8
Albertson, AllenMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Albertson, ElizabethMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Albertson, HarriettMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery8
Albertson, JosephMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery8
Alberty, Clara BelleHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery45
Alberty, Jno.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery29
Alberty, Pleasant ChaplinHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery45
Alberty, W. H.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery45
Alberty, Wm. T.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery45
Albin, Amanda "Siddie"(Garrigan)Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery24
Albin, Chester C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery136
Albin, Christine (Nash)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery123
Albin, Infant SonMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery22
Albin, Irene (Skidmore)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery137
Albin, LenaMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery14
Albin, Mary A.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery14
Albin, Mary EleanorRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery136
Albin, Maud (McDaniel)Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery15
Albin, Nettie (Gregory)Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery13
Albin, Vera Glee BakerRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery136
Albin, Wallis D.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery14
Alderman, ElizabethLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery84
Alexander, A. K.Lamotte TWPKitchell Cemetery5
Alexander, Adaline PennellLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery44
Alexander, Agnes Y.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery52
Alexander, AngelineLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery54
Alexander, Anna J.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery62
Alexander, Antha L.Montgomery TWPTobey (Toby) Cemetery4
Alexander, Ava W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery100
Alexander, B. M.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery62
Alexander, C. OrvilleRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Alexander, Carrie B.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery15
Alexander, Catherine (Brooks)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery100
Alexander, Cornelius H.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery33
Alexander, DavidLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery15
Alexander, David M.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery62
Alexander, Edith TaylorRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery101
Alexander, EliSouthwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery16
Alexander, ElizaLamotte TWPKitchell Cemetery6
Alexander, Elsie P.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery25
Alexander, Emily JaneLamotte TWPKitchell Cemetery6
Alexander, Estella L.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery22
Alexander, Etta MayRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Alexander, Eugene C.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery15
Alexander, Frank L.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery15
Alexander, Guy S.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery15
Alexander, HarmonLamotte TWPKitchell Cemetery5
Alexander, Harold E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery139
Alexander, Harry K.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery92
Alexander, Harry M.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery62
Alexander, HeberLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery27
Alexander, Ida MaySouthwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery16
Alexander, Infant SonRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery22
Alexander, J. A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery44
Alexander, J. C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery101
Alexander, JamesLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery15
Alexander, JanellaLamotte TWPKitchell Cemetery6
Alexander, Jean CarlosRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery101
Alexander, Jeretta WilsonLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery52
Alexander, John E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery148
Alexander, John G.Martin TWPBerlin Cemetery4
Alexander, John T.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery15
Alexander, Jos. P.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery15
Alexander, JosephRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery50
Alexander, Joseph VernonRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery101
Alexander, Julia AnnLamotte TWPKitchell Cemetery6
Alexander, Lex T.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery109
Alexander, Lida E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery92
Alexander, Lillie DaleOblong TWPOblong Cemetery109
Alexander, Lizzie S.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery55
Alexander, Lola B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery44
Alexander, LouesaRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery33
Alexander, LucyLamotte TWPKitchell Cemetery6
Alexander, LydiaRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery50
Alexander, Martha J.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery33
Alexander, Martha J.Lamotte TWPKitchell Cemetery6
Alexander, Mary E.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery62
Alexander, Mary E.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery33
Alexander, Mary E.Lamotte TWPKitchell Cemetery5
Alexander, Mary FrancesRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery139
Alexander, Nellie E.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery15
Alexander, Orla (Henry)Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery73
Alexander, Paul M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery92
Alexander, PhebyRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery62
Alexander, R. O.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery148
Alexander, RachelRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery33
Alexander, RandallLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery44
Alexander, Rhoda AnnLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery15
Alexander, Richard O.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery148
Alexander, Roscoe IsaacRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery62
Alexander, RuphianLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery27
Alexander, Ruth S.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery101
Alexander, Thomas C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery54
Alexander, W. E.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery15
Alexander, William A.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery22
Alexander, William D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery100
Alexander, Wm. F.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery15
Alger, Charles E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery84
Alger, Hazell G.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery84
Alger, Jennie B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery84
Alger, Joseph LeviLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery84
Allbery, Bernice L.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery47
Allbery, Lucinda J.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery47
Allen, A. W. (M.D.)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery98
Allen, A. W.Montgomery TWPFord-Montgomery Cemetery27
Allen, Amos J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery94
Allen, Anna (Dungan)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery91
Allen, Anna R.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery15
Allen, Annie R.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery98
Allen, ArthurOblong TWPOblong Cemetery77
Allen, Avis A.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery15
Allen, Bartlett F.Montgomery TWPSeaney Cemetery37
Allen, Beryl TealRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery59
Allen, Carrie F.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery90
Allen, ClemantineSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery1
Allen, David E.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery1
Allen, Donald M.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery68
Allen, Elizabeth JaneSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery1
Allen, Ella M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery77
Allen, Emma F.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery94
Allen, Emma L. BartmessLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery39
Allen, EvaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery89
Allen, FerdinandLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery39
Allen, FloraRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery153
Allen, Frederic N.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery96
Allen, Frona Firman HamiltonRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery55
Allen, GeorgeLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery83
Allen, Gertie B.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery65
Allen, Helen A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery96
Allen, Hugo C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery147
Allen, Ida M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery83
Allen, Ina McGinnisMontgomery TWPSeaney Cemetery35
Allen, Infant SonLamotte TWPNethery Cemetery4
Allen, Infant SonOblong TWPOblong Cemetery81
Allen, J. F., Corpl.Montgomery TWPFord-Montgomery Cemetery27
Allen, J. WilliamOblong TWPOblong Cemetery90
Allen, James L.Montgomery TWPSeaney Cemetery35
Allen, Jerry ThomasOblong TWPOblong Cemetery92
Allen, JesseOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery23
Allen, Jesse PearlHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery68
Allen, Jessie L. HowardRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery120
Allen, John J.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery153
Allen, John W.Lamotte TWPNethery Cemetery4
Allen, JosephineLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery83
Allen, Lucile K.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery106
Allen, Lyde J.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery59
Allen, MamieMontgomery TWPSeaney Cemetery35
Allen, Margaret M. AtenOblong TWPOblong Cemetery96
Allen, Martha EllenRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery58
Allen, Martha J. (Scott)Oblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery16
Allen, MaryLamotte TWPKitchell Cemetery5
Allen, Mary E.Lamotte TWPKitchell Cemetery6
Allen, Mary F.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery57
Allen, Mary GoodMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery30
Allen, Mary Harris (Dillman)Licking TWPBellair Additions Cemetery17A
Allen, Mattie (Hill)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery100
Allen, MitchelSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery1
Allen, Nana M.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery60
Allen, Norman M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery83
Allen, Opal FryeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery74
Allen, OscarRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery74
Allen, Otho W.Oblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery13
Allen, Patricia JoRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery98
Allen, Paul GlenRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery96
Allen, PearlLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery64
Allen, Perry P.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery89
Allen, Ray A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery132
Allen, Rebecca Jane (Skaggs)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery75
Allen, RichardRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery59
Allen, RichardOblong TWPOblong Cemetery60
Allen, Ruth F.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery141
Allen, Samuel O.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery106
Allen, Sarah CatherineLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery64
Allen, Sarah E.Lamotte TWPKitchell Cemetery6
Allen, Sarah I.Montgomery TWPFord-Montgomery Cemetery24
Allen, Sarah J.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery57
Allen, Sarah J.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery1
Allen, Sarah JaneRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery98
Allen, Singleton B.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery59
Allen, ThomasSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery1
Allen, UraMontgomery TWPFord-Montgomery Cemetery24
Allen, Ura (Newlin)Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery16
Allen, WalkerOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery23
Allen, William E.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery22
Allen, William J.Lamotte TWPKitchell Cemetery6
Allen, William ThomasLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery64
Allen, ZonaOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery23
Allison, Abraham F.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery69
Allison, Ada M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery95
Allison, AdalineMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery8
Allison, Amy M.Honey Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery5
Allison, Calip M.Montgomery TWPAllison Family Cemetery2
Allison, CassieOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery7
Allison, Cephas A.Honey Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery12
Allison, Charles M.Montgomery TWPFord-Montgomery Cemetery26
Allison, Claudie M.Montgomery TWPAllison Family Cemetery2
Allison, Clement V.Montgomery TWPAllison Family Cemetery2
Allison, D. Y., Rev.Montgomery TWPAllison Family Cemetery2
Allison, David CarlRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery111
Allison, David YoungMontgomery TWPAllison Family Cemetery2
Allison, Debra AnnRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery143
Allison, ElizabethRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery111
Allison, ElizabethHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery52
Allison, ElizabethSouthwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery16
Allison, Emma J.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery60
Allison, Esta (Kent)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery108
Allison, Florence L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery111
Allison, Francis M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery60
Allison, FredHoney Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery10
Allison, GarnetteHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery62
Allison, George R.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery95
Allison, GlenevaMontgomery TWPFord-Montgomery Cemetery27
Allison, HaroldRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery126
Allison, HarrietHoney Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery10
Allison, Henry W.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery60
Allison, Infant SonOblong TWPOblong Cemetery69
Allison, J. FindleyOblong TWPOblong Cemetery78
Allison, JamesOblong TWPOblong Cemetery69
Allison, James C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery68
Allison, James H.Honey Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery7
Allison, JaneOblong TWPOblong Cemetery68
Allison, JohnOblong TWPOblong Cemetery69
Allison, John L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery68
Allison, John S.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery60
Allison, John W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery93
Allison, JonathanHoney Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery10
Allison, LawrenceMontgomery TWPFord-Montgomery Cemetery27
Allison, LeahOblong TWPOblong Cemetery78
Allison, Lillie B. WegerHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery71
Allison, Lorre E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery111
Allison, Louisa AnnRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery111
Allison, Luella LindsayMontgomery TWPFord-Montgomery Cemetery27
Allison, Martha J.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Allison, Mary E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery111
Allison, Mary E.Montgomery TWPSeaney Cemetery38
Allison, Mary J.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery13
Allison, NellieMontgomery TWPFord-Montgomery Cemetery26
Allison, RandolphHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery71
Allison, RebeccaMontgomery TWPCanaan Baptist Ch Cemetery2
Allison, Rebecca (Lynch)Montgomery TWPSeaney Cemetery38
Allison, RenaHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery60
Allison, Robert ClemRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery126
Allison, Robert Y.Montgomery TWPAllison Family Cemetery2
Allison, Roy L.Oblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery16
Allison, Ruth AliceOblong TWPOblong Cemetery69
Allison, S. H.Montgomery TWPShimer Cemetery1
Allison, Samuel F.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery111
Allison, SarahMontgomery TWPAllison Family Cemetery2
Allison, Susan Ann HighsmithHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery56
Allison, Thomas R.Honey Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery7
Allison, Viola A.Oblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery16
Allison, W. WegerHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery62
Allison, William B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery111
Allison, William F.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery60
Allison, William F.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery69
Allison, William H.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery13
Allison, William H.Honey Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery5
Allison, William M.Montgomery TWPAllison Family Cemetery2
Alsman, Margaret McKeeLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery103
Alspach, Amos E.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery24
Alspach, Ernest E.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery29
Alspach, Ernest EliMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery29
Alspach, Mary B.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery24
Alspach, Sandra SueHoney Creek TWPTohill Cemetery20
Alton, Lloyd C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery108
Alumbaugh, CarlRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery77
Alumbaugh, Carolyn FaeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery124
Alumbaugh, Lela OpalRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery161
Alumbaugh, Maurice G.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery161
Alumbaugh, Nellie FayRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery77
Ambrose, LouisLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery100
Ambrose, Martha GrimLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery100
Ambrose, Matthias H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery100
Amerman, GaletaSouthwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery18
Ames, AlbertOblong TWPOblong Cemetery69
Ames, AnnieRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery20
Ames, AsaRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery21
Ames, AsaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery69
Ames, AsaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery66
Ames, Asa F.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery20
Ames, Catherine M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery102
Ames, Charles E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery99
Ames, Cordelia Ann YorkOblong TWPOblong Cemetery101
Ames, Edwin W.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery55
Ames, ElizabethOblong TWPOblong Cemetery66
Ames, EmilyOblong TWPOblong Cemetery69
Ames, Emily LeoraOblong TWPOblong Cemetery34
Ames, Gracie G.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery20
Ames, James AlbertOblong TWPOblong Cemetery32
Ames, JosephOblong TWPOblong Cemetery34
Ames, Katherine F.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery20
Ames, Lester O.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery34
Ames, MargaretOblong TWPOblong Cemetery65
Ames, MaryOblong TWPOblong Cemetery34
Ames, MaryOblong TWPOblong Cemetery69
Ames, MinnieRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery21
Ames, Minnie M.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery21
Ames, Olive L.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery20
Ames, Robert F.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery69
Ames, Robert H.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery34
Ames, Sarah C.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery21
Ames, Sarah E.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery21
Ames, Sarah S.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery66
Ames, Walter R.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery102
Ames, Walter ScottOblong TWPOblong Cemetery101
Ames, William R.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery21
Ames, Yone E. WaidOblong TWPOblong Cemetery99
Anders, Eva JaredHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery59
Anderson, AlexanderRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery50
Anderson, AlmaRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery50
Anderson, Arthur W.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery61
Anderson, Carl J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery97
Anderson, CharlesHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery46
Anderson, Charles L.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery59
Anderson, David S.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery36
Anderson, David L.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery32
Anderson, DelliahHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery43
Anderson, EdRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery77
Anderson, Eliza M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery42
Anderson, Elizabeth J.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery72
Anderson, EllaLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery36
Anderson, Fanny B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery59
Anderson, FayRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery50
Anderson, FlorenceRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery32
Anderson, Geo. W.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery56
Anderson, George W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery83
Anderson, GrantLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery30
Anderson, Harley C.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery50
Anderson, Harley C.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery42
Anderson, Harold R.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Anderson, Hazel B. (Evans)Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery19
Anderson, Infant SonLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery59
Anderson, IsaacLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery19
Anderson, James A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery59
Anderson, James C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery59
Anderson, James H.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery54
Anderson, James H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery87
Anderson, Jay B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery151
Anderson, JennieHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery24
Anderson, Jessa V.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery55
Anderson, John, Rev.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery29
Anderson, Jonathan BlufordLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery97
Anderson, JosephRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery54
Anderson, Lela MyrtleHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery46
Anderson, Louise (Olwin)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery102
Anderson, Mammie (Bussard)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery89
Anderson, Margaret A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery97
Anderson, Margaret LindleyHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery21
Anderson, MaryLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery29
Anderson, MaryRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery50
Anderson, MaryHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery42
Anderson, MaryLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery21
Anderson, MaryLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery59
Anderson, Mary A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery59
Anderson, Mary E.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery50
Anderson, Mary E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery87
Anderson, Mary E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery151
Anderson, Mary E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery56
Anderson, Methyl M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Anderson, Murlen C.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery24
Anderson, RebeccaRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery55
Anderson, RebeccaMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Anderson, Rebecca J.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery50
Anderson, RobertLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery21
Anderson, Rosie F.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery83
Anderson, Ruth A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery59
Anderson, S. C.Martin TWPAdams-Richart Cemetery3
Anderson, SamuelHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery42
Anderson, SobrinaHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery46
Anderson, Susana V.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery97
Anderson, T. F.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery37
Anderson, ThomasHutsonville TWPBall Cemetery5
Anderson, William A.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery48
Anderson, Wm. L.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery55
Andis, Infant SonLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery29
Andresen, FerdOblong TWPOblong Cemetery64
Andrew, Delilah (Leaverton)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery68
Andrew, Elizabeth A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery60
Andrew, Frances E. (Hutchens)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery42
Andrew, John B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery60
Andrews, D. M., Pro.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery57
Andrews, Elinore (Steele)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery131
Andrews, MinnieOblong TWPOblong Cemetery87
Andrus, Joshua R. "Jack"Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery150
Angel, Henry H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery103
Angel, Louisa F.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery103
Anspach, AndrewOblong TWPWatts Cemetery29
Apgar, AmandaRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery53
Apgar, ArmindaRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery71
Apgar, Audrey R.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery111
Apgar, Augustine K.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery111
Apgar, Clara MaudeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery74
Apgar, DeliaRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery36
Apgar, EllaRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery50
Apgar, Fred W.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery36
Apgar, Geo.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery53
Apgar, George H.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery53
Apgar, Gorman J.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery74
Apgar, Gorman L.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery36
Apgar, Helen H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery111
Apgar, Thomas L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery111
Apgar, Thomas S.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery111
Apple, AliceLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery38
Apple, Caleb H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery77
Apple, Carleton S.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery84
Apple, Charles E.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery29
Apple, Cyrus S.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery8
Apple, Eliza M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery77
Apple, Emeline V.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery33
Apple, EunicePrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery8
Apple, FrankieRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Apple, Grover C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery96
Apple, HenryRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery46
Apple, HenryPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery13
Apple, Herbert W.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery96
Apple, Hubert R.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery69
Apple, Isaac GrantLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery22
Apple, JamesRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery46
Apple, James S.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery30
Apple, JeremiahPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery8
Apple, Jermiah E.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery28
Apple, John D.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery33
Apple, John EmersonRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery107
Apple, JosephineLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery30
Apple, L. F.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Apple, Laura B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery77
Apple, LeroyPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery13
Apple, LieusetaLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery28
Apple, Lucinda J.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery46
Apple, Mabel LinkRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery107
Apple, MarionLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery33
Apple, Marjorie LinkRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery107
Apple, Mary E.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Apple, Mary F.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery33
Apple, Mary GhloeLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery86
Apple, MatildaPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery13
Apple, Myrtle G.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery33
Apple, Nettie M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery84
Apple, Nina S. (Jones)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery77
Apple, Ola E. MeekLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery69
Apple, Oric L.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery84
Apple, OrrinLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery30
Apple, Robert WilliamRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery107
Apple, Roscoe D.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery30
Apple, Sarah B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery86
Apple, Union G.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery84
Apple, Vera LoreneLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery69
Apple, William E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery77
Apple, William S.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery86
Armitage, Anna C.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery17
Armitage, Clarence C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery103
Armitage, EllenSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery7
Armitage, Erva M.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery7
Armitage, Robert J.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery17
Armitage, RussellSouthwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery17
Armitage, SamuelSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery7
Armitage, Veris W.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery17
Armstrong, HomerLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery65
Armstrong, John W.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery87
Armstrong, Lola M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery65
Armstrong, Martha Ann DraperHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery64
Armstrong, Nora IliffLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery65
Armstrong, Ola LindleyPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery26
Armstrong, Orval FranklinLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery65
Armstrong, Ray "Army"Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Armstrong, Sarah A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery87
Arnett, Jennie W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery66
Arnett, MargaretRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery66
Arnett, William C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery66
Arnold, Berzelius MitchellLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery38
Arnold, CatharineLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery44
Arnold, Daniel ArtaxerxesLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery38
Arnold, InfantLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery32
Arnold, Kate BuseyRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery95
Arnold, LucindaLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery32
Arnold, Mary CatherineLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery38
Arnold, Wilber J.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery58
Arnold, William WrightRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery95
Arthur, James W.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery104
Arthur, Pearl J.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery104
Artman, Esther E. GuyerHutsonville TWPDraper Cemetery11
Ash, Emma CullomHoney Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery6
Ash, Matilda EllenHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery35
Ash, Ruth AnnHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery53
Ash, William HenryHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery35
Ashby, Earl F.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery138
Ashby, Grover D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery138
Ashby, SerenaRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery138
Ashton, William R.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery24
Askren, Celestia IliffLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery69
Askren, Infant DaughterLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery69
Askren, MildredLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery59
Askren, NellieLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery69
Aspy, Infant SonLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery29
Aten, Cleo F. (Davis)Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery76
Aten, Cora E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery36
Aten, EuniceOblong TWPOblong Cemetery88
Aten, Margaret E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery36
Aten, Margaret M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery96
Aten, MaryOblong TWPOblong Cemetery38
Aten, S. PerryOblong TWPOblong Cemetery36
Aten, WilliamOblong TWPOblong Cemetery38
Aten, William H.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery88
Athey, A. RossRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery28
Athey, AdalinePrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery9
Athey, Alice J.Hutsonville TWPLindley Cemetery12
Athey, Arthur E.Hutsonville TWPLindley Cemetery12
Athey, B. F.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery9
Athey, B. L.Hutsonville TWPLindley Cemetery12
Athey, BethenaLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery36
Athey, Bruce A.Hutsonville TWPLindley Cemetery12
Athey, Carrie K.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery60
Athey, Edna E. FortnerHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery24
Athey, Edwin A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery60
Athey, ElijahOblong TWPOblong Cemetery60
Athey, Ella LambPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery37
Athey, Emily J.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery9
Athey, Euphemia KirkRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery28
Athey, Flora (Grimes)Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery6
Athey, Harold MyersPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery7
Athey, Harriett LoandaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery60
Athey, Hattie A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery120
Athey, HerbertPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery37
Athey, Infant DaughterHutsonville TWPLindley Cemetery12
Athey, Infant DaughterPrairie TWPCox Cemetery1
Athey, Infant SonLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery36
Athey, Infant SonPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery9
Athey, Infant SonPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery21
Athey, J. I.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery9
Athey, James T.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery54
Athey, John L.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery?
Athey, John R.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery19
Athey, LeviPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery7
Athey, Mabel I.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery154
Athey, MaryPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery8
Athey, MaryPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery7
Athey, Mary E.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery5
Athey, Nancy M.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery9
Athey, Nora (Lickliter)Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery6
Athey, Nora WaltersPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery7
Athey, RobertPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery9
Athey, RobertPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery8
Athey, Robert D.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery9
Athey, Robert P.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery7
Athey, RuthLicking TWPDugan Cemetery3
Athey, Thomas GeorgeRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery28
Athey, Thomas L.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery8
Athey, ValmoreHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery24
Athey, ViolaHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery19
Athey, Virginia (Shroyer)Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery60
Athey, Walter S.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery121
Athey, Wila W.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery60
Athey, William F.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery9
Athey, William H.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery8
Athey, WillisPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery9
Atkins, Anna BellSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery3
Atkins, Grace Mae (Duncan)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery71
Atkins, Sarah JaneSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery3
Attaway, ArizonaRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery83
Attaway, Della MayPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery5
Attaway, George H.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery5
Attaway, J. W.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery35
Attaway, Jessie AgnesRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery138
Attaway, NewmanRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery83
Attaway, Oris E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery138
Attaway, Rachel HustonRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery40
Attaway, RoseannHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery35
Attaway, SarahRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery43
Attaway, W. E.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery33
Atto, JoyceRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery147
Atto, William B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery147
Atwood, Ansel C.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery48
Atwood, CatlinHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery33
Atwood, Charles W.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery47
Atwood, Ellen C. BeersHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery33
Atwood, Ida MayHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery48
Atwood, Katherine R.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery49
Atwood, May R.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery48
Atwood, Richard C.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery49
Atwood, Ruby (Liggett)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery47
Atwood, T. J.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery33
Atwood, Wm. B.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery48
Aug, Levi F.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery12
Aug, SadieLicking TWPBellair Cemetery12
Ault, Bessie J.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery6
Ault, Cora BellLicking TWPBellair Cemetery17
Ault, Minnie L.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery45
Ault, Minnie LouvinaRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery45
Ault, RexLicking TWPBellair Additions Cemetery17B
Ault, RosaLicking TWPBellair Additions Cemetery17B
Ault, Thomas S.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery17
Austin, John O.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery51
Austin, Mary A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery149
Austin, Roscoe T.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery51
Austin, WilliamLicking TWPBellair Additions Cemetery17A
Austin, William E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery149
Austin, William HaroldRobinson TWPDuncanville Cemetery3
Ayers, Anna (Lawhead)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery60
Ayers, Boyd F.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery15
Ayers, Delilia O.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery54
Ayers, FernHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery55
Ayers, LeoHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery54
Ayers, RebeccaHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery54
Ayers, Sam'lHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery54
Ayers, Solomon A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery54
Ayers, Stephen FrederickLicking TWPBellair Cemetery16
Ayers, Theo Dale BoydLicking TWPBellair Cemetery16
Ayers, VernHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery55
Ayres, WilliamMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery16
B., I.Licking TWPBowman Cemetery1
B., T. S.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery94
Baar, Alma MoorheadHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery54
Baber, AndyHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery39
Baber, Barney J.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery50
Baber, Elmer J.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery82
Baber, Lavina J.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery50
Baber, Lena OrmistonHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery48
Baber, Marian H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery82
Baber, Mary Elizabeth GarrardHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery39
Baber, Oral D.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery50
Bach, Anne SparksSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery9
Bach, C. StephenSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery1
Bach, Charlotte MaynardSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery7
Bach, Ebenezer T.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery7
Bach, ElishaSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery7
Bach, Emma E.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery7
Bach, Emma F.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery1
Bach, George R.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery6
Bach, HenerySouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery7
Bach, Jennie BedwellLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery94
Bach, Loretta L.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery7
Bach, RichardSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery6
Bache, ArtherSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery9
Bachelor, Charles FrancisLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery104
Bachelor, Elsie MayMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery48
Bachelor, Emma L. (Gaddis)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery105
Bachelor, Gail J.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery65
Bachelor, Harold K.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery66
Bachelor, Harold K.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery104
Bachelor, Ida HillsLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery104
Bachelor, James E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery102
Bachelor, John OliverLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery102
Bachelor, Joy O. StoutLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery77
Bachelor, Lavina JaneMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery48
Bachelor, Lillie C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery65
Bachelor, Mary A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery108
Bachelor, Nettie E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery102
Bachelor, Rachel L.Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery48
Bachelor, Thomas G.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery108
Bachelor, Thomas GoginMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery48
Back, Effie MayOblong TWPOblong Cemetery85
Badgley, John WilliamRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery123
Bagshaw, M. EdnaHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Bagshaw, Oliver B.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Bahe, Lillian (Woodworth)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery109
Bahling; also note BallingOblong TWPOblong Cemetery47
Bahling, LucindaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery47
Bahling, WilliamOblong TWPOblong Cemetery47
Bahr, Edward L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery145
Bahr, EstellaRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery145
Bahr, Josephine IkemireOblong TWPOblong Cemetery52
Bailey, AlbertOblong TWPOblong Cemetery41
Bailey, AmosMartin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery9
Bailey, AmosOblong TWPOblong Cemetery70
Bailey, AmosOblong TWPOblong Cemetery47
Bailey, AnnaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery65
Bailey, Anna E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery105
Bailey, ArchieOblong TWPOblong Cemetery79
Bailey, Archie DarrellOblong TWPOblong Cemetery79
Bailey, ArthurMartin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery11
Bailey, Bert H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery149
Bailey, Bessie I.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery74
Bailey, Burl L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Bailey, C. WilliamMartin TWPBerlin Cemetery6
Bailey, Carolyn RoseannaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery74
Bailey, Charity (Newlin)Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery70
Bailey, Charles H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery149
Bailey, Charles J.Martin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery9
Bailey, DaleLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery84
Bailey, Delbert, Jr.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery49
Bailey, Donald C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery65
Bailey, Doris JeanOblong TWPOblong Cemetery104
Bailey, DorothyHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery61
Bailey, EarlMartin TWPBerlin Cemetery6
Bailey, Edmond C.Martin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery9
Bailey, Emma E.Martin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery10
Bailey, Ercy L.Martin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery9
Bailey, Ethel G.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery66
Bailey, Ethel LucileRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery38
Bailey, Everett E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery73
Bailey, Florence K.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery73
Bailey, Frank R.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery76
Bailey, Fred M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery66
Bailey, H. MayMartin TWPBerlin Cemetery6
Bailey, HenryMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery22
Bailey, Henry F.Martin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery9
Bailey, Inez E.Martin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery11
Bailey, Infant DaughterOblong TWPOblong Cemetery48
Bailey, Infant SonMartin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery9
Bailey, Infant SonHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery61
Bailey, Isaac D.Martin TWPBerlin Cemetery6
Bailey, James ThomasMartin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery9
Bailey, James ThomasMontgomery TWPFord-Montgomery Cemetery27
Bailey, John B.Martin TWPBerlin Cemetery6
Bailey, John EmmettMartin TWPBerlin Cemetery6
Bailey, John ParmerMartin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery9
Bailey, John WilliamMartin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery11
Bailey, Julian JackOblong TWPOblong Cemetery104
Bailey, Katherine (Smith)Martin TWPBerlin Cemetery6
Bailey, KeithLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery84
Bailey, Laura B.Martin TWPBerlin Cemetery6
Bailey, Lela Grace TaylorMartin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery11
Bailey, Lemuel C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery105
Bailey, LenoraOblong TWPOblong Cemetery70
Bailey, M. EdithOblong TWPOblong Cemetery65
Bailey, Mary A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery70
Bailey, Mary E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Bailey, Mary E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery41
Bailey, Mary EttaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery106
Bailey, MildredRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery144
Bailey, Minnie B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery144
Bailey, Nancy E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery76
Bailey, NathanOblong TWPOblong Cemetery68
Bailey, Noah W.Martin TWPBerlin Cemetery6
Bailey, Noble B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery105
Bailey, Ora AaronLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery106
Bailey, Owen N.Martin TWPBerlin Cemetery6
Bailey, Parmer H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery84
Bailey, Paul L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery74
Bailey, PearlMartin TWPBerlin Cemetery6
Bailey, Perry W.Martin TWPBerlin Cemetery6
Bailey, PotterOblong TWPOblong Cemetery65
Bailey, RachelMartin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery9
Bailey, Ramona K.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery26
Bailey, RaymondRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery149
Bailey, Rhoda M.Martin TWPBerlin Cemetery6
Bailey, SamuelRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery144
Bailey, SamuelMartin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery10
Bailey, Sarah E.Martin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery11
Bailey, Sarah J.Martin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery10
Bailey, Susan R.Martin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery9
Bailey, T. D.Martin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery10
Bailey, TilfordOblong TWPOblong Cemetery70
Bailey, TimothyOblong TWPOblong Cemetery70
Bailey, Willard LaneLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery105
Bailey, WilliamLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery58
Bailey, William T.Martin TWPBerlin Cemetery6
Bailey, Wm. LesterOblong TWPOblong Cemetery65
Bailey, Zella I.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery79
Bailiff, Edwin P.Hutsonville TWPLindley Cemetery13
Bailiff, Narramattah CoxHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery57
Bain, Eva L.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery43
Bain, Rhudell (Baker)Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery97
Bair, Infant SonOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery22
Bair, WilliamRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery131
Baird, AlmiraMontgomery TWPBartmess Cemetery39
Baird, Emma J.Montgomery TWPBartmess Cemetery39
Baird, Esther K.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery20
Baird, Infant DaughterMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery6
Baird, Infant SonMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery6
Baird, LousannaMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery8
Baird, Mary E.Montgomery TWPBaker Cemetery8
Baird, NancyMontgomery TWPBartmess Cemetery39
Baird, RobertMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery20
Baird, Sewell J.Montgomery TWPBartmess Cemetery39
Baird, Tho's S.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery44
Baker, A. J.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery13
Baker, Alb'tRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery55
Baker, Alice J.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery97
Baker, Aline (Robertson)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery53
Baker, Allen T.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery37
Baker, AlmaMontgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery18
Baker, AlvinHoney Creek TWPUpdike Cemetery3
Baker, Andrew J.Montgomery TWPBaker Cemetery7
Baker, AnnaLicking TWPBellair Cemetery11
Baker, AnnaSouthwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery15
Baker, Anna R. (Allen)Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery15
Baker, Asa L.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery17
Baker, BarbaraMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery12
Baker, BelvaMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery12
Baker, BenjaminMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery7
Baker, BerniceMontgomery TWPFuller Cemetery31
Baker, Bernice (Davidson)Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery22
Baker, BerthaHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery41
Baker, Bessie E. (Stowers)Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery22
Baker, Bethia R.Honey Creek TWPUpdike Cemetery2
Baker, Billie W. BonhamRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery70
Baker, Bonnie InezMontgomery TWPFuller Cemetery28
Baker, Brittie F.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery15
Baker, Bruce E.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery33
Baker, Charles FrancisHoney Creek TWPUpdike Cemetery3
Baker, Charles H.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery58
Baker, Charles HenryOblong TWPOblong Cemetery58
Baker, Charlet L.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery7
Baker, Christina E.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery36
Baker, Clara MayLicking TWPBellair Cemetery11
Baker, ClarenceSouthwest TWPWaldrop Cemetery Addition13
Baker, CleveOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Baker, CoraLicking TWPBellair Cemetery7
Baker, Curtis C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery97
Baker, DanielSouthwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery15
Baker, David M.Southwest TWPShaw Addition Cemetery12
Baker, DeiannaRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Baker, Delbert R.Montgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery13
Baker, Delbert RoyMontgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery13
Baker, EdwardSouthwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery17
Baker, Edward L.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery7
Baker, Edward S.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery12
Baker, EliasOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Baker, ElizaSouthwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery15
Baker, ElizaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery46
Baker, EllenHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery55
Baker, ElmerMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery6
Baker, ElmerHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery41
Baker, Elsie G. (Hotchkiss)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery71
Baker, Elzora (Randolph)Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery29
Baker, EmmaOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery17
Baker, Emma J.Montgomery TWPFuller Cemetery28
Baker, EmmitMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery11
Baker, Estella ShawSouthwest TWPShaw Addition Cemetery11
Baker, EsterHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery61
Baker, Ethel MaeRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery18
Baker, Flora E.Montgomery TWPBaker Cemetery6
Baker, Frances M. FaughtRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery25
Baker, Francis P.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery15
Baker, Frank D.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery25
Baker, Frank G.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery134
Baker, Geneva D.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Baker, George FranklinRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery102
Baker, George W.Honey Creek TWPUpdike Cemetery2
Baker, Geroge M.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery25
Baker, GertrudeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery73
Baker, GertrudeMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery12
Baker, GilbertMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery7
Baker, GlennMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery12
Baker, Greer R. G.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery25
Baker, HarlinMontgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery18
Baker, Harry G.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery84
Baker, Hazel L.Montgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery13
Baker, Hester FullerMontgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery17
Baker, Ina MaySouthwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery15
Baker, Infant DaughterMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery11
Baker, Infant DaughterMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery6
Baker, Infant DaughterSouthwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery15
Baker, Infant DaughterSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery7
Baker, Infant SonHutsonville TWPGuyer Cemetery2
Baker, Infant SonMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery6
Baker, Infant SonOblong TWPOblong Cemetery58
Baker, InfantsMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery17
Baker, IreneRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery84
Baker, IreneOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery22
Baker, IreneOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Baker, IsraelLicking TWPBellair Cemetery17
Baker, J. C.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery13
Baker, JacksonOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery20
Baker, James A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery61
Baker, James M.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery11
Baker, James M.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery7
Baker, Jennie FryOblong TWPOblong Cemetery58
Baker, Jessie M.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery25
Baker, JohnLicking TWPBellair Cemetery11
Baker, John M.Montgomery TWPFuller Cemetery28
Baker, John N.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery55
Baker, John R.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery17
Baker, Joseph S.Honey Creek TWPUpdike Cemetery2
Baker, Josie (Smith)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery117
Baker, JuneSouthwest TWPShaw Addition Cemetery12
Baker, Katie V.Montgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery13
Baker, Kenneth K.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery15
Baker, Launice E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery70
Baker, Lawrence A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery70
Baker, LawsonMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery7
Baker, Leona DaleHoney Creek TWPUpdike Cemetery2
Baker, LethaRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery117
Baker, Lillian (Walker)Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery17
Baker, LindsayMontgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery17
Baker, Lola IsabelleLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery33
Baker, LorenusOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery22
Baker, Lorenus H.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Baker, Louisa M.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery7
Baker, Lucille LewisLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery80
Baker, LuiaLicking TWPBellair Cemetery7
Baker, LulaSouthwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery15
Baker, Lula A. TerrellOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery18
Baker, Lulu M. (Barrick)Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery37
Baker, Lura B.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery53
Baker, M. Edith (Granby)Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery22
Baker, M. H.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery13
Baker, Mabel A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery70
Baker, ManervaLicking TWPBellair Cemetery17
Baker, Margaret A.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery11
Baker, Margaret L.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery20
Baker, Marion BriggsRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery104
Baker, MarthaMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery7
Baker, Martha WesnerRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery102
Baker, Martin C.Southwest TWPShaw Addition Cemetery11
Baker, MelvinaRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery37
Baker, MildredSouthwest TWPWaldrop Cemetery Addition13
Baker, Nancy J.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery17
Baker, Nellie M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery132
Baker, NettieHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery71
Baker, Oren KennethOblong TWPOblong Cemetery97
Baker, Oris JohnMontgomery TWPFuller Cemetery28
Baker, Orley I.Montgomery TWPFuller Cemetery31
Baker, Orma R.Montgomery TWPFuller 30B Cemetery
Baker, OrvalMontgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery17
Baker, rvil GlenHoney Creek TWPUpdike Cemetery2
Baker, Oscar H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery132
Baker, Pearl E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery134
Baker, Perna MHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery53
Baker, Phillip H.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery71
Baker, RachelMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery7
Baker, Rebecca C.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery18
Baker, Rhudell BainOblong TWPOblong Cemetery97
Baker, RobertRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery132
Baker, Robert L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery70
Baker, Robert LewisRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery70
Baker, RosaHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery53
Baker, Ruby IreneRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery161
Baker, RuthSouthwest TWPShaw Addition Cemetery12
Baker, SarahOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery22
Baker, Sarah AltaOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery17
Baker, Sarah J.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery15
Baker, Sarah M.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery17
Baker, Silas M.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery53
Baker, Susie H. HargisOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery22
Baker, Ulysses G.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery36
Baker, Vera Glee (Albin)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery136
Baker, VernonRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery36
Baker, VictorSouthwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery15
Baker, VirginiaHoney Creek TWPUpdike Cemetery2
Baker, Warren T.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery37
Baker, WilliamRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Baker, William B.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery53
Baker, William GlenRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery123
Baker, William M.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery16
Baker, Willis EarlOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery18
Baldry, DellaPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery26
Baldry, Ernest B.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery26
Baldry, John E.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery26
Baldry, RuthPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery26
Baldwin, Alta MayRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery75
Baldwin, CharityMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery25
Baldwin, CharlesOblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Baldwin, Edythe M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery82
Baldwin, Eli S.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery91
Baldwin, Evelyn MaeMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery28
Baldwin, FannieOblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Baldwin, Glenn EarlOblong TWPOblong Cemetery82
Baldwin, Grace (Culver)Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery22
Baldwin, Henry H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery75
Baldwin, Howard B.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery82
Baldwin, Infant SonMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery15
Baldwin, JamesMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery27
Baldwin, James LloydMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery24
Baldwin, Joseph W.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery25
Baldwin, L. Clifford, Dr.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery25
Baldwin, Lillie D.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery27
Baldwin, LydaMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery15
Baldwin, Maude E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery91
Baldwin, OttoMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery28
Baldwin, William FrancisOblong TWPOblong Cemetery47
Baledge, Mary C.Montgomery TWPOld Mickey Family Cemetery3
Bales, A. J.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery51
Bales, Charles MiltonOblong TWPOblong Cemetery51
Bales, D. M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery51
Bales, Grace (Jones)Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery51
Bales, HannahOblong TWPOblong Cemetery51
Bales, J. O.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery36
Bales, James L. WallerOblong TWPOblong Cemetery51
Bales, Robert LarrabeeOblong TWPOblong Cemetery36
Bales, SarahOblong TWPOblong Cemetery51
Baliff, CharlesMartin TWPBerlin Cemetery6
Baliff, RebeccaMartin TWPBerlin Cemetery6
Ball, AmandaHutsonville TWPBall Cemetery6
Ball, Charles H.Hutsonville TWPBall Cemetery6
Ball, Electa F.Hutsonville TWPBall Cemetery6
Ball, Fannie A.Hutsonville TWPBall Cemetery6
Ball, Infant DaughterHutsonville TWPBall Cemetery6
Ball, John M.Hutsonville TWPBall Cemetery6
Ball, Nancy A.Hutsonville TWPBall Cemetery6
Ball, R. M.Hutsonville TWPBall Cemetery6
Ball, SarahHutsonville TWPBall Cemetery6
Ball, Walter S.Hutsonville TWPBall Cemetery6
Ballard, Charles E.Honey Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery8
Ballard, Curtis LawsRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery128
Ballard, Effie P.Honey Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery7
Ballard, EugeneHoney Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery7
Ballard, J. GayleHoney Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery8
Ballew, Anna (Earnest)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery135
Ballew, William L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery135
Ballif, ElizabethHutsonville TWPLindley Cemetery13
Balling; also note BahlingOblong TWPOblong Cemetery47
Balling, DanielOblong TWPOblong Cemetery47
Bandy, Elsie MayRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery142
Bandy, Jabal D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery142
Bandy, John ErnestRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery142
Bandy, Pamela SueRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery126
Bandy, Sarah A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery142
Bangiolo, Joseph AnthonyRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery7
Banks, James I.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery123
Banks, Mildred B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery123
Banning, rrilla (Morris)Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery21
Banning, EdithRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery20
Banning, Gordan H.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery12
Banning, Henry AlmonRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery21
Banning, JamesRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery21
Banning, JeromeRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery21
Banning, John AlfredOblong TWPOblong Cemetery74
Banning, Leo AlfredOblong TWPOblong Cemetery74
Banning, Milo HarmOblong TWPOblong Cemetery74
Banning, Nancy O.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery12
Banning, Nolan CharlesRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery116
Banning, Norma LeeOblong TWPOblong Cemetery74
Banning, Platha E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery54
Banning, R. GuyRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery21
Banning, Rachel EllaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery74
Banning, S. O. ManhartOblong TWPOblong Cemetery54
Banning, Sarah M.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery12
Banning, Verdie (Tohill)Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery20
Banther, CleoLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery92
Banther, DeweyLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery92
Barbee, Cyrus D.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery15
Barbee, Daniel L.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery16
Barbee, Daniel M.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery13
Barbee, ElizaRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery15
Barbee, ElizabethLamotte TWPBarbee Cemetery6
Barbee, F. N.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery36
Barbee, Frank E.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery36
Barbee, LucindaLamotte TWPBarbee Cemetery6
Barbee, Lucy AgnesRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery58
Barbee, Lydia F.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery58
Barbee, Margaret J.Lamotte TWPBarbee Cemetery6
Barbee, MaryLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery74
Barbee, Nancy (Smith)Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery59
Barbee, SallyLamotte TWPBarbee Cemetery6
Barbee, Sarah (Hill)Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery16
Barbee, ThomasLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery22
Barbee, WilliamLamotte TWPBarbee Cemetery6
Barbee, Wm. CruseLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery74
Barber, AlbertOblong TWPOblong Cemetery106
Barden, L. S.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery10
Barker, Avis (Lathrop)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery97
Barker, Burton E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery69
Barker, Charley A.Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery42
Barker, Clara (Moulden)Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery89
Barker, Clifton L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery59
Barker, Clovie L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery59
Barker, Cora E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery58
Barker, Eva SimpsonOblong TWPOblong Cemetery82
Barker, Frank C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery68
Barker, Gilbert L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery59
Barker, Grover C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery82
Barker, Homer D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery141
Barker, Horace C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery59
Barker, Iris M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery94
Barker, Joseph C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery59
Barker, Julia A.Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery42
Barker, Loran LeeOblong TWPOblong Cemetery64
Barker, Luella ErfftLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery94
Barker, M. Josephine McCrackenOblong TWPOblong Cemetery69
Barker, Orpha A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery58
Barker, Pheobe A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery59
Barker, Rex J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery94
Barker, Ruby C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery64
Barker, TimothyMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery42
Barker, TimothyMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery41
Barker, Versa (Musgrave)Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery84
Barker, Zenas HectorOblong TWPOblong Cemetery69
Barkley, Harry C.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Barkley, Nannie E.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery42
Barkley, W. N.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery42
Barlow, AlbertOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery10
Barlow, Alford H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery55
Barlow, Amanda J.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery14
Barlow, Andrew J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery55
Barlow, Bessie V.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery36
Barlow, BrodieRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery6
Barlow, C. A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery55
Barlow, Celia J.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery30
Barlow, CharlieOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery11
Barlow, Chas. A., Corpl.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery35
Barlow, Columbus (M.D.)Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery6
Barlow, Eddie P.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery36
Barlow, Elizabeth GordonHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery32
Barlow, Emma R. (Buckingham)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery30
Barlow, Frances D.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery14
Barlow, Frankey R.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery36
Barlow, G. E.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery49
Barlow, George C.Oblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery7
Barlow, HarryRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery6
Barlow, HattiePrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery13
Barlow, Hellen J.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery13
Barlow, Hester AnnOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery11
Barlow, Infant DaughterOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery11
Barlow, Infant SonRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery14
Barlow, J. EdgarOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery15
Barlow, JamesRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery14
Barlow, James M.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery14
Barlow, Jane M.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery30
Barlow, JesseRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery14
Barlow, JoelHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery30
Barlow, John W.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery32
Barlow, JuliusOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery11
Barlow, LorenzaOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery11
Barlow, LucyLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery55
Barlow, Lucy L.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery36
Barlow, LuluRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery6
Barlow, MalindaOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery11
Barlow, MariaRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery14
Barlow, Mary E.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery6
Barlow, MayRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery14
Barlow, MelcenaOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery15
Barlow, Mercy F.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery55
Barlow, NancyRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery14
Barlow, Nancy O. (Hurst)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery39
Barlow, P. C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery55
Barlow, RebeccaRobinson TWP Newlin Cemetery14
Barlow, RuthOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery11
Barlow, Sarah J.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery6
Barlow, Thomas P.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery6
Barlow, Ursula M.Oblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery7
Barlow, William K.Oblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery11
Barnbrook; also note BeimbrokRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Barnbrook, Adaline YorkRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery7
Barnbrook, Bennie H.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Barnbrook, Charles L.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery27
Barnbrook, Clara E.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery27
Barnbrook, HermanRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Barnbrook, Infant SonRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Barnbrook, James F.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery27
Barnbrook, JohnRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery27
Barnbrook, Mary C. WhitmerRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery27
Barnbrook, OlafRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Barnbrook, SusanRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Barnbrook, William E.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery27
Barnes, Frank B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery100
Barnes, WalterRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery100
Barnett, ArthurMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery18
Barnett, BuddieMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery18
Barnett, EllenMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery18
Barnett, FronaMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery18
Barnett, HarryMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery27
Barnett, Jesse L.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery18
Barnett, Mary L.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery18
Barnett, NellieMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery27
Barney, Jessie E.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery64
Barr, Cora M.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery17
Barrett, ?arnettHoney Creek TWPSears Cemetery28
Barrett, AllicePrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Barrett, Andrew J.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery58
Barrett, Charles H.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery69
Barrett, DavidPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Barrett, ElizabethPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Barrett, EllaHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery57
Barrett, Ellis M.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Barrett, ElmerPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Barrett, Emma M.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Barrett, F. M. "Roe"Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery32
Barrett, FlorencePrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery37
Barrett, George W.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery33
Barrett, Gregory AllenHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery69
Barrett, HarryRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery126
Barrett, Hattie E.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery69
Barrett, Infant DaughtersHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery57
Barrett, JaneHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery58
Barrett, JosephPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Barrett, Joseph L.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Barrett, LeathaRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery126
Barrett, LetitiaPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Barrett, Luella L.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Barrett, MarthaPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Barrett, Mary I.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery57
Barrett, NicholasHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery57
Barrett, Peter F.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Barrett, RebeccaHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery57
Barrett, Rosa K.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery57
Barrett, SarahHoney Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery12
Barrett, Sarah ParkerHoney Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery12
Barrett, StellaPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Barrett, Theo.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery32
Barrett, ThomasPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Barrett, Warren E.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery37
Barrett, WilliamHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery57
Barrett, William E.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery37
Barrick, Alice DoraRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery105
Barrick, Ann E.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery46
Barrick, Belinda J.Robinson TWPMinnick Cemetery2
Barrick, Billy De oneRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery162
Barrick, Calvin V.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery82
Barrick, Charley R.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery28
Barrick, Clifford M.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery19
Barrick, Dale L.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery19
Barrick, Dale O.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Barrick, Dorothy J. CoulterRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery20
Barrick, Eldridge J.Robinson TWPDavis Cemetery1
Barrick, EmoryLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Barrick, Frank NolanRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery133
Barrick, Fred E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery76
Barrick, George MarionRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery20
Barrick, George W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery79
Barrick, George W.Honey Creek TWPRich Cemetery26
Barrick, Infant ChildrenRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery149
Barrick, Infant DaughterRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery28
Barrick, Infant DaughterRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery162
Barrick, Infant SonRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery162
Barrick, Irdell P.Robinson TWPMinnick Cemetery2
Barrick, James DavisRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery106
Barrick, James O.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery149
Barrick, Leora E.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery28
Barrick, Lucille A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery149
Barrick, Lulu M. BakerRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery37
Barrick, Mary E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery130
Barrick, Mary E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Barrick, Mary J.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery28
Barrick, NancyHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery46
Barrick, Nancy J.Robinson TWPMinnick Cemetery2
Barrick, NoraRobinson TWPMinnick Cemetery2
Barrick, Peninah A.Montgomery TWPFuller Cemetery30
Barrick, Peter C.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery28
Barrick, Ralph R.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Barrick, Rosinie A.Honey Creek TWPRich Cemetery26
Barrick, Rush A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Barrick, Samie J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Barrick, Samuel J.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery28
Barrick, Samuel S.Robinson TWPMinnick Cemetery2
Barrick, Sarah J.Robinson TWPMinnick Cemetery2
Barrick, SusanMontgomery TWPSeaney Cemetery36
Barrick, Tim O.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery130
Barrick, Vena M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery79
Barrick, W. S.Robinson TWPMinnick Cemetery2
Barrick, Zerilda I.Honey Creek TWPRich Cemetery26
Barricks, Ruth Ann BaudRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery158
Barron, Charles S.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery11
Barron, David H.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery11
Barron, Infant SonRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Barron, MarthaMartin TWPPersinger Cemetery1
Barron, Sarah C.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery11
Barron, Stella M.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery11
Barth, CharlesRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery80
Barth, Matilda G.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery80
Bartlemay, Dolores G.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery83
Bartlemay, Howard H.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery83
Bartlemay, Jacob E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery83
Bartlemay, Riva M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery83
Bartlemay, Sarah C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery83
Bartlett, Anna (Wesley)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery151
Bartlett, ChristopherHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery35
Bartlett, Francis M.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery35
Bartlett, George F.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery35
Bartlett, Grover F.Honey Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery6
Bartlett, Infant DaughterHoney Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery6
Bartlett, Infant SonHoney Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery6
Bartlett, Isabell M.Honey Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery6
Bartlett, SarahHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery35
Bartley, Margret A.Martin TWPBerlin Cemetery5
Bartmess, Abbie RuthMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery46
Bartmess, Elsie EllenPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery34
Bartmess, EmelineMontgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery18
Bartmess, Emma L.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery39
Bartmess, JohnMontgomery TWPBartmess Family Cemetery3
Bartmess, John, Jr.Montgomery TWPBartmess Family Cemetery3
Bartmess, John L.Montgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery18
Bartmess, L. E. (M.D.)Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery34
Bartmess, L. P.Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery46
Bartmess, MarthaMontgomery TWPBartmess Cemetery39
Bartmess, MaryMontgomery TWPBartmess Family Cemetery3
Bartmess, Mary JaneMontgomery TWPBartmess Cemetery39
Bartmess, Minnie WrightMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery46
Bartmess, PeterMontgomery TWPBartmess Cemetery39
Bartmess, SarahMontgomery TWPBartmess Family Cemetery3
Bartmess, Sarah C.Montgomery TWPBartmess Cemetery39
Bashears; also see BrashearRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery157
Bashears; also see BrashearsLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery46
Bashears, Byron L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery158
Bashears, ClarenceRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery157
Bashears, EarnestRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery132
Bashears, FlorenceRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery132
Bashears, FrancesRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery157
Bashears, MarthaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery46
Bashears, Mary B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery46
Bashears, WinfieldLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery46
Basom, Eva I.Martin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery10
Batchelor, Charles F.Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery47
Batchelor, Hallie M. (Eaton)Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery47
Batchelor, Nancy J.Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery47
Batchelor, NellieMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery47
Batchelor, Oliver G.Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery47
Batchelor, Rachel S.Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery47
Batchelor, Wm. W.Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery47
Batey; also see BatyLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery89
Batey, Addie A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery58
Batey, Anna B.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery58
Batey, Anna MayLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery89
Batey, Carrie B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery89
Batey, George W.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery58
Batey, HenryHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery60
Batey, James MeadLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery89
Batey, Margaret E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery89
Batey, MeadLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery89
Batey, Merle McCrillisLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery76
Batey, Sarah E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery97
Batey, Thomas J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery89
Batey, Tommie J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery76
Batey, William H.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery60
Bathe, Charles W.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery42
Bathe, Elsie (Falls)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery64
Bathe, EverettLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery41
Bathe, GeorgeLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery42
Bathe, InfantLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery42
Bathe, John T.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery42
Bathe, Jonathan V.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery64
Bathe, Sarah B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery42
Bathe, TommyLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery64
Batman, Charles A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery87
Batman, DavidLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery17
Batman, Eva AliceLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Batman, HenryLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Batman, James RobertRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery87
Batman, Martha A.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Batman, MaryLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Batman, RachalLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery17
Batman, RawleighRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery77
Batman, Samuel H.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Batman, ThomasLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery37
Batman, Walter A.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Battershell, Charles R., Pfc.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery138
Battershell, Chester D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery139
Battershell, FernRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery93
Battershell, Grace E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery142
Battershell, Hilda KathleenRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery142
Battershell, James E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery142
Battershell, John HarlanRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery142
Battershell, John WallaceRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery139
Battershell, KeturahRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery139
Battershell, Laura B. BerryRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery139
Battershell, Ransom C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery93
Battershell, Robert O.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery142
Baty; also see BateyLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery89
Baty, AllenLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery46
Baty, George T.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery54
Baty, GleeLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery54
Baty, GuyLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery54
Baty, HenryMontgomery TWPFuller Cemetery29
Baty, Syrena A.Montgomery TWPFuller Cemetery29
Baud, "Billy Joe"Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery102
Baud, AlbertRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery158
Baud, Alfred A.Honey Creek TWPRich Cemetery26
Baud, DorothyRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery158
Baud, Esther (Williams)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery158
Baud, Goldie C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery157
Baud, Joseph W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery102
Baud, Lewis R.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery157
Baud, Louis A.Honey Creek TWPRich Cemetery26
Baud, Martha E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery102
Baud, Noel M.Honey Creek TWPRich Cemetery26
Baud, Ronda JoHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery68
Baud, Ruth Ann (Barricks)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery158
Baud, Susan M.Honey Creek TWPRich Cemetery26
Bauer, Amy WeirLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery27
Bauer, Edward EzraLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery27
Baughman, Oma N. HughesMontgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery16
Bauguess, F. AlonzoOblong TWPOblong Cemetery60
Bauguess, Frances L.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery23
Bauguess, Julia A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery60
Bauguess, LydiaHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery45
Bauguess, William, Eld.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery60
Bay, Frederick L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery103
Bayes; also note Bays, BayseOblong TWPOblong Cemetery35
Bayes; also note BaysRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery78
Bayes, Claudie M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery35
Bayes, Donna KayRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery77
Bayless, Breca SueLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Bayless, Harold L.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Bayless, Olive (Teeter)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Bayless, William A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Bayne, Ranleigh L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery47
Bays; also note Bayes, BayseOblong TWPOblong Cemetery35
Bays; also note BayesRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery78
Bays, Almedia T.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery78
Bays, Anna G.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery42
Bays, Delphia D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery88
Bays, Elizabeth A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery35
Bays, George W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery78
Bays, Hughes H.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery59
Bays, James H.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery42
Bays, JohnOblong TWPOblong Cemetery35
Bays, John T.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery148
Bays, William A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery88
Bayse; also note Bays, BayesOblong TWPOblong Cemetery35
Bayse, AliceOblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Bayse, Infant SonOblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Bayse, LewisOblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Beabout, Amelia A.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery8
Beabout, BerniceRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery6
Beabout, Cecil LeonRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery130
Beabout, CoraOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery15
Beabout, Edwin C.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery5
Beabout, Edytha H.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery5
Beabout, Harold W.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery5
Beabout, Harry G.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery6
Beabout, LeonaPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery5
Beabout, Mabel C.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery9
Beabout, Nina ClementsPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery5
Beabout, Ora E. RiegelPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery5
Beabout, RalphPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery5
Beabout, Robert LeroyPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery5
Beabout, RoscoePrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery5
Beabout, SarahPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery9
Beabout, William H.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery9
Beach, Allen W.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery30
Beach, Ellen J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery66
Beach, G. WilliamPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery36
Beach, Golder E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery134
Beach, JohnLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery30
Beach, LauraLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery30
Beach, Leona B.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery29
Beach, MariettaRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery134
Beach, Myrtle M.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery36
Beach, SarahLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery30
Beach, Wm. M.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery30
Beagle, G. W.Martin TWPBerlin Cemetery6
Beal, Paul EugeneLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery26
Beal, Sophia (Harmeson Thompson) MA Hardinville20 TWP
Beall, Daisy L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery103
Beals, Mary C. (Hart)Licking TWPDugan Cemetery3
Beam, AmandaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery44
Beam, Anna (Logan)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery112
Beam, Bertha L.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery62
Beam, Elizabeth A.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery44
Beam, Estella CoxHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery17
Beam, George W.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery62
Beam, HarryRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery62
Beam, Henry PaulLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery44
Beam, Henry T.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery44
Beam, Jennie V.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery44
Beam, John B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery44
Beam, Mary E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery112
Beam, William A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery112
Beard, Andrew J.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery62
Beard, Chancie E.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery37
Beard, Charles A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery39
Beard, Charles R.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery38
Beard, Clara A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery36
Beard, Clarence LeroyRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery81
Beard, Clifford O.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery65
Beard, Dessie Z.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery39
Beard, Dora AliceHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery40
Beard, Dorothy M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery65
Beard, Edith L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery81
Beard, Ellen (Cox)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery45
Beard, FayHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery37
Beard, Floyed M.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery37
Beard, Henry AndrewRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery86
Beard, James, Jr.Montgomery TWPUnmarked Grave Cemetery38
Beard, James M.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery37
Beard, Jessie FlorenceRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery86
Beard, Lucile F.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery65
Beard, Martha EllenHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery38
Beard, Mary J.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery37
Beard, NancyHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery62
Beard, Robert LeonHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery37
Beard, Roy H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery81
Beard, SamuelHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery62
Beard, Samuel A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery36
Beard, Sarah J.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery62
Beard, Thomas E.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery37
Beard, Virgil E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery65
Beard, WilliamHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery37
Beard, William O.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery40
Bearley, Jesse C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery74
Bearley, MalindaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery74
Bearley, Pearly E.Honey Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery16
Beason, Daniel DeanOblong TWPOblong Cemetery32
Beattie, Annie B.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery56
Beattie, Infant SonRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery57
Beattie, MahaleathRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery56
Beattie, Robert A.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery56
Beaty, Grace EdnaMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery48
Beauchamp, FloydOblong TWPWatts Cemetery30
Beauchamp, Geo.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery30
Beauchamp, HerleyOblong TWPWatts Cemetery31
Beauchamp, John S.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery99
Beauchamp, K. FlorenceOblong TWPWatts Cemetery31
Beauchamp, Stella A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery99
Beaver, Annie E.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Beaver, Carrie F.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Beck, Eva B.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery67
Beck, Everett F.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery67
Beck, George I.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery103
Beck, H. H.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery67
Beck, MaryRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery58
Beck, Tennie E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery103
Beckes, Dewitt T.Montgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery15
Beckes, Edna N.Montgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery15
Beckham, J. M.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery36
Beckham, M. J.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery36
Beckwith, Amelia R.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery58
Beckwith, AnnaHoney Creek TWPSwearingen Cemetery29
Beckwith, BenjaminHoney Creek TWPSwearingen Cemetery29
Beckwith, Caroline (King)Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery50
Beckwith, MinervaHoney Creek TWPSwearingen Cemetery29
Beckwith, SarahHoney Creek TWPSwearingen Cemetery29
Beckwith, SilasHoney Creek TWPSwearingen Cemetery29
Beduze, Lucy ReeserOblong TWPOblong Cemetery79
Bedwell, CharlesLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery72
Bedwell, E. D.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery94
Bedwell, Ethel C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery94
Bedwell, Florence H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery68
Bedwell, Herbert C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery94
Bedwell, JaneLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery59
Bedwell, Jennie (Bach)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery94
Bedwell, LucretiaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery94
Bedwell, LuluLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery72
Bedwell, MosesLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery59
Bedwell, Richard LeeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery68
Bedwell, True S.?Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery94
Bedwell, William C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery94
Beech, EdnaHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery61
Beecheers, FreddieLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery53
Beecheers, LeanderLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery54
Beecher, A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery48
Beecher, CharlotteLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery49
Beecher, ElizabethLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery48
Beecher, HopestillLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery48
Beecher, ZelimLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery49
Beel, ArlettiePrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery28
Beel, Clem C.Licking TWPDugan Cemetery3
Beel, DavidPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery28
Beel, FrenPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery26
Beel, James A.Licking TWPDugan Cemetery2
Beel, James S.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery36
Beel, Joseph L., Jr.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery38
Beel, Leveda (Richards)Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery22
Beel, LoviniaHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery35
Beel, Lura MableLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery31
Beel, Mary W.Licking TWPDugan Cemetery2
Beel, Maude B.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery28
Beel, Noble A.Licking TWPDugan Cemetery3
Beel, Rachel (Hart)Licking TWPDugan Cemetery2
Beel, SusanahLicking TWPDugan Cemetery2
Beem, MaritaRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery29
Beeman, Annie L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery39
Beeman, Catharine V.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery38
Beeman, Cecil L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery34
Beeman, Charles S.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery34
Beeman, George J.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery101
Beeman, J. L. P.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery39
Beeman, Lela GowinOblong TWPOblong Cemetery46
Beeman, LucindaRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery22
Beeman, Lucy M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery39
Beeman, Margaret E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery34
Beeman, Margaret O.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery81
Beeman, Marion N.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery38
Beeman, Purl A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery81
Beeman, Roger G.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery81
Beeman, Sarah Effie MasonOblong TWPOblong Cemetery35
Beeman, Ulysses A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery34
Beeman, Verna E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Beeman, Violet L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery101
Beeres, WilliamHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery31
Beers, D. O., Dr.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery33
Beers, Ellen C. (Atwood)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery33
Beers, JosephHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery31
Beers, Lavinah D.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery31
Beers, WillieHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery33
Beeson, Abbie JaneLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery79
Beeson, Abner P.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery44
Beeson, BelleOblong TWPOblong Cemetery48
Beeson, Chester H.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery104
Beeson, EdwardLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery79
Beeson, Harriet A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery44
Beeson, Infant SonOblong TWPOblong Cemetery75
Beeson, Ira J.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery48
Beeson, JeanetteOblong TWPOblong Cemetery104
Beeson, Johnnie O.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery44
Beeson, Lora M. LittlejohnMartin TWPBerlin Cemetery7
Beeson, Lucy Edith (Wiman)Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery44
Beeson, Pearl H.Martin TWPBerlin Cemetery7
Beeson, William E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery83
Beeson, Wm. M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery44
Begg, Eva (Espy)Montgomery TWPMorea Cemetery33
Begg, George L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery151
Begg, George S.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery151
Begg, Laura L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery151
Begg, Nancy J.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery151
Beimbrok; also note BarnbookRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Beimbrok, Herman, Sergt.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Belknap, AnnaHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery62
Belknap, R. W., Rev.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery62
Bell, Alberta A.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery19
Bell, Charles LintonHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery21
Bell, Charles R.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery15
Bell, ChesterLicking TWPBellair Cemetery13
Bell, Edna HopkinsRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery122
Bell, Florence (Clawson)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery122
Bell, H. C.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery19
Bell, James M.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery23
Bell, Louise (Good)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery122
Bell, Nancy A.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery23
Bell, Orla R.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery23
Bell, Pearl Z.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery15
Bell, Robert O.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery91
Bell, Rodney L.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery21
Bell, Roscoe ClintonHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery19
Bell, Ruskin ArnolHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery21
Bell, Sarah E.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery19
Bell, StellaHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery19
Bell, Wiley O.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery19
Bell, WilliamRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery122
Bell, Zilpah RichardsHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery21
Bemis, Cornelia C.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery33
Bemis, GeorgeHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery33
Benner, John H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery129
Benner, JosephineRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery129
Benner, Margret (Payn)Licking TWPBellair Cemetery13
Bennett, AlbertMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery43
Bennett, Aleatha G.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery150
Bennett, Alta C.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery8
Bennett, Barney W.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery8
Bennett, Betty (Farmer)Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery8
Bennett, Charles H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery76
Bennett, Edward C.Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery43
Bennett, Eliza J.Lamotte TWPEast Union Cemetery1
Bennett, Ethel M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery73
Bennett, FloraHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery57
Bennett, Galoria JuanitaRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery150
Bennett, Infant DaughterMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery40
Bennett, Infant SonMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery40
Bennett, Isaac A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery83
Bennett, James C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery83
Bennett, Julia A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery69
Bennett, Lillie M.Martin TWPBerlin Cemetery7
Bennett, Lydia E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery83
Bennett, MargaretMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery40
Bennett, MarthaHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery67
Bennett, Mary E.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery21
Bennett, NancyMontgomery TWPGaines-Kent Cemetery13
Bennett, NancyMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery43
Bennett, Richard I.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery8
Bennett, RobertHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery57
Bennett, S. R.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery69
Bennett, Samuel L.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery67
Bennett, Virgil F.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery73
Benson, Henderson L.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery35
Benson, Joseph PopeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery108
Benson, Marie MargraveRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery108
Benson, Ruth L.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery35
Benton, PaulLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery83
Benton, William D.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery68
Beran, MartinOblong TWPOblong Cemetery81
Berentz, Hallie Parker WegerRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery124
Bergman, Carrie M.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery33
Bergman, Charles A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery101
Berk, F. R.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery28
Berkshire, ArmildaSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery9
Berkshire, Eliza StoutSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery4
Berkshire, ElizabethSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery9
Berkshire, HenrySouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery9
Berkshire, Infant SonsSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery9
Berkshire, John W.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery9
Berkshire, MollieSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery10
Berkshire, WilliamSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery10
Berlin, LouisaOblong TWPWatts Cemetery29
Berlin, Tilghman H.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery29
Berlin, William C.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery29
Berlin, William K.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery29
Berringer, Phoeba T.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery67
Berringer, Shubael R.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery67
Berry, Charles BeverlyRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Berry, Clara JuneHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery45
Berry, CynthiaRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery47
Berry, Edna M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery105
Berry, FrancRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Berry, Frances LeonoraRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Berry, FredRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery105
Berry, FritzRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery105
Berry, Harvey W.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery45
Berry, Isabelle R.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery45
Berry, JamesRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery47
Berry, John A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery105
Berry, Laura B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery139
Berry, LeonaRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery105
Berry, RaymondRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery105
Berry, Raymond W.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery41
Berryhill, Alice KirtsHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery50
Berryhill, Clara M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery55
Berryhill, Floyd HeberOblong TWPOblong Cemetery55
Berryhill, James L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery55
Berryhill, Little MaryOblong TWPWatts Cemetery26
Best, Alvin A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery50
Best, AndrewHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery50
Best, Charles W.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery50
Best, EvanRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery33
Best, Ida M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery80
Best, JohnOblong TWPOblong Cemetery35
Best, Kathryn A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery77
Best, Leon E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery77
Best, Louise MarieOblong TWPOblong Cemetery62
Best, Lucy J.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery50
Best, Mary E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery35
Best, Mary JaneRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery33
Best, Minta HolmesLicking TWPHarmony Cemetery26
Best, PeterOblong TWPOblong Cemetery62
Best, William D.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery80
Best, Wm. EthelbertOblong TWPOblong Cemetery62
Bex, Harett AnnHoney Creek TWPTohill Cemetery20
Bicknell, Bearl L.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery104
Bicknell, CharleyLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery41
Bicknell, CordeliaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery41
Bicknell, Earl R.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery89
Bicknell, Edna (Springer)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery104
Bicknell, EllaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery57
Bicknell, George J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery41
Bicknell, GreenHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery63
Bicknell, HenryLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery104
Bicknell, Infant SonHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery36
Bicknell, J. NelsonLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery57
Bicknell, Jas. A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery100
Bicknell, Laura (Pleasant)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery63
Bicknell, Mary JaneLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery57
Bicknell, Nancy J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery41
Bicknell, PattersonLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery41
Bicknell, Pearl SimsHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery43
Bicknell, SilasHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Bicknell, ThurmanHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery43
Bicknell, UniceHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery36
Bicknell, William H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery41
Bidle, A. ArdellPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery28
Bidle, Hazel Blanche (Rhine)Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery99
Bidle, Mabel V.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery93
Bidle, MyrtleRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery82
Bidle, R. A.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery28
Bierbaur, Mag R.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery34
Biggs, Arminta C.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery22
Biggs, Carlton L.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery106
Biggs, Charles G.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery65
Biggs, Chas.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery13
Biggs, Chester O.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery106
Biggs, ClaraHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery32
Biggs, ClaraLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery105
Biggs, Dorothy M.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery26
Biggs, Eliza C.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery36
Biggs, Elnora B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery158
Biggs, Estella M.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery26
Biggs, EthelLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery71
Biggs, Ethel CleoLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery106
Biggs, Fidelia RuckleLicking TWPHarmony Cemetery20
Biggs, Florence Alice (Johns)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery71
Biggs, FrankLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery106
Biggs, George R.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery90
Biggs, HarryLicking TWPHarmony Cemetery26
Biggs, Helen M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery106
Biggs, Henry C.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery26
Biggs, Ida M. StantzOblong TWPOblong Cemetery93
Biggs, InfantLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery106
Biggs, Infant DaughterLicking TWPBellair Cemetery8
Biggs, Infant DaughterLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery106
Biggs, Ira F.Licking TWPRandolph Cemetery5
Biggs, J. EmmittLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery71
Biggs, JamesRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery11
Biggs, JaneRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery13
Biggs, Jennie C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery65
Biggs, Jennie EllenLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery99
Biggs, Joe H.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery93
Biggs, John G.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery99
Biggs, John N.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery20
Biggs, Johnnie S.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery22
Biggs, Joseph C., Eld.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery29
Biggs, JuliusRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery16
Biggs, Leona MayLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery106
Biggs, Levi, Eld.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery22
Biggs, Lovina CalvertLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery29
Biggs, LunevahLicking TWPHarmony Cemetery22
Biggs, Mabel E.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery26
Biggs, Mary E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery99
Biggs, Mary JaneLicking TWPBellair Cemetery8
Biggs, Mary JoRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery64
Biggs, Rachel A.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery29
Biggs, Ralph O.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery64
Biggs, RevaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery73
Biggs, RosaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery90
Biggs, Rosa C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery99
Biggs, Roscoe V.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery96
Biggs, Rose E.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery11
Biggs, Rose MayLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery106
Biggs, Ruby MoynelleLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery106
Biggs, Ruth EvelynLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery106
Biggs, SarahRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery16
Biggs, Sarah A.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery22
Biggs, Sarah A.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery16
Biggs, SolomonRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery16
Biggs, Tura E.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery26
Biggs, WalterRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery16
Biggs, William K.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery158
Biggs, Willie S.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery22
Biggs, Wilma D.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery96
Billingsly, Jennie M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery86
Billingsly, Louis W.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery86
Billingsly, RobertaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery78
Billingsly, VaughnLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery78
Bilyew, Beulah M.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery33
Bilyew, Clyde H.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery33
Bilyew, Hannah E.Oblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery6
Bilyew, James A.Oblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery11
Bilyew, John S.Oblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery6
Bilyew, Joseph T.Oblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery14
Bilyew, PearlOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery14
Birkman, LaRae WaltersRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery27
Bishop, A. GleasonHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery44
Bishop, AbigailHutsonville TWPGuyer Cemetery2
Bishop, Adam J.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery16
Bishop, Clara H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery100
Bishop, Cleo E.Hutsonville TWPGuyer Cemetery2
Bishop, Cordelia (Stevens)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery56
Bishop, EarneyMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery31
Bishop, ElishaMartin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery11
Bishop, Elisha E.Martin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery11
Bishop, Eliza FigonsLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery16
Bishop, ElzoryRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery16
Bishop, Eva (Metheny)Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery21
Bishop, EzekielHutsonville TWPMusgrave Cemetery7
Bishop, Fredrick F.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery16
Bishop, George W.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery100
Bishop, Glen ArdenHutsonville TWPGuyer Cemetery2
Bishop, H. M.Hutsonville TWPMusgrave Cemetery7
Bishop, Hal E.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery65
Bishop, Harry L.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery16
Bishop, Helen FultonHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery44
Bishop, Infant SonHutsonville TWPGuyer Cemetery2
Bishop, Jas. A.Hutsonville TWPMusgrave Cemetery7
Bishop, JohnRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery16
Bishop, John L.Hutsonville TWPGuyer Cemetery2
Bishop, John T., Pvt.Martin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery11
Bishop, John W.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery16
Bishop, Kibbie ByrlMartin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery11
Bishop, Maliscia A.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery16
Bishop, MalissaHoney Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery9
Bishop, Mary E.Hutsonville TWPBall Cemetery5
Bishop, Mary L.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery65
Bishop, MatildaMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery31
Bishop, Nettie M.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery16
Bishop, RebeccaHutsonville TWPMusgrave Cemetery7
Bishop, Rosa C.Martin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery11
Bishop, Sandra K.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery68
Bishop, SarahMartin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery11
Bishop, SilasHutsonville TWPGuyer Cemetery2
Bishop, ThomasHoney Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery9
Bishop, Thomas J.Hutsonville TWPGuyer Cemetery2
Bishop, UllieLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery20
Bishop, William F.Martin TWPBerlin Cemetery4
Bishop, William F.Hutsonville TWPMusgrave Cemetery7
Bishop, William F.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery16
Bishop?, R. M.Hutsonville TWPBall Cemetery5
Bivins, Anna FoxRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery107
Bivins, Fred A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery107
Black, Addie (Goodwin)Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery27
Black, AleneOblong TWPOblong Cemetery107
Black, Annie M.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery49
Black, Della MaeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery143
Black, Dicy DavisLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery27
Black, Infant SonMontgomery TWPNorton Cemetery5
Black, James W.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery49
Black, JohnLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery27
Black, Polly M.Montgomery TWPNorton Cemetery4
Black, ReathHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery49
Black, Ronald D.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery105
Black, SarahMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery41
Black, William M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery101
Black, William R.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery107
Blackerby, Hester A.Honey Creek TWPRich Cemetery26
Blackerby, John L.Montgomery TWPWesner Cemetery9
Blaco, Helen D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery157
Blaco, Joe ClineMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery28
Blaco, Lydia E.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery28
Blaco, Theodore N.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery158
Blair, Anna L.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery91
Blair, Mildred I.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery52
Blair, Paul F.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Blair, RayLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery91
Blake, Aletha M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery101
Blake, Elias M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery101
Blake, MarionOblong TWPOblong Cemetery45
Blake, Matilda C. (McConnell)Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery45
Blake, Nancy J.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery45
Blake, Susie (Irey)Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery101
Blakely, Ann E.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery37
Blakely, Jasper A.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery30
Blakely, Lena E.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery30
Blakely, Malinda B.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery37
Blakely, Malinda V.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery37
Blakely, Mary J.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery37
Blakely, SamuelHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery37
Blakely, Samuel, Jr.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery38
Blaker, AllenHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery24
Blaker, SarahHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery24
Blaker, W. F.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery24
Blanchard, Caroline (Briggs)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery104
Blanchard, JohnOblong TWPOblong Cemetery70
Blandin, Infant DaughterLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery92
Blank, Fannie M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery89
Blank, Jacob C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery89
Blank, Jacob CharlesRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery89
Blankenbeker, Rachel ElainePrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery26
Bledsoe, EarlLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery82
Bledsoe, Ella MayHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery44
Bledsoe, Emma J.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery22
Bledsoe, FernLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery82
Bledsoe, John E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery81
Bledsoe, Verna B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery80
Bless, ElsieLicking TWPBellair Cemetery16
Bless, M. A.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery16
Bline, AmandaLicking TWPBellair Cemetery12
Bline, Bonnie P.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery24
Bline, Charles A.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery16
Bline, Chester ThorntonLicking TWPBellair Cemetery16
Bline, Clara (Ferrell)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery154
Bline, Clara L.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Bline, Clarence C.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Bline, Daniel I.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery12
Bline, Edith (Varner)Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery32
Bline, Elizabeth A.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Bline, Infant DaughterPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery32
Bline, Infant SonLicking TWPHarmony Cemetery24
Bline, IsaacLicking TWPBellair Cemetery13
Bline, James AlfredLicking TWPBellair Cemetery13
Bline, JennieLicking TWPBellair Cemetery16
Bline, John A.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery16
Bline, John W.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Bline, LeonaLicking TWPBellair Cemetery12
Bline, Loueza AnnLicking TWPBellair Cemetery16
Bline, Lucy H.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery24
Bline, MargaretLicking TWPBellair Cemetery13
Bline, Mary KatherineLicking TWPBellair Additions Cemetery17B
Bline, MayPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Bline, Ned N.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery22
Bline, Odessa J. (Howe)Licking TWPBellair Cemetery12
Bline, RileyLicking TWPBellair Cemetery12
Bline, RubyLicking TWPBellair Additions Cemetery17A
Bline, Solomon R.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery13
Bline, W. RexLicking TWPBellair Additions Cemetery17A
Bline, Warren RexLicking TWPBellair Cemetery17
Bline, William A.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery16
Bline, William A.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery24
Bliss, DelilahOblong TWPOblong Cemetery65
Bliss, Guy W.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery65
Bliss, Hubert GlennOblong TWPOblong Cemetery65
Blocher, Clara E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery82
Blocher, W. S.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery82
Bloom, Anna L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery108
Bloom, Annie V.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery51
Bloom, CatharineRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery31
Bloom, Charles M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery108
Bloom, Enos E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery108
Bloom, Eva L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery108
Bloom, FlorenceOblong TWPOblong Cemetery51
Bloom, George W.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery51
Bloom, Harriet MatildaRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery32
Bloom, Ida M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery51
Bloom, JoshuaRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery31
Bloom, Mary W.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery51
Bloom, OkleyRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery31
Bloom, Samuel H.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery51
Boa, Alexander P.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery110
Boa, AndrewOblong TWPOblong Cemetery52
Boa, Avon D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery110
Boa, Infant SonOblong TWPOblong Cemetery52
Boa, Mary M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery52
Boa, Norman PattonRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery110
Boatright, JamesLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery7
Boatright, Mary A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery41
Boatright, SamuelLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery26
Boatright, Stacy EllenLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery26
Boatright, Thos. F.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery41
Boatwright, Donnell A.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Boatwright, Elsie C.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Boatwright, Ida E.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Boatwright, S. VerneLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Bobp, Caroline (Wilkin)Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery31
Bockholdt, Mary FreemanRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery121
Bodine, BabyRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery134
Bodine, Jessie R.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery134
Bodine, Mont E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery134
Bodnar, Annis TaylorRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery89
Bodnar, John A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery89
Boes, JohnHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery29
Boes, PrattHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery29
Bogard, Alzira A. HedrickLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery89
Bogard, Amanda J.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery27
Bogard, B. JeromeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery121
Bogard, CarrieLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery23
Bogard, Carrie A.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery30
Bogard, Clara K.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery37
Bogard, Faye LoreneLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery30
Bogard, FrankHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery37
Bogard, Hampton S.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery59
Bogard, HarlanHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery45
Bogard, Louis M.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery30
Bogard, Mary JosephineRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery59
Bogard, Minnie S.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery59
Bogard, Morton O.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery89
Bogard, Myrtle E. LaneLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery89
Bogard, Myrtle O.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery75
Bogard, Neenah M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery121
Bogard, RayLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery27
Bogard, SophiaHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery45
Bogard, TolleraltonRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery59
Bogard, W. EarlLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery75
Boggs, Joseph W.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery72
Bohn, Nellie B. (Newlin)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery44
Boin, John RaymondHoney Creek TWPBeckwith Cemetery29
Boker, BenRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery87
Boker, Sarah E.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery32
Boldrey, IrisOblong TWPOblong Cemetery106
Bole, Arnold L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery98
Bole, Belva M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery98
Bole, Earnest L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery98
Boling, Cyril MaxLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery95
Boling, George E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery95
Bolinger; also see BollingerPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery21
Bolinger, FrancesPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery18
Bolinger, JessieHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery47
Bolinger, Nancey A.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery21
Bolinger, SarahMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery19
Bollander, Anna S.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery21
Bollander, CharlottaPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery21
Bollander, MatildaPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery21
Bollinger; also see BolingerPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery21
Bollinger, Arlista A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery78
Bollinger, BarbaraPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery24
Bollinger, Brody I.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery36
Bollinger, ClintonHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery59
Bollinger, Dollie KennedyHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery51
Bollinger, Dorothy B.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery86
Bollinger, E. M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery88
Bollinger, EleanorHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery59
Bollinger, Elizabeth (Keenan)Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery24
Bollinger, Ella T.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery36
Bollinger, FrankOblong TWPOblong Cemetery78
Bollinger, Hallie A.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery24
Bollinger, Herman F.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery86
Bollinger, Infant SonOblong TWPOblong Cemetery86
Bollinger, Ira W.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery21
Bollinger, JohnPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery24
Bollinger, John Wm.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery37
Bollinger, JosiahPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery21
Bollinger, LeonaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery88
Bollinger, LeotaLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery37
Bollinger, Nettie M.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery37
Bollinger, Vieoria L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery50
Bolton, Ned T.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery26
Bomer, Esther FrancesOblong TWPOblong Cemetery52
Bomer, Jesse L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery92
Bond, Alonzo L.Oblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery3
Bond, Bertha RikerOblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery3
Bond, DanielOblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery3
Bond, Donald LeroyRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery88
Bond, Dora A.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery58
Bond, Drusilla ChrintineHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery61
Bond, Estella M.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery58
Bond, Ethel E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery111
Bond, EvansOblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery3
Bond, Gertie L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery88
Bond, Infant SonHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery61
Bond, JohnOblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery3
Bond, KossuthOblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery3
Bond, Louis E.Oblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery3
Bond, M. LeroyRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery88
Bond, Margaret E.Oblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery3
Bond, Orris D.Oblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery3
Bond, Ottis W.Oblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery3
Bond, Rosa L.Oblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery3
Bond, William E.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery58
Bone, Harriet E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery84
Bone, J. HenryLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery84
Boner, HannahLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery53
Bonesteel, Dorothy BucknerHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery24
Bonesteel, Levi RobertHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery24
Bonewits, Eva Martin TarpleyHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery56
Bonham, Billie W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery70
Bonham, Cora J.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery26
Bonham, ElizaLicking TWPBellair Cemetery15
Bonham, Helen (Lewis)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery70
Bonham, HenryRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery74
Bonham, J. DillionRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery70
Bonham, Janet ElainePrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery36
Bonham, Jesse B.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery11
Bonham, JohnLicking TWPBellair Cemetery15
Bonham, John A.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery15
Bonham, LedoraLicking TWPBellair Cemetery11
Bonham, LydiaLicking TWPBellair Cemetery11
Bonham, Lydia A.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery11
Bonham, Mary MalissaLicking TWPBellair Cemetery10
Bonham, Myrtle MayPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery26
Bonham, Nora A.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery26
Bonham, Perlina VictoriaLicking TWPBellair Cemetery11
Bonham, PerryLicking TWPBellair Cemetery15
Bonham, Sarah C.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery11
Bonham, ViolaMartin TWPBerlin Cemetery8
Bonham, WillieLicking TWPBellair Cemetery11
Bonham, WoffardLicking TWPBellair Cemetery11
Bonnell, David L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery130
Bonnell, Guy L.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery33
Bonnell, Laura M.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery33
Bonner, Lucy A. RectorHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery43
Boofter, DianaRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery11
Boofter, Grayce M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery100
Boofter, James A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery71
Boofter, Joseph R.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery71
Boofter, Minnie E.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery15
Booker, John T.Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery40
Booker, Melinda B.Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery40
Bookwalter, ElizabethLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery28
Bookwalter, JacobLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery23
Bookwalter, John F.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery28
Boom, Adam HogaLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery11
Boomer, AnnabelRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery59
Boomer, CarrolRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery59
Boone, Edward D.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery78
Boone, Sarah F.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery78
Booth, James M.Montgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery14
Booth, Sarah E.Montgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery14
Boreing, Delaca A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery55
Boring, AmeliaRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery39
Boring, Hallie M. (Norman)Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery39
Boring, Harriet H. HandyRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery73
Boring, Miles W.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery39
Boring, Walter L.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery39
Boring, William A.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery39
Boring, William E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery73
Borland, Anna E.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery40
Borland, Bertha P.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery138
Borland, Harold S.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery138
Borland, Lena (Long)Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery40
Borland, William H.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery40
Boshcoff, CatherineLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery99
Boshcoff, PeterLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery99
Bostic, Nancy A. (Crow)Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery20
Bostick, JohnHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery20
Botkin, Bertram O.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery28
Bottenfield, Alva OtisOblong TWPOblong Cemetery103
Bottenfield, Charles H.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery71
Bottenfield, CordeliaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery46
Bottenfield, Daisy EdnaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery46
Bottenfield, Doicey M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery106
Bottenfield, E. LouiseOblong TWPOblong Cemetery106
Bottenfield, Eliza A.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery32
Bottenfield, Elmer L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery47
Bottenfield, Emma SnyderOblong TWPWatts Cemetery26
Bottenfield, Esther MayOblong TWPOblong Cemetery103
Bottenfield, Ezra OrenOblong TWPOblong Cemetery103
Bottenfield, Frank E.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery20
Bottenfield, Ivan H.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery71
Bottenfield, JaneOblong TWPOblong Cemetery45
Bottenfield, John H.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery47
Bottenfield, JosephLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery32
Bottenfield, Lillie JaneOblong TWPOblong Cemetery71
Bottenfield, Lucy AnnOblong TWPOblong Cemetery46
Bottenfield, Lucy E.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery20
Bottenfield, Margaret A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery103
Bottenfield, Mary E. DennisOblong TWPOblong Cemetery71
Bottenfield, NehemiahOblong TWPOblong Cemetery46
Bottenfield, Nellie LavernOblong TWPOblong Cemetery92
Bottenfield, SalinaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery103
Bottenfield, Vernon SnyderOblong TWPOblong Cemetery103
Bottenfield, Zella M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery71
Bottom, Thomas N.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery19
Bottoms, George B. McC.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery19
Bottoms, George W.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery16
Bottoms, LueyMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery19
Bottoms, PaulenaMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery16
Botts, Creel MitchellOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery12
Botts, MaryOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery12
Boughan, GraceSouthwest TWPWaldrop Cemetery Addition14
Boughan, Grace M.Southwest TWPWaldrop Cemetery Addition14
Boughan, Michael PaulSouthwest TWPWaldrop Cemetery Addition14
Boughan, William C.Southwest TWPWaldrop Cemetery Addition14
Bovell, Hugh L.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Bovell, Ida M.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Bowdash, NancyLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery60
Bowen, ClaudiaPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery28
Bowen, DollieLicking TWPDugan Cemetery4
Bowen, Edna JaneRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery78
Bowen, EliasPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery25
Bowen, Elivira J.Licking TWPDugan Cemetery4
Bowen, Emma R.Licking TWPDugan Cemetery4
Bowen, GeorgeOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery15
Bowen, George W.Licking TWPDugan Cemetery4
Bowen, Golda E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery70
Bowen, Infant SonHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery69
Bowen, IreneOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery15
Bowen, Iva E.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Bowen, John DuffHoney Creek TWPBeckwith Cemetery29
Bowen, John RaymondHoney Creek TWPBeckwith Cemetery29
Bowen, JosephPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery28
Bowen, Julius L.Licking TWPDugan Cemetery4
Bowen, LeotaPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery29
Bowen, Lola I.Licking TWPDugan Cemetery4
Bowen, Margaret ThayerHoney Creek TWPBeckwith Cemetery29
Bowen, Marion S.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery70
Bowen, Naomi S.Licking TWPBowman Cemetery1
Bowen, Pleasant E.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Bowen, Ralph F.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery70
Bowen, Shirley IreneRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery78
Bowen, ThelmaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery70
Bower, James C.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery51
Bowers, Blanch (McCrillis)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery128
Bowers, DanielMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery18
Bowers, Daniel D.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery18
Bowles, Anna E.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery29
Bowles, Chas. E.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery29
Bowles, Cora AtwoodHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery47
Bowles, E. M.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery29
Bowles, Susan A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery29
Bowles, Wiley M.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery29
Bowles, William L.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery29
Bowman, AngelineLicking TWPBowman Cemetery1
Bowman, AnnPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery18
Bowman, Anna DuzanPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery37
Bowman, Belva I.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery34
Bowman, CarrieLicking TWPBellair Cemetery9
Bowman, Charles A.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery38
Bowman, Charles L.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery33
Bowman, Clara T. (Wilson)Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery49
Bowman, DavidLicking TWPBowman Cemetery1
Bowman, David A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery37
Bowman, David E.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery18
Bowman, Delilah J.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery38
Bowman, ElmerLicking TWPBowman Cemetery1
Bowman, Emeline (Wolfe)Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery37
Bowman, Emma M. LambOblong TWPOblong Cemetery36
Bowman, EvalineLicking TWPBowman Cemetery1
Bowman, George W.Licking TWPBowman Cemetery1
Bowman, Infant DaughterLicking TWPBowman Cemetery1
Bowman, Infant DaughterPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery19
Bowman, Infant DaughterPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery16
Bowman, Infant SonLicking TWPBowman Cemetery1
Bowman, Infant SonPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery19
Bowman, James R.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery18
Bowman, James RobertPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery19
Bowman, JohnOblong TWPOblong Cemetery74
Bowman, LawrenceLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery98
Bowman, Lewis W.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery19
Bowman, LucindaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery60
Bowman, Lyda L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery36
Bowman, MaryPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery19
Bowman, MaryOblong TWPOblong Cemetery74
Bowman, Mary A.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery27
Bowman, Mary E.Licking TWPBowman Cemetery1
Bowman, Narsissea E.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery18
Bowman, S. R.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery16
Bowman, SamuelLicking TWPBowman Cemetery1
Bowman, Sanford C.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery9
Bowman, Sarah E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery37
Bowman, Sarah J.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery30
Bowmen, Ferne RadebaughRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery93
Boyd, AdamHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery50
Boyd, Andrew R.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Boyd, AnnaRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery12
Boyd, Austin M.Honey Creek TWPHaskin Cemetery4
Boyd, Benjamin F.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery23
Boyd, Bertha F. MartinOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery18
Boyd, Blanche PingLicking TWPHarmony Cemetery22
Boyd, Bruce DaronRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery19
Boyd, CatlinRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery8
Boyd, Celia F.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Boyd, Charles B.Honey Creek TWPHaskin Cemetery4
Boyd, Charles E.Licking TWPRandolph Cemetery6
Boyd, Clara A.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery8
Boyd, Clara H.Honey Creek TWPHaskin Cemetery4
Boyd, ClarkRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery12
Boyd, Connie G.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Boyd, David AaronRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery19
Boyd, David H.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery21
Boyd, E.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Boyd, Edith Pearl CorrellRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery8
Boyd, Edward C.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery66
Boyd, Edward E.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery66
Boyd, ElderRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery7
Boyd, ElizabethOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery18
Boyd, Elizabeth (Hamilton)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery110
Boyd, Ellen F.Honey Creek TWPHaskin Cemetery4
Boyd, Ellison H.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery66
Boyd, Emma L.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery66
Boyd, Ethel P.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery26
Boyd, F.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Boyd, Fanny E.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery50
Boyd, FernOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery25
Boyd, Fern (Henderson)Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery19
Boyd, FredRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery133
Boyd, George A.Prairie TWPLionberger Cemetery4
Boyd, Gladys (Sempsrote)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery56
Boyd, Gladys FryeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery155
Boyd, Grace EdnaRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery133
Boyd, HiramLicking TWPRandolph Cemetery6
Boyd, Hiram N.Honey Creek TWPHaskin Cemetery4
Boyd, InfantOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery25
Boyd, Infant G.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery25
Boyd, Infant SonMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery19
Boyd, Infant SonHoney Creek TWPHaskin Cemetery4
Boyd, Infant SonOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery18
Boyd, J.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Boyd, J. N.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Boyd, JamesRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery12
Boyd, Jane E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery133
Boyd, Jeffery AllenOblong TWPOblong Cemetery69
Boyd, Joe N.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery77
Boyd, JohnRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery16
Boyd, John A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery110
Boyd, John S.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery66
Boyd, John V.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery107
Boyd, John W.Honey Creek TWPHaskin Cemetery4
Boyd, LenaOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Boyd, Lena E.Robinson TWP Kirk Cemetery26
Boyd, Lenora H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery110
Boyd, M.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Boyd, Mabel IsabelRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Boyd, MalindaRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Boyd, Margaret J.Honey Creek TWPHaskin Cemetery4
Boyd, Margaret RyersonHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery66
Boyd, Martha E.Honey Creek TWPHaskin Cemetery4
Boyd, Martha M.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery26
Boyd, Mary A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery66
Boyd, Mattie (Hale)Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery56
Boyd, MaudeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery85
Boyd, MervynRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery12
Boyd, Minnie Alice EatonPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery10
Boyd, Myrl L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery107
Boyd, Nancy A.Honey Creek TWPHaskin Cemetery4
Boyd, Nancy J.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Boyd, NealRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery85
Boyd, Nelle R.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery56
Boyd, Noah C.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery26
Boyd, Nora C. EatonPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery10
Boyd, Oscar C.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery33
Boyd, PearlOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Boyd, PhebeLicking TWPRandolph Cemetery6
Boyd, PollyPrairie TWPLionberger Cemetery4
Boyd, R.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Boyd, RebeccaMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery18
Boyd, Rena A.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery7
Boyd, RobertMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery18
Boyd, RobertHoney Creek TWPHaskin Cemetery4
Boyd, Robert M.Honey Creek TWPHaskin Cemetery4
Boyd, Rogean AnnHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery41
Boyd, Ross C.Hutsonville TWPMusgrave Cemetery6
Boyd, S. R.Honey Creek TWPHaskin Cemetery4
Boyd, Samuel R. J.Honey Creek TWPHaskin Cemetery4
Boyd, Sarah A.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery12
Boyd, Sarah J.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery12
Boyd, Sarah M.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery48
Boyd, Theo DaleLicking TWPBellair Cemetery16
Boyd, Thomas J.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Boyd, Thomas N.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery18
Boyd, Thomas N.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery19
Boyd, Timothy WayneRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery19
Boyd, Velda (Dix)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery43
Boyd, Victnal T.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Boyd, Vinnie D.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery12
Boyd, W. J.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery133
Boyd, WesleyRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery12
Boyd, WilsonRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery12
Boyd, Wilson M.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery48
Boylan, Joe HarrisRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery48
Boyles, AaronPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery29
Boyles, Aaron C.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery28
Boyles, AdalinePrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery28
Boyles, Alexander McHenryMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery46
Boyles, AlmedaPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery29
Boyles, CharlesMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery46
Boyles, EliasPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery28
Boyles, FrankPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery28
Boyles, Infant DaughterPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery24
Boyles, IraPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery28
Boyles, James HarveyLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery103
Boyles, John H.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery24
Boyles, John MacHattonLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery103
Boyles, KathleenPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery38
Boyles, Larry LeonPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery28
Boyles, Laura Jane (Sinclair)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery70
Boyles, Lawrence IrvinPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery28
Boyles, Letha M.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery28
Boyles, Martha J.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery24
Boyles, Martha OliveLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery103
Boyles, Martha Roxann (LePhipps)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery93
Boyles, Mary A.Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery46
Boyles, Mary Grace (Roberts)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery93
Boyles, McHattonMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery46
Boyles, Nelle GiltnerLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery93
Boyles, Rhoda Ellen (Willis)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery103
Boyles, Ruby Lee (King)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery93
Boyles, Sina LouPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery28
Boyles, William M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery93
Boyll, David MichaelHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery35
Boyll, Eleanor JeanHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery42
Boyll, Felix S.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery30
Boyll, James A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery42
Boyll, Lucy E. VoorheisHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery42
Boyll, MargaretPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery30
Boyll, RexHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery42
Brackett, ChristenaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery53
Brackett, Diana SueRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery137
Brackett, Eugene R.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery53
Brackett, Harry DeanRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Brackett, Hattie A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery53
Brackett, Roy W.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery53
Brackett, Whitfield F.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery53
Brackin, Carrie A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery78
Brackin, William M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery78
Brackney, Lillie MarieHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery64
Bradberry, AlfredHutsonville TWPBall Cemetery5
Bradberry, BarnaHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery32
Bradberry, CharlotteLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery14
Bradberry, CurtisHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery63
Bradberry, Elvira L.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery63
Bradberry, FannyLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery8
Bradberry, Harrison L.Honey Creek TWPTohill Cemetery22
Bradberry, Infant SonHoney Creek TWPTohill Cemetery22
Bradberry, JamesLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery14
Bradberry, Jean CarolHoney Creek TWPTohill Cemetery22
Bradberry, John W.Honey Creek TWPTohill Cemetery22
Bradberry, John W.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery8
Bradberry, Marinda A.Honey Creek TWPTohill Cemetery22
Bradberry, MarthaHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery32
Bradberry, Mary E.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery8
Bradberry, NancyHutsonville TWPBall Cemetery5
Bradbury, A. L.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery17
Bradbury, Alfred A.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Bradbury, AliceOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery17
Bradbury, Augusta A.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery20
Bradbury, AuoraHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery20
Bradbury, Bulan C.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery23
Bradbury, Carl S.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Bradbury, Cecil S.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery23
Bradbury, Dean D.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery19
Bradbury, EarlHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery23
Bradbury, FloraOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Bradbury, Frances (Goff)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery94
Bradbury, George S.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery16
Bradbury, Goldia C.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery19
Bradbury, Harold F.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery16
Bradbury, Hattie M.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery16
Bradbury, Helen M.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery16
Bradbury, InfantHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Bradbury, InfantOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Bradbury, J. Stanley, Hon.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery98
Bradbury, James L.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery20
Bradbury, JemimaHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Bradbury, Jennie KellyRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery98
Bradbury, John L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery98
Bradbury, John S.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Bradbury, John S.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery19
Bradbury, Laura B.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery19
Bradbury, Laura C.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Bradbury, MargaretHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery20
Bradbury, MaryHutsonville TWPLindley Cemetery13
Bradbury, Mattie C.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery16
Bradbury, Milam H.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Bradbury, Myra SeagoHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery23
Bradbury, Nancy E.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Bradbury, Ola L.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery20
Bradbury, Opal R.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Bradbury, P. G., Hon.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery98
Bradbury, Palmer G. "Don"Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery98
Bradbury, Paul A.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery20
Bradbury, Peter H.Hutsonville TWPLindley Cemetery13
Bradbury, Presley GoldonnaRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery98
Bradbury, Ruby E.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery23
Bradbury, Stacy G.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery16
Bradbury, Susie E.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery23
Bradbury, Twin DaughtersHoney Creek TWPTohill Cemetery21
Bradbury, William E. "Bill"Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery110
Bradbury, Willis H.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery16
Braden, AlfredHutsonville TWPHutsonville(Old) Cemetery31
Braden, EdwinHutsonville TWPHutsonville(Old) Cemetery31
Braden, HenryHutsonville TWPHutsonville(Old) Cemetery31
Braden, MildredRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery119
Bradley, BelleRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery86
Bradley, Fred S.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery102
Bradley, Leyburn "Bill"Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery105
Bradley, Nellie M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery102
Bradley, PaulineOblong TWPOblong Cemetery105
Bradway, Mary E.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery62
Brady, Daniel C.Honey Creek TWPTohill Cemetery20
Brady, Flossie May BradberryHoney Creek TWPTohill Cemetery20
Brandenburg, John R.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery91
Brandon, GertrudeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery92
Brandon, Jennie D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery152
Brandon, Xury JohnRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery92
Brannon, JosephLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery91
Brannon, Sallie AnnLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery91
Branson, Charles RichardHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery68
Branson, Della P.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery65
Branson, Diana JeanHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery65
Branson, James R.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery65
Branson, Jerry PaulHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery69
Branson, Richard LeeHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery68
Brashear; also see BashearsRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery157
Brashear; also see BrashearsRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery157
Brashear, AbbieMontgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery13
Brashear, AlbertMontgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery13
Brashear, AsaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery63
Brashear, Carrie SeaneyLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery83
Brashear, CatherineMontgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery14
Brashear, Clara J.Montgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery13
Brashear, ClarkMontgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery14
Brashear, ClarkLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery104
Brashear, Clyde W.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery63
Brashear, Della VioletMontgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery13
Brashear, Dwight B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery83
Brashear, EarlLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery104
Brashear, EliasMontgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery14
Brashear, EliasMontgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery19
Brashear, Erma (Terry)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery104
Brashear, EvaMontgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery14
Brashear, Graydon G.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery83
Brashear, Hannah AnnLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery105
Brashear, HarmanMontgomery TWPFuller Cemetery30
Brashear, Hattie PattersonRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery72
Brashear, HenryLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery83
Brashear, Infant DaughterMontgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery13
Brashear, Infant SonMontgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery13
Brashear, IrvinLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery39
Brashear, IthraMontgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery14
Brashear, JaneMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery42
Brashear, John W.Montgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery14
Brashear, Kevin GeneLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery83
Brashear, Laura A.Montgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery14
Brashear, LoraRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery137
Brashear, Luther E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery89
Brashear, Lyman C.Montgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery13
Brashear, Mabel IreneLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery34
Brashear, Mary E.Montgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery13
Brashear, Mary J.Montgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery13
Brashear, Mary M.Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery48
Brashear, Mayo G.Montgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery16
Brashear, Myrtle J.Montgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery13
Brashear, Pearl RuthMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery48
Brashear, Rosa E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery63
Brashear, Sherman RayMontgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery13
Brashear, Vera JeanLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery89
Brashear, ViolettaMontgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery14
Brashears; also see BashearsLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery46
Brashears; also see BashearsRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery157
Brashears; also see BrashearRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery157
Brashears, Clancie L.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery99
Brashears, Roscoe C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery99
Brashears, William A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery46
Bratton, AmandaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery64
Bratton, Charles E.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Bratton, ElizabethLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Bratton, Emma L. CroninLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery64
Bratton, Geo. W.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Bratton, George C.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Bratton, HarrietLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Bratton, J. O.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery36
Bratton, JaneLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery89
Bratton, Jessie F.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery89
Bratton, John W.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Bratton, Kenneth E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery121
Bratton, MarthaLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Bratton, Mary A.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Bratton, NancyLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Bratton, Nancy HillLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Bratton, SamuelLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Bratton, SamuelLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery64
Bratton, Samuel ManlyLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Bratton, SindarillaLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Bratton, TheadoreLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery89
Bratton, WilliamLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Bratton, William EdwardLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery64
Bratton, William T.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery89
Bray, James E.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery38
Bray, Lelia E.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery38
Bredwell, J. A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery32
Bredwell, Oran R.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery32
Brehm, CorneliaMartin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery9
Brehm, EliasMartin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery10
Brehm, ElizabethSouthwest TWPShaw Addition Cemetery10
Brehm, Mary A.Martin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery10
Brehm, Mary A.Southwest TWPShaw Addition Cemetery10
Brennan, Mary A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery103
Brenner, Emma F.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery43
Brenner, ReubenHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery43
Brent, Annie P.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery72
Brent, Charles H.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery71
Brent, FayLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery37
Brent, G. P.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery102
Brent, HarrietLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery31
Brent, John G.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery31
Brent, John W.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery37
Brent, Lillian S.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery71
Brent, MariahLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery37
Brent, Nancy J.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery102
Brenton, Bobbi JoLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery55
Brenton, Cecil O.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery53
Brenton, Charles R.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery60
Brenton, ClaraHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery56
Brenton, CommodoreRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery87
Brenton, Flossie M.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery60
Brenton, Ida BellRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery87
Brenton, JamesHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery56
Brenton, LillieHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery63
Brenton, Mary PaulineLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery53
Brenton, MichelleRobinson TWPRobinson (New Cemetery87
Brenton, Noble D.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery63
Brenton, Wilbur L.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery60
Brenton, Wilbur LeeHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery60
Brewer, E. A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery46
Brewer, Sarah M.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery32
Brewster, Benjamin HarrisonMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery25
Brewton, William A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery35
Brian, Annie (Miller White)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery154
Bricker, Kenneth RayMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery31
Bridgewater, AmyHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery42
Bridgewater, Bruce LeeHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery43
Bridgewater, JosephineHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery43
Bridwell, Daisy D.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery95
Bridwell, Geo.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery34
Bridwell, J. HarlanOblong TWPOblong Cemetery95
Bridwell, Jincy C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery37
Bridwell, Lemuel EarnestOblong TWPOblong Cemetery37
Bridwell, Lillian H.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery37
Bridwell, O. P.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery37
Bridwell, Oliver CarlyleOblong TWPOblong Cemetery95
Bridwell, Sarah A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery37
Bridwell, SimHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery34
Briggs, Caroline BlanchardRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery104
Briggs, ElvoraLicking TWPDugan Cemetery3
Briggs, Grant L.Oblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery15
Briggs, Lurlee (Warner)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery104
Briggs, Marion (Baker)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery104
Briggs, Ruth DuganLicking TWPDugan Cemetery1
Briggs, Susie MaeOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery16
Brigham, Bertha E.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery58
Brigham, Bertha J.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery50
Brigham, HazelHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery50
Brigham, HermanRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery53
Brigham, Infant DaughterRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery58
Brigham, Lorin H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery96
Brigham, Lorin HermanRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery96
Brigham, Lucy A.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery53
Brigham, Luther H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery96
Brigham, Nina C.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery53
Brigham, Omer A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery50
Brigham, Rozilla A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery96
Brigham, Vernon D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery96
Brigham, Vernon, Dr. (M.D.)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery96
Bright, ShelineRobinson TWPDuncanville Cemetery2
Brimberry, Ben. H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery64
Brimberry, BlancheLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery98
Brimberry, Eliza J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery64
Brimberry, GroverLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery70
Brimberry, Ione A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery66
Brimberry, JaneLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery64
Brimberry, Jennifer JoLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery99
Brimberry, Joe T.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery99
Brimberry, John L.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery98
Brimberry, Leone M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery85
Brimberry, PearlLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery70
Brimberry, PerryLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery63
Brimberry, RossLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery63
Brimberry, Timothy CharlesLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery70
Brimberry, WilliamLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery64
Brink, Lena P.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery41
Briscoe, Lettie (Stephens)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery101
Bristol, DollieHoney Creek TWPTohill Cemetery20
Bristol, Robt. F., Jr.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery40
Bristow, Annie L.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery50
Bristow, Aurelia R.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery64
Bristow, D. C.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery56
Bristow, DeweesHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery56
Bristow, ElizabethHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery50
Bristow, Fred W.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery56
Bristow, Josaphine E.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery56
Bristow, Martha J.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery56
Bristow, Mary OliveHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery61
Bristow, N. B., Dr.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery64
Brittenham, JennieRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery142
Brittenham, JosephRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery142
Broadstone, Bess M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery103
Broadstone, Christena LionbergerPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery5
Broadstone, .Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery8
Broadstone, EliasPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery8
Broadstone, ElizabethPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery8
Broadstone, EmilyPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery8
Broadstone, HarrietMartin TWPBerlin Cemetery7
Broadstone, Ida BelleRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery103
Broadstone, Jessie A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery103
Broadstone, L.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery8
Broadstone, Lizzie K.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery6
Broadstone, Lois SabraRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery103
Broadstone, M. AlycebelleRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery103
Broadstone, Mary EuniceRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery103
Broadstone, Matilda E.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery8
Broadstone, Pheobe A.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery8
Broadstone, SamuelPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery8
Broadstone, Urias ArthurPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery5
Brock, Claucie A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery41
Brock, Edna D.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery83
Brock, Esther MaeHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery41
Brock, JohnathanHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery62
Brock, Lloyd C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery83
Brock, Loren E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery82
Brock, Pearlie S.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery41
Brock, Ruth A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery126
Brock, Vincent W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery126
Brock, Vincent Warren, Jr.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery25
Brocklesby, GraceRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery93
Brocklesby, William HenryRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery93
Brockway, Emma R. RootOblong TWPOblong Cemetery35
Brockway, G. W.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery35
Broder, Theron (Steele)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery131
Brookbank, HannahOblong TWPWatts Cemetery31
Brooks, A. P. W.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery57
Brooks, AbigailHutsonville TWPLindley Cemetery12
Brooks, Alan Goodwin, Dr.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery138
Brooks, Catherine AlexanderRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery100
Brooks, Charles W.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery62
Brooks, Edna BellHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery19
Brooks, Harriet E.Licking TWPRandolph Cemetery5
Brooks, Ina F.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery62
Brooks, Irene D.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery92
Brooks, J. D.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery62
Brooks, JamesHutsonville TWPLindley Cemetery12
Brooks, James C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery46
Brooks, Jessie MayHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery62
Brooks, Laura A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery46
Brooks, Mary A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery46
Brooks, MaxineHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery62
Brooks, Paris N.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery57
Brooks, RebeccaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery57
Brooks, Warren G.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery46
Brooks, William M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery92
Broom, Wm.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery56
Broome, RichardLicking TWPRandolph Cemetery5
Broome, SusanLicking TWPRandolph Cemetery5
Brotherton, Emily E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery160
Brotherton, Henry L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery160
Brotherton, JamesRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery160
Brotherton, James OscarRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery160
Broughton, Mary A.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery43
Brown, ?Licking TWPBellair Cemetery8
Brown, A. B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery58
Brown, Achilles M.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery29
Brown, Alta HillOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery23
Brown, Anna T.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery29
Brown, Arminta (Griggs)Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery37
Brown, Arthur L.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery24
Brown, Benjamin F.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery101
Brown, Bertha C.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery25
Brown, Bertha McCainRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery151
Brown, Billy JoeMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery20
Brown, CarlisleRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery43
Brown, CarolynOblong TWPOblong Cemetery103
Brown, Catherine H.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery26
Brown, Charles D.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery84
Brown, Charles E.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Brown, Charles E.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery29
Brown, Charles M.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery29
Brown, Clara A.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery7
Brown, D. W.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery31
Brown, Daniel A.Honey Creek TWPCedar-Maxwell Cemetery18
Brown, David L.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery8
Brown, Dee M., Corp.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery5
Brown, Dora HelenMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery20
Brown, DorothyRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Brown, Dorothy JeanMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery20
Brown, Edwin L.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Brown, Edwin S.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery40
Brown, Effie T.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery66
Brown, ElizabethLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery58
Brown, EllaRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery43
Brown, Ella J.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery61
Brown, Elma L.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery19
Brown, Emily Z. (Wilbert)Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery25
Brown, Emma D.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery31
Brown, Estala J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery60
Brown, FloraRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery40
Brown, Florence A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery61
Brown, Francis EverettRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery7
Brown, Francis M.Robinson TWPDavis Cemetery1
Brown, Frank B.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery25
Brown, Garmen I.Southwest TWPWaldrop Cemetery Addition13
Brown, Harriet L.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery29
Brown, Harry C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery151
Brown, Henry L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery91
Brown, HeraldRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery43
Brown, HerbertRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery24
Brown, Horace M.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery40
Brown, Infant DaughterRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery61
Brown, Infant SonRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery61
Brown, Isaac M.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Brown, J. WilliamHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery22
Brown, James G.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery29
Brown, James H., 1st Lt.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery103
Brown, JaneRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery54
Brown, Jennie J.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery101
Brown, JephthaMartin TWPPersinger Cemetery2
Brown, JoeOblong TWPOblong Cemetery61
Brown, John C.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery61
Brown, John M.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery16
Brown, John W.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery19
Brown, Karl M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery147
Brown, Kendra LynnMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery31
Brown, Kenneth NewlinRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery7
Brown, Laota C. WrightLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery32
Brown, Laura E. NewlinRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery6
Brown, Lela McCoyLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery11
Brown, Lena MaeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery91
Brown, Lester E.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery9
Brown, Lester L.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Brown, Lillian CondreyOblong TWPOblong Cemetery84
Brown, LillieOblong TWPWatts Cemetery29
Brown, Lora L.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery46
Brown, Lorene E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery147
Brown, Lucy C.Southwest TWPShaw Addition Cemetery11
Brown, Luther M.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery45
Brown, Lydia S.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Brown, MargaretRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery137
Brown, Margaret A.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery31
Brown, Margaret LeonaRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery7
Brown, MarionRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Brown, MarthaRobinson TWPDavis Cemetery1
Brown, Martha A.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery61
Brown, Martha A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery74
Brown, Martha Agnes (Grell)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery151
Brown, MaryRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery40
Brown, Mary A.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery16
Brown, Mary E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery115
Brown, Mary F.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery35
Brown, Mary J.Robinson TWPDavis Cemetery1
Brown, Mary K.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery66
Brown, Mary M. R. (Bruner)Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery38
Brown, Matilda E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery58
Brown, MildredOblong TWPWatts Cemetery25
Brown, Minnie P.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Brown, Moses M.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery31
Brown, N. L.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery43
Brown, N. S.Robinson TWP Robinson (Old) Cemetery40
Brown, NancyLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery55
Brown, Nancy E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery56
Brown, Nancy JaneOblong TWPWatts Cemetery29
Brown, Nellie E.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery24
Brown, Noble L.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery32
Brown, Ollie M.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Brown, Ona M.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Brown, OraRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery151
Brown, Oris V.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery5
Brown, Paul J.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery66
Brown, Pearl VaughnLicking TWPHarmony Cemetery26
Brown, Rachel E.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery32
Brown, Rosa M.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery31
Brown, RuthRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Brown, Samuel S.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery11
Brown, Sarah J.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery31
Brown, Sarah V.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery29
Brown, Susan E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery55
Brown, Thomas E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery58
Brown, Ulysses G.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery6
Brown, Velma FernRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery148
Brown, Vera CleoOblong TWPOblong Cemetery61
Brown, Victor F.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery11
Brown, Wilbur W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery137
Brown, WilliamRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery54
Brown, WilliamLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery56
Brown, WilliamLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery55
Brown, William E.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery35
Brown, William F.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery66
Brown, William P.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery32
Brown, William S.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery29
Brownfield, BeattieSouthwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery16
Brownfield, Byrl L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery96
Brownfield, C. BertOblong TWPOblong Cemetery96
Brownfield, ClarissaSouthwest TWPShaw Addition Cemetery10
Brownfield, EdithMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery11
Brownfield, EmmaMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery11
Brownfield, Gregory LeeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery138
Brownfield, Hubert A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery75
Brownfield, Hurbert A.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery21
Brownfield, Jane MulvaneMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery18
Brownfield, John RadneySouthwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery16
Brownfield, LucretiaSouthwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery16
Brownfield, MadelineRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery76
Brownfield, Marion WilsonRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery149
Brownfield, Mary O. LittlejohnMartin TWPBerlin Cemetery7
Brownfield, Minnie E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery96
Brownfield, S. T.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery149
Brownfield, Sherman T.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery16
Brownfield, SolomonMartin TWPBerlin Cemetery5
Brownfield, TemperanceMartin TWPBerlin Cemetery5
Brownfield, Theressa A.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery18
Brownfield, Thomas C.Southwest TWPShaw Addition Cemetery10
Brownfield, Vera M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery96
Brownfield, William H.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery11
Brownfield, WilsonSouthwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery16
Browning, EliasMontgomery TWPLackey Cemetery10
Browning, EliasMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery42
Browning, Ema MayRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery32
Browning, EmersonRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery162
Browning, Frederick L.Robinson TWPDuncanville Cemetery3
Browning, Iona LeeRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery58
Browning, JamesMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery42
Browning, Jos., Sergt.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery23
Browning, Lena M.Montgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery18
Browning, MargaretLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery34
Browning, Martha Ann (Cooley)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery84
Browning, Montie CooperRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery47
Browning, NeenLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery23
Browning, Olen B.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery34
Browning, Roscoe A.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery32
Browning, Sarah AnnMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery42
Browning, Sarah E. KentMontgomery TWPLackey Cemetery10
Browning, Stella S.Robinson TWPDuncanville Cemetery3
Browning, Thomas M.Montgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery18
Browning, WashingtonMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery42
Brownlee, BucknerRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery127
Brownlee, ElizaRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery127
Brownscombe, Victor H.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery31
Brubaker, Belle TitusRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery97
Brubaker, Carrie L. ShaddrickRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery97
Brubaker, CatharineRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery34
Brubaker, Charles CliffordRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery97
Brubaker, Charles DavidRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery97
Brubaker, David C.Oblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery1
Brubaker, Dorcia AnnRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery34
Brubaker, EffieOblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery1
Brubaker, Effie FrostOblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery1
Brubaker, ElishaRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery97
Brubaker, Elizabeth AnnOblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery2
Brubaker, Geo. M.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery57
Brubaker, George A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery97
Brubaker, Hannah CarterRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery97
Brubaker, J. EmersonOblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery1
Brubaker, James EdwardOblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery1
Brubaker, Jesse W. W.Oblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery1
Brubaker, Joseph, Corp'l.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery28
Brubaker, Katherine A. (Newlin)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery102
Brubaker, LorenRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery85
Brubaker, Mary (Fife)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery97
Brubaker, Mary A. FrancisRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery97
Brubaker, Mary E.Oblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery1
Brubaker, Mary M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery97
Brubaker, Melinda K.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery68
Brubaker, William A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery97
Bruce, GeraldineRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery150
Bruce, Henry MerlRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery86
Bruce, Nancy (Point)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery149
Brumblay, Thomas C.Montgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery18
Brumer, Anna M. (Wanner)Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery18
Brumett, Harriet E. MonroeLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery10
Brumley, Alice M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery83
Brumley, Edward A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery83
Brumley, Edward D.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery83
Brun, Mabel R.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery98
Bruner, Bessie M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery143
Bruner, BrukeLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery38
Bruner, HughLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery98
Bruner, Infant SonOblong TWPOblong Cemetery73
Bruner, Mary M. R.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery38
Brush, AliceHoney Creek TWPTohill Cemetery21
Brush, Alta B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery126
Brush, Burner MilesRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery126
Brush, Charles W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery67
Brush, David D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery126
Brush, David DenisonRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery126
Brush, Deborah LynnRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery86
Brush, EmmaRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery42
Brush, James O.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery87
Brush, Launa (Graham Pelletier)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery82
Brush, Lena EdnaHoney Creek TWPTohill Cemetery21
Brush, Lillie I.Honey Creek TWPTohill Cemetery21
Brush, Lillie M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery67
Brush, Lora MaeRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery37
Brush, Lura V.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery29
Brush, MilesHoney Creek TWPTohill Cemetery21
Brush, Minnie I.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery87
Brush, Reuben S.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery132
Brush, Rosemary J.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery109
Brush, Velma M.Honey Creek TWPTohill Cemetery21
Bryan, Adrian O.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery37
Bryan, BarbaraPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery25
Bryan, Carl E.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery25
Bryan, Charles W.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery13
Bryan, Clarence M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery142
Bryan, Dora B.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery25
Bryan, DrusillaPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery13
Bryan, G. LeonPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery35
Bryan, Harry OwenPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery25
Bryan, J. F.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery25
Bryan, John F.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery13
Bryan, John L., Pvt.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery25
Bryan, John LessPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery25
Bryan, Lelia (Pugh)Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery25
Bryan, LoisPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery25
Bryan, Lulu M.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery25
Bryan, Mae E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery142
Bryan, Minnie M.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery25
Bryan, Myrtle M.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery37
Bryan, Rex E.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery25
Bryan, Unknown markersRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery142
Bryan, William E.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery25
Bryan, William EliPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery25
Bryant, Abel P.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery13
Bryant, Cecelia RuthMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery13
Bryant, Charles W.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery27
Bryant, Della R.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery13
Bryant, Eva PearlMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery27
Bryant, Gertrude IsabelHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery57
Bryant, Hannah M.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery26
Bryant, Infant DaughterMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery22
Bryant, James JesseMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery22
Bryant, Lawrence W.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery74
Bryant, Lena A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery74
Bryant, Lulu EllenMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery13
Bryant, Tilden ValentineMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery13
Bryant, Valentine P.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery26
Bryant, William C.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery26
Bryant, William H.Prairie TWPCox Cemetery3
Buchanan, A. T.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery80
Buchanan, Alma M. GainesMontgomery TWPFuller Cemetery31
Buchanan, Amanda E.Robinson TWPDuncanville Cemetery2
Buchanan, Aubrey C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery103
Buchanan, Benjamin B.Montgomery TWPMorea Cemetery33
Buchanan, Benjamin F.Montgomery TWPMorea Cemetery33
Buchanan, Carl E.Montgomery TWPMorea Cemetery33
Buchanan, ClarissaMontgomery TWPMorea Cemetery33
Buchanan, Claude M.Montgomery TWPMorea Cemetery33
Buchanan, Flora S.Montgomery TWPMorea Cemetery33
Buchanan, G. L.Robinson TWPDuncanville Cemetery3
Buchanan, James L.Robinson TWPDuncanville Cemetery2
Buchanan, Lillie A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery80
Buchanan, Lillie M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery103
Buchanan, Lois J.Montgomery TWPMorea Cemetery33
Buchanan, Luther H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery80
Buchanan, M. E.Robinson TWPDuncanville Cemetery3
Buchanan, Mary I.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery103
Buchanan, OdinHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery63
Buchanan, Ralph ErnestRobinson TWPDuncanville Cemetery2
Buchanan, Richard S., Rev.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery103
Buchanan, Robert W.Montgomery TWPMorea Cemetery33
Buchanan, William F.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery103
Buck, ByrlOblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Buck, CarlOblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Buck, CatharineOblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Buck, Celia J.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Buck, ChesterOblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Buck, Cornealia A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Buck, Dewey DwightOblong TWPOblong Cemetery61
Buck, Earl R.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery86
Buck, ElizaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery68
Buck, FrankHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery45
Buck, James C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Buck, John H.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Buck, KathrynOblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Buck, Lura C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery86
Buck, Mack E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery86
Buck, Margaret E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Buck, Mary HuckabaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery61
Buck, Mary L. PB Oblong49 TWP
Buck, Nancy JoMontgomery TWPFuller Cemetery31
Buck, Odin H.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery86
Buck, William RalphOblong TWPOblong Cemetery61
Buck, William Wiley (or Riley)Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery61
Buckingham, Emma R. BarlowHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery30
Buckman, BertPrairie TWPCox Cemetery1
Buckman, ElizabethPrairie TWPCox Cemetery1
Buckman, ThomasPrairie TWPCox Cemetery1
Buckman, TrumanPrairie TWPCox Cemetery1
Buckmaster, Clifton A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Buckmaster, Leatha E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Buckmaster, William D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery149
Buckner CharlesHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery17
Buckner, Charles SylvesterHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery16
Buckner, Doris MayHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery16
Buckner, Dorothy (Bonesteel)Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery24
Buckner, Elizabeth M.Hutsonville TWPLindley Cemetery13
Buckner, FrancesHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery17
Buckner, Fred E.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery16
Buckner, GraceHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery16
Buckner, HarrietHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Buckner, HenryHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Buckner, Infant SonHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery17
Buckner, Isabel MillerHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Buckner, Jessee W.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Buckner, John F.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Buckner, John S.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Buckner, Julia AnnHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery16
Buckner, Leona FultzHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Buckner, Lucinda J. (Cox)Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery17
Buckner, LymanHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Buckner, MarthaHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Buckner, Martha J.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Buckner, Rebecca L.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery16
Buckner, Rebecca OsbornHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery17
Buckner, Silas G.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery18
Buckner, StephenHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery17
Buckner, William R.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery17
Buettemeyer, Emil W.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery89
Buettemeyer, EthelOblong TWPOblong Cemetery63
Buettemeyer, HerbertOblong TWPOblong Cemetery63
Buettemeyer, Hilda H.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery89
Buettemeyer, Mabel E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery89
Buff, Byrl Byron, 2nd LtOblong TWPOblong Cemetery50
Buff, Emma M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery50
Buff, Halac A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery50
Buis, Sidney IrvinOblong TWPOblong Cemetery85
Bull, Edwin F.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery44
Bull, NancyRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery44
Buntin, AlexLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery40
Buntin, Anna HawkinsLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery85
Buntin, AvalineLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Buntin, CharlesLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery103
Buntin, ClaraLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Buntin, Clara B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery60
Buntin, ClarenceLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Buntin, ClarkMontgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery16
Buntin, ElishaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery40
Buntin, ElizaMontgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery16
Buntin, Fredie D.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery40
Buntin, Gale RichardLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery88
Buntin, George W.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Buntin, HarryLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Buntin, Isaac J.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery8
Buntin, JamesLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery8
Buntin, James G.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Buntin, Jas. G.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Buntin, JohnLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery40
Buntin, John C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery85
Buntin, John R.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery40
Buntin, John TilfordLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery85
Buntin, Lloyd F.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery103
Buntin, Lucretia E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery40
Buntin, Lula KinneyHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery40
Buntin, Mabel R.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery103
Buntin, MaggieLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Buntin, MargaretLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery8
Buntin, Minnie B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery40
Buntin, RoyMontgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery16
Buntin, Sarah E. LittleMontgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery17
Buntin, ShermanLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery88
Buntin, Sweet Little HubertLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery60
Buntin, VirgilLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery60
Buntin, William AlbertMontgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery17
Buntin, William W.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Bunton, Sirena (Martin)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery152
Burch, Bertha F.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery104
Burch, Charles EdwardRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery104
Burch, Elias IrwinRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery148
Burch, EphraimRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery32
Burch, Helen (Mitchell)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery148
Burch, James FrancisRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery148
Burch, Jasper N.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery18
Burch, Lona A.Hutsonville TWPMusgrave Cemetery9
Burch, Martha (Drake)Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery26
Burch, Martin EdwinRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery148
Burch, Mary A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery148
Burch, NancyRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery32
Burch, ParisRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery148
Burch, Ralph J.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery148
Burcham, Claud M.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery27
Burcham, Daisy A.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery27
Burcham, Ethel M.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery32
Burcham, Garnet H.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery33
Burcham, James F.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery32
Burcham, JoshuaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery84
Burcham, MyrtleRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Burcham, Robert E.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery33
Burcham, SicilyOblong TWPOblong Cemetery84
Burdick, Charles W.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery64
Burdick, Nona M.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery64
Burdick, TressaHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery64
Burge, Bertha EvansLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery97
Burge, BurtLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery97
Burgund, Catherine E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery106
Burgund, Henrietta A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery107
Burgund, Michael RayOblong TWPOblong Cemetery61
Burgund, Raymond J.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery106
Burgund, Raymond J.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery107
Burkett, A. B.Montgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Burkett, Alta M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery73
Burkett, Amy E.Montgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Burkett, Emmette L.Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery45
Burkett, Esther E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery69
Burkett, Fred H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery73
Burkett, FuchsiaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery71
Burkett, Harry K.Montgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Burkett, Jasper ArthurLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery71
Burkett, John E.Montgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery18
Burkett, Laura A.Montgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery18
Burkett, Lulu DuncanLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery71
Burkett, Mary A.Montgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Burkett, Nora E.Montgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Burkett, Simon H.Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery45
Burks, Albert S.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery65
Burks, Clementine E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery65
Burks, Dorothy Virginia (Fox)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery75
Burner, AbrahamPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery14
Burner, AlmedaRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery30
Burner, Alva C.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery14
Burner, Araminta A.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery14
Burner, BarbraPrairie TWPMt. Pleasan t Cemetery14
Burner, Bess WattsOblong TWPOblong Cemetery58
Burner, Blanche O.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery61
Burner, Carl H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Burner, Charley RossRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery29
Burner, CliffenRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery23
Burner, DanielLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery28
Burner, Devanah C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Burner, Dora BarbraRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery30
Burner, Edith G.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery72
Burner, Edwin R.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery61
Burner, EldoraRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery30
Burner, ElizabethPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery14
Burner, Emma C.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery28
Burner, Evrie G.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery29
Burner, Frank M.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery28
Burner, Harold C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery72
Burner, HarveyPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery17
Burner, HenryRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery30
Burner, HenryPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery13
Burner, Henry A.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery30
Burner, Hiram H.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery30
Burner, Infant DaughterPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery10
Burner, Infant DaughterRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery28
Burner, Infant DaughterRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery23
Burner, Infant SonPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery9
Burner, Infant SonRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery30
Burner, Infant SonRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery23
Burner, James RussellOblong TWPOblong Cemetery58
Burner, JaneRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery30
Burner, JosephinePrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery16
Burner, LauraPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery17
Burner, Leo MayPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery16
Burner, Lillie B. CookRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery28
Burner, LouisOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery23
Burner, Lucille (Fox)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery122
Burner, MaryRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery30
Burner, MaryPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery17
Burner, Myrtie M.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery29
Burner, OraPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery17
Burner, Orlando A.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery29
Burner, Orren MayPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery16
Burner, Prudence M.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery22
Burner, RayPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery17
Burner, RebeccaPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery13
Burner, Samuel U.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery46
Burner, Sarah EllenRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery29
Burner, Sarah KirkRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery23
Burner, Susanna HarmonLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery28
Burner, Turia I.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery17
Burner, William R.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery22
Burner, Willis AlonzoRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery30
Burnett, Carl E..Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery79
Burnett, EdwardHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery52
Burnett, Minnie MayHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery52
Burnett, RusellaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery69
Burnette, InfantLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery88
Burns, Amy PearlRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery70
Burns, Frank L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery70
Burns, Fred F.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery70
Burns, Fred KeithRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery70
Burns, Fred KeithRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery69
Burns, Juanita V.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery82
Burns, Nellie (Jones)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery154
Burns, Roxey MayMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery27
Burnside, Alice V. see LewisHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery66
Burnside, Alta M.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery66
Burnside, Charles E.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery66
Burnside, Sarah M. (Harbison)Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery51
Burr, Jane (White)Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery24
Burr, Ora AbleRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery43
Burr, William C.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery43
Burrall, John P.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery72
Burrell, FayeHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery61
Burrell, RayHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery61
Burres, HiramHutsonville TWPHutsonville(Old) Cemetery28
Burress, Beatrice E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Burress, Bonnie Lee (Loden)Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery37
Burress, Daisy B.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery37
Burress, Lester H.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery27
Burress, Lynn OdellLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Burress, Mahala H.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville(Old) Cemetery32
Burress, Marion F.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery24
Burress, Maude R. ShawLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Burress, Orvie G.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery37
Burress, SarahLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery25
Burress, Sarah J.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery33
Burress, William A.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery33
Burress, ZebulinLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery25
Burridge, Jean PattonLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery79
Burridge, Lyle E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery79
Burries, JonathanHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery34
Burris, CarolineMontgomery TWPSeaney Cemetery36
Burris, CatherineHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery28
Burris, Elmer T.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery49
Burris, Garnet L.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery99
Burris, HiramHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery28
Burris, Infant SonRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Burris, John F.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery99
Burris, Johnathen E.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery31
Burris, Lora M.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery67
Burris, Mary F.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery49
Burris, Ruth RichardsLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery107
Burris, S. HarryHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery49
Burris, William S.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery31
Burroughs, ElizabethOblong TWPOblong Cemetery62
Burroughs, Flora A. StoutLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery81
Burroughs, Hallie G.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery45
Burroughs, Luberthia ElmaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery45
Burroughs, Mary S.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery45
Burroughs, MattaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery65
Burroughs, OthoLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery81
Burroughs, S.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery46
Burrs, LeanderHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery34
Burson, Oliver T.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery76
Burt, D. ElzieRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery132
Burt, Daisy O.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery132
Burt, John F.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Burt, NancyRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Burt, Virginia E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery132
Burton, David FerdinandOblong TWPOblong Cemetery104
Burton, Nellie (York)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery161
Burton, OscarOblong TWPOblong Cemetery88
Burton, Stella InaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery104
Bury, Sally A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery102
Busby, AddiePrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery31
Busby, Edna (Johnson)Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery31
Busby, Effie M.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery31
Busby, Hattie A.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery31
Busby, Joseph H.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery31
Busby, Rachel E.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery38
Busby, Wiley A.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery28
Busby, William C.Prairie TWPCox Cemetery3
Buser, AdaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery86
Buser, Carrie E.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery20
Buser, DavidMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery21
Buser, Delbert R.Montgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery15
Buser, Effie ShawMontgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery18
Buser, ElizabethMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery21
Buser, EmelineMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery20
Buser, Finley LeonardOblong TWPOblong Cemetery86
Buser, Infant SonMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery20
Buser, Joanna D.Montgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery15
Buser, JohnMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery20
Buser, John H.Montgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery18
Buser, JosephMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery21
Buser, Mary C.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery21
Buser, Mary ElectaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery67
Buser, Mary H. (Goodwin)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery78
Buser, SophiaMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery21
Buser, SusanahMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery21
Buser, WernhardMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery21
Buser, William T.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery67
Busey, Kate (Arnold)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery95
Bush, ArthurOblong TWPOblong Cemetery93
Bush, Carroll R.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery75
Bush, Edna J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery72
Bush, FredOblong TWPOblong Cemetery63
Bush, John R.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery72
Bush, LucretiaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery93
Bush, Margaret B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery75
Bush, Mary LouiseOblong TWPOblong Cemetery63
Buskirk, Amanda (Stephenson)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery112
Buskirk, BetsyRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery30
Buskirk, CharlesRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery19
Buskirk, Earnest F.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery30
Buskirk, EdithRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery19
Buskirk, Infant DaughterRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery30
Buskirk, Laura M.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery18
Buskirk, Lawrence H.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery27
Buskirk, RalphRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery18
Buskirk, RalphRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery30
Buss, EmelineRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery47
Buss, JohnRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery47
Bussard, Alfred E.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery39
Bussard, Anna CramptonRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery88
Bussard, Anna E.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery41
Bussard, Anstes R.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery40
Bussard, Blanch A.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery40
Bussard, CatharineHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery40
Bussard, Catharine C.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery41
Bussard, Charles L.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery40
Bussard, Clara E.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery41
Bussard, Clinton A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery92
Bussard, DavidHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery40
Bussard, David, Rev.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery40
Bussard, EdwinHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery41
Bussard, EleminaHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery40
Bussard, ElizabethHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery40
Bussard, EmmaHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery40
Bussard, Ethelbert J. "Pal"Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery125
Bussard, Everet C.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery33
Bussard, Frank M.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery44
Bussard, Grace E.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery39
Bussard, H.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery41
Bussard, Inis L. CooperRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery125
Bussard, Ira H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery92
Bussard, Jane C. GeesemanHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery41
Bussard, Jane C.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery41
Bussard, Jennie FifeLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery92
Bussard, John L.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery41
Bussard, John R.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery40
Bussard, John WaltonRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery139
Bussard, Julia A.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery40
Bussard, Laura E.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery33
Bussard, LovinaRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery150
Bussard, Lovina C.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery40
Bussard, Mammie AndersonRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery89
Bussard, Margarett JarrettHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery46
Bussard, Martha M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery139
Bussard, Martha V.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery40
Bussard, Mary LouiseRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery39
Bussard, Merle OwenHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery45
Bussard, Milton E.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery39
Bussard, Nicholas M. G.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery41
Bussard, Palmer W.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery33
Bussard, Ralph D.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery44
Bussard, Sam'lHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery40
Bussard, Samuel, Rev.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery104
Bussard, SylvesterHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery40
Bussard, Walter E.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery39
Bussard, Will F.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery92
Bussell, Leonard M.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery22
Bussell, Margaret A.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery22
Butcher, AlpheusHoney Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery16
Butcher, Blanche D.Honey Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery16
Butcher, Charlottie C.Honey Creek TWPTohill Cemetery20
Butcher, ClarenceRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery140
Butcher, Earl WilsonHoney Creek TWPTohill Cemetery20
Butcher, Eddie LeeHoney Creek TWPTohill Cemetery21
Butcher, Ennis H.Honey Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery9
Butcher, Essie I.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery157
Butcher, Forrest E.Honey Creek TWPTohill Cemetery20
Butcher, Goldie G.Honey Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery16
Butcher, Ida F.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery140
Butcher, Mary A.Honey Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery9
Butcher, Mattie GraceHoney Creek TWPTohill Cemetery21
Butcher, Nancy EllenHoney Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery9
Butcher, Norma L.Honey Creek TWPTohill Cemetery20
Butcher, Ray E.Honey Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery16
Butler, AnnaRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Butler, August P.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery157
Butler, B. F.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery38
Butler, Billy GeneRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery75
Butler, Catherine TobinHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery34
Butler, Emma A.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery34
Butler, EphraimHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery34
Butler, George W.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery34
Butler, Hazel B. WattsOblong TWPOblong Cemetery79
Butler, Marthy E.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery34
Butler, Mary OpalRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery75
Butler, RobertRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Butler, RosaHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery34
Butler, Sheila AnnOblong TWPOblong Cemetery91
Butler, Spencer F., Dr.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery79
Butler, WilliamRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery154
Buzard, Julia A.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery40
Byerly, BarbaraOblong TWPWatts Cemetery27
Byerly, BenjaminOblong TWPWatts Cemetery29
Byerly, Caroline StrohlOblong TWPOblong Cemetery45
Byerly, Hannah (Morrison)Montgomery TWPTobey (Toby) Cemetery4
Byerly, JacobOblong TWPWatts Cemetery27
Byerly, LeonardOblong TWPOblong Cemetery45
Byerly, Mary A.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery27
Byerly, Priscilla (Coulter)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery122
Byerly, Wm. T.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery27
Byers, BoliverLicking TWPBellair Cemetery13
Byers, Boliver H.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery13
Byers, Frankie F.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery9
Byers, Logan M.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery9
Byers, NancyLicking TWPBellair Cemetery13
Byers, Oliver P.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery13
Byrley, David L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery162
Byrley, Harrison LeeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery158
Byrnes, note also ByrnsRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery114
Byrnes, Raydell J.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery114
Byrns, note also ByrnesRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery114
Byrns, Robert WilliamRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery114
Byrom, Charity M.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery23
Byrom, Lulu MillerOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery23
Byron, John H.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery23
Byrum, Infant SonMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery26
Byrum, Zenor E.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery26
Byrum, Zenor, Jr.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery26
Cafin, GraceHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery69
Cafin, RollieHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery69
Cain, Alva J.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery38
Cain, Benjamin J.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery38
Cain, Celia J.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery38
Cain, Olive JaneLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery29
Caldwell, Grace (McKinney)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery140
Caldwell, HughLicking TWPRandolph Cemetery6
Caldwell, Infant DaughterOblong TWPWatts Cemetery30
Caldwell, JamesLicking TWPRandolph Cemetery6
Caldwell, James H.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery8
Caldwell, MosesLicking TWPBellair Cemetery8
Caldwell, O. ClydeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery140
Caldwell, Pearl M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery140
Caldwell, RhobyLicking TWPRandolph Cemetery6
Caldwell, SarahLicking TWPBellair Cemetery8
Caley, AaronMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery24
Caley, AbbieLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery86
Caley, CharlesLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery86
Caley, GeorgeMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery24
Callahan, Agnes Mae (see Note)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery67
Callahan, ClaraHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery52
Callahan, Clara F. (see Note)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery67
Callahan, Clarence H.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery52
Callahan, Clarence H. (see Note)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery67
Callahan, EdmundHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery30
Callahan, EthelbertRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery51
Callahan, James U.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery51
Callahan, JohnRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery51
Callahan, JoyHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery61
Callahan, MargaretRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery51
Callahan, MariaLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery21
Callahan, Mary F.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery21
Callahan, Mary JonesHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery30
Callahan, Rosa LeeHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery52
Callahan, Sarah (Gordon)Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery21
Calvert, Churla M.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery18
Calvert, Craig LeeOblong TWPOblong Cemetery97
Calvert, EveadeanOblong TWPOblong Cemetery72
Calvert, Frank L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery72
Calvert, G. EdwardOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery17
Calvert, Harry W.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery107
Calvert, Ireta W.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery107
Calvert, Jas. H.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery20
Calvert, John B.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery18
Calvert, John J.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery20
Calvert, Johnathan S.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery21
Calvert, Lena B.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery23
Calvert, Lovina (Biggs)Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery29
Calvert, MaggieOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery17
Calvert, Martin V.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery18
Calvert, MaryPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery21
Calvert, Mary (Knisley)Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery21
Calvert, Mary E.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery20
Calvert, Nancy E.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery18
Calvert, Nancy E.Martin TWPPersinger Cemetery1
Calvert, NoraOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery18
Calvert, RachelLicking TWPHarmony Cemetery18
Calvert, Sarah JanePrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery21
Calvert, TeboLicking TWPHarmony Cemetery23
Calvert, Vane M. FrancisLicking TWPHarmony Cemetery20
Calvert, Victor V.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery72
Calvert, Virgil E.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery18
Calvert, WilliamPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery21
Calvert, William M.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery17
Calvin, AustinMontgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery14
Calvin, Cora LeePrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery20
Calvin, Eliza J.Montgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery14
Calvin, EnochMontgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery14
Calvin, Frances M.Montgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery14
Calvin, George F.Montgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery14
Calvin, James H.Montgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery14
Calvin, James M.Montgomery TWPDickerson Cemetery14
Calvin, Julia E.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery20
Calvin, Rebecca E.Montgomery TWPBaker Cemetery7
Cammack, Mary AnnMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery43
Camp, Lavern A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery132
Camp, Mary L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery132
Campbell, AlbertSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery7
Campbell, Arthur W.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery25
Campbell, Elizabeth H.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery25
Campbell, Ernest C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery64
Campbell, Gertie R.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery24
Campbell, Infant SonHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery17
Campbell, Jessie S.WolgamottSouthwest TWPShaw Addition Cemetery12
Campbell, LandyLamotte TWPGreen Family Cemetery2
Campbell, RebeccaSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery7
Campbell, Roy L.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Campbell, William A.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery25
Campbell, William AlbertSouthwest TWPShaw Addition Cemetery12
Campbell, Zelpha L.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery28
Camplain, Istra M.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery32
Canada, CharlesHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery40
Canada, CliffHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery40
Canada, Deborah SpencerHutsonville TWPHutsonville(Old) Cemetery28
Canada, EllenHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery40
Canada, WilliamHutsonville TWPHutsonville(Old) Cemetery28
Canaday, BertyHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery28
Canaday, CharityHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery62
Canaday, Mary A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery28
Canaday, Mary A.Prairie TWPCox Cemetery2
Canaday, Mary E.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery63
Canaday, Mattie E.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery62
Canaday, MertieHutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery28
Canaday, Richard W.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery62
Canaday, William C.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery63
Canaday, William D.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery62
Candler, Charles A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (Old) Cemetery31
Candler, Elizabeth (Hall)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville(Old) Cemetery31
Cannady, Levi ClarenceHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery53
Cannady, Mattie GuyerHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery53
Cannady, RileyLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery91
Cannon; also see CanonMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery6
Cannon, A. G.Montgomery TWPBaker Cemetery7
Cannon, AlmaMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery6
Cannon, AmeliaMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery7
Cannon, EmilyMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery6
Cannon, Emily J.Montgomery TWPBaker Cemetery6
Cannon, Faye (Edgington)Montgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery18
Cannon, Hannah J.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery45
Cannon, Infant DaughterMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery7
Cannon, Infant SonMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery42
Cannon, IsaacMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery7
Cannon, JessieMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery48A
Cannon, Laura C. FarrellMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery43
Cannon, Laura E.Montgomery TWPBaker Cemetery6
Cannon, MalvinaMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery7
Cannon, Marion LawsonMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery6
Cannon, MarthaMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery6
Cannon, Mary R.Montgomery TWPNorton Cemetery5
Cannon, MerilMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery6
Cannon, OglesbyMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery6
Cannon, OglesbyMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery43
Cannon, SamuelMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery6
Cannon, StellaMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery6
Canon; also see CannonMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery6
Canon, Rosea BelleMontgomery TWPBaker Cemetery7
Cantwell, Glen "Sonny", Jr.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery99
Cantwell, Sharon AnnLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery99
Card, ThomasRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery88
Carder, W. BrooksRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery123
Cardot, SelestineRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery43
Carey, Addie B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery121
Carey, Benj. V.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery43
Carey, ClarksonRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery152
Carey, Couver W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery121
Carey, ElizabethRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery43
Carey, Gen. U. S.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery121
Carey, Harriet NixonRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery43
Carey, HazelRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery120
Carey, Jane H. (Hamilton)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery57
Carey, Myrtle L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery152
Carey, Norman L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery152
Carey, Vera W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery152
Carithers, Earl C.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery68
Carithers, G. MaeHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery68
Carleton; also see CarltonMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery12
Carleton, Martha A.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery12
Carlile, James A.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery23
Carlile, Lucretia P.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery54
Carlile, Mary E. S.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery23
Carlile, Nelly M.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery24
Carlile, S. C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery54
Carlile, SallyRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery148
Carlile, Stella E.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery24
Carlin, RosieLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery10
Carlisle, BessieRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery95
Carlisle, Elmira MerrillLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery80
Carlisle, Jonas W. (M.D.)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery95
Carlisle, Vera (Newlin)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery95
Carlisle, William H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery80
Carlos, Jean (Alexander)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery101
Carlson, Edwin M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery89
Carlton; also see CarletonMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery12
Carlton, Arthur M.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery24
Carlton, Charles P.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery24
Carlton, Charles P.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery41
Carlton, Chas. P.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery50
Carlton, Chester A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery92
Carlton, ElizaMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery24
Carlton, ElizabethOblong TWPOblong Cemetery88
Carlton, GeorgiaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery87
Carlton, Harry O.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery48
Carlton, James L.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery24
Carlton, JoannaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery41
Carlton, John C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery50
Carlton, LauraLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery30
Carlton, Mabel M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery48
Carlton, Martha A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery50
Carlton, Mary C. FritzMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery12
Carlton, Pearl P.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery52
Carlton, William P.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery87
Carmack, D. EdmondRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery70
Carmack, Jestine V.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery70
Carman, Aaron R.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery46
Carman, Charles A.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery58
Carman, E. W.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery46
Carman, Maria L.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery46
Carman, Mayme SmithHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery58
Carmichael, Alvin B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery99
Carmichael, Clestie M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery99
Carnicom, Alice B.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery28
Carnicom, Stanley Z.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery28
Carpenter, Margaret E.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery65
Carpenter, NelsonHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery65
Carr, James A.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery26
Carr, Richard L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery107
Carr, Ruby E.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery26
Carr, Sylvester L.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery1
Carrico, AmandaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery95
Carrico, Billy JoeOblong TWPOblong Cemetery97
Carrico, FrankLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery95
Carrico, Hazel PearlLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery95
Carrico, NoraMontgomery TWPLackey Cemetery12
Carrico, RobertMontgomery TWPLackey Cemetery12
Carroll, AnnaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery50
Carroll, BartholomewOblong TWPOblong Cemetery50
Carroll, Bertha L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery92
Carroll, Clinton J.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery92
Carroll, EffieOblong TWPOblong Cemetery50
Carroll, Ernest W.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery41
Carroll, Harold E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery46
Carroll, IraOblong TWPOblong Cemetery40
Carroll, Isabell C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery46
Carroll, JamesOblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Carroll, John W.Oblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery14
Carroll, Laura AliceOblong TWPOblong Cemetery95
Carroll, Leola M.Oblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery14
Carroll, Lulu B.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery46
Carroll, Mertie MayOblong TWPOblong Cemetery40
Carroll, Mildred G.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery41
Carroll, MinervaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Carroll, NancyOblong TWPOblong Cemetery50
Carroll, OrielOblong TWPOblong Cemetery40
Carroll, Vernie C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery46
Carson, James B.Montgomery TWPMorea Cemetery31
Carson, JosephMontgomery TWPMorea Cemetery32
Carson, Nettie L.Montgomery TWPMorea Cemetery31
Carson, SusannahMontgomery TWPMorea Cemetery32
Carson, William E.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery58
Carstensen, Amelia C.(English)Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery51
Carter, Arthur G. "Pug"Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery68
Carter, Aunt MaryannHoney Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery8
Carter, Benj.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery55
Carter, Carl A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery71
Carter, Charles W.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery17
Carter, ElizabethHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery55
Carter, ElizabethOblong TWPOblong Cemetery72
Carter, Grace MayHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery17
Carter, Hannah (Brubaker)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery97
Carter, HarietHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery55
Carter, Hester K.Montgomery TWPWesner Cemetery9
Carter, HowardRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery155
Carter, John C.Hutsonville TWPDraper Cemetery10
Carter, John J.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery73
Carter, JosephOblong TWPOblong Cemetery43
Carter, Joseph F.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery15
Carter, Lillie M.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery15
Carter, Michele AnnRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery23
Carter, Mildred D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery160
Carter, MinervaHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery17
Carter, Morris L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery160
Carter, Morris LeeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery160
Carter, Nancy A.Honey Creek TWPRich Cemetery27
Carter, Nancy A. HolidayHutsonville TWPDraper Cemetery10
Carter, Pearlie M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery155
Carter, Pina AnnHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery17
Carter, Price F.Hutsonville TWPDraper Cemetery10
Carter, Ruth EllenHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery17
Carter, Stella M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery73
Carter, SuzanneRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery134
Carter, Terry LeeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery161
Carter, ThomasPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery5
Carter, Uncle DickHoney Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery8
Carter, VernHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery17
Carter, WilliamHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery55
Carter, William H.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery15
Carter, Wm.Honey Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery7
Carver, Dora M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery76
Carver, EllenLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery48
Carver, G. P.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery48
Carver, Jerry H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery78
Carver, JohnLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery48
Carver, NoelLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery76
Carver, Noma E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery78
Cary, Charles A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery130
Cary, Frank M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery98
Cary, Hazel E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery130
Cary, Paul W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery130
Cary, Pearl O.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery98
Cary, Stella H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery130
Case, Infant SonRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery18
Case, Mary (Newlin)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery95
Cassel, Daniel JohnRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery69
Cassel, Scott CliffordRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery68
Casselmann, Catherine RobiasonLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery95
Casselmann, GregoryLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery95
Casselmann, Infant SonLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery96
Casselmann, William A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery94
Casserly, Agnes C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery127
Cassity, Albert B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery65
Cassity, Infant SonLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery64
Cassity, Jesse C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery65
Cassity, Velma LoreneLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery66
Catlett, Mary I. (Lackey)Montgomery TWPLackey Cemetery12
Cato, Clara B.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery57
Cato, J. B., (M.D.)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery57
Catt, Birdie I.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery30
Catt, Chloe E. NealRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery85
Catt, Emma L.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery29
Catt, Irvin A.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery30
Catt, James AlvaRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery85
Catt, John HowardRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery88
Catt, Leo DonRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery88
Catt, Lillie M.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery30
Catt, M. E.Montgomery TWPSeaney Cemetery36
Catt, Ralph E.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery29
Catt, Richard WayneMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery30
Catt, Roger W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery79
Catterson, Ed. O.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery89
Caughey, ArthurRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery49
Caughey, Laura J.Robinson TWPDuncanville Cemetery4
Caughey, Margaret A.Robinson TWPDuncanville Cemetery4
Caughey, Margaret SmithRobinson TWPDuncanville Cemetery4
Caughey, Mary J.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery43
Caughey, MatthewRobinson TWPDuncanville Cemetery4
Caughey, Rose WattsRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery49
Caughey, Wm.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery46
Cauley, John T.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery128
Cauley, MamieRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery87
Cauley, Margaret M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery128
Cauley, Stephen V.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery128
Caverly, Andrew F.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery110
Caverly, Sarah LindsayRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery110
Cawood; also see Caywood, CaywodOblong TWPOblong Cemetery63
Cawood, Ada V.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery64
Cawood, AlbertOblong TWPOblong Cemetery63
Cawood, Andrew V.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery101
Cawood, Catherine T.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery47
Cawood, Clara LolaRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery108
Cawood, ClaybornOblong TWPOblong Cemetery63
Cawood, CoraOblong TWPOblong Cemetery63
Cawood, DellaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery63
Cawood, Dolly M.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery64
Cawood, Don C.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery65
Cawood, Edward A.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery43
Cawood, Elizabeth C.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery63
Cawood, Everett EarlRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery108
Cawood, Grace M.Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery44
Cawood, HazelHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery65
Cawood, Hetty B.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery43
Cawood, Ida O.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery63
Cawood, Infant SonMontgomery TWPFord-Montgomery Cemetery24
Cawood, Infant SonHoney Creek TWPRich Cemetery26
Cawood, Ira W.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery64
Cawood, James M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery64
Cawood, John M.Honey Creek TWPBeckwith Cemetery29
Cawood, John W.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery61
Cawood, Joseph A.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery47
Cawood, LloydHoney Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery13
Cawood, MadisonHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery47
Cawood, Martha A.Honey Creek TWPBeckwith Cemetery29
Cawood, Martha E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery64
Cawood, Mary E. Geeseman ReinoehlHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery43
Cawood, Nancy E.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery47
Cawood, Nancy J.Honey Creek TWPBeckwith Cemetery29
Cawood, Oral C.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery56
Cawood, Robert F.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery108
Cawood, Robert W.Montgomery TWPFord-Montgomery Cemetery24
Cawood, Samuel A.Honey Creek TWPBeckwith Cemetery29
Cawood, Sarah A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery108
Cawood, Sarah A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery101
Cawood, SeymourOblong TWPOblong Cemetery63
Cawood, Susanna M.Honey Creek TWPBeckwith Cemetery29
Cawood, VanceOblong TWPOblong Cemetery63
Cawood, W. B.Honey Creek TWPBeckwith Cemetery29
Cawood, Walter F.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery108
Cawood, Walter F.Honey Creek TWPRich Cemetery26
Cawood, Zina E.Honey Creek TWPBeckwith Cemetery29
Caywod; also see Caywood, CawoodOblong TWPOblong Cemetery63
Caywod, Hannah B.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery63
Caywod, MclungOblong TWPOblong Cemetery63
Caywood; also see Cawood, CaywodOblong TWPOblong Cemetery63
Caywood, Clinton C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery64
Caywood, Clinton LeviOblong TWPOblong Cemetery74
Caywood, Cordelia E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery64
Caywood, David R.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery74
Caywood, Emily (Kirk)Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery64
Caywood, HannahOblong TWPOblong Cemetery41
Caywood, Infant SonOblong TWPOblong Cemetery52
Caywood, Infant SonOblong TWPOblong Cemetery41
Caywood, John E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery81
Caywood, John H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery81
Caywood, Judy AlyneOblong TWPOblong Cemetery74
Caywood, Margaret E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery41
Caywood, Marion L.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery41
Caywood, Martha J. SaundersLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery81
Caywood, MillardOblong TWPOblong Cemetery62
Caywood, Paul McClungOblong TWPOblong Cemetery74
Cecil, A. D.Montgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Cecil, Martha EllenMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Cecil, Nancy E.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Cecil, Rebecca G.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Cecil, Whitten A.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Cecil, William C.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Chadwick, Edith M. HoustonRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Chadwick, Jacob R.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Chafee, Evander L.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery85
Chalfant, ClaytonOblong TWPOblong Cemetery96
Chalfant, Rebecca ElinorOblong TWPOblong Cemetery96
Chamberlin, Charles, Jr.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery62
Chamberlin, Charles N.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery62
Chamberlin, Lillis A.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery62
Chambers, A. EarlRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery71
Chambers, Alice C.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery50
Chambers, Arminda ApgarRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery71
Chambers, Charles A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery57
Chambers, Charles F.Hutsonville TWPMusgrave Cemetery6
Chambers, Elmer A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery45
Chambers, Estella (Young)Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery56
Chambers, Everett A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery56
Chambers, Fallice HarperLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery68
Chambers, Jack ApgarRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery71
Chambers, LenaHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery59
Chambers, Leroy E.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery56
Chambers, Lillie A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery45
Chambers, LucettaHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery50
Chambers, MaryHutsonville TWPMusgrave Cemetery6
Chambers, Mary E.Hutsonville TWPLindley Cemetery14
Chambers, Roscoe L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery99
Chambers, William H.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery59
Chambers, William S.Hutsonville TWPMusgrave Cemetery6
Chambers, Wm. H.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery59
Chambers, Zelpha C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery99
Chamblin, Charles W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery104
Chamblin, David J.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery120
Chamblin, DeVerne B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery120
Chamblin, Ethel M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery104
Chamblin, Fannie B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery120
Chamblin, Infant DaughterRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery104
Chamblin, L. B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery120
Chamblin, Mary C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery120
Chamblin, Robert GlennRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery104
Chamblin, Robert LeeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery104
Chamblin, Rose K.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery120
Chandler, ElizabethRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery95
Chaplen, LydiaPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery9
Chaplen, Nancy (Adams)Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery9
Chapman, Abbie SearsPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery27
Chapman, Audrey L.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery37
Chapman, AustieRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery39
Chapman, BessieRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery158
Chapman, Brenda JoRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery125
Chapman, Carolyn R.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery125
Chapman, Chester A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery95
Chapman, ClarenceOblong TWPOblong Cemetery90
Chapman, Effie M. MorrisLicking TWPDugan Cemetery3
Chapman, Emma F.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery22
Chapman, Emma M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery67
Chapman, George L.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery38
Chapman, Gerald EugeneOblong TWPOblong Cemetery95
Chapman, Grace A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery95
Chapman, Henry ThorntonPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery35
Chapman, I. LouiseOblong TWPOblong Cemetery95
Chapman, Infant DaughterPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery30
Chapman, Infant SonPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery30
Chapman, Jeffery WayneRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery125
Chapman, JessieLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery38
Chapman, Joanna H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery107
Chapman, Lawrence E.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery18
Chapman, LeoPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery30
Chapman, LeroyOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery17
Chapman, Lillie K.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery30
Chapman, Lowell E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery125
Chapman, Lucy M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery90
Chapman, Martin KeithRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery158
Chapman, Millard S.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery30
Chapman, Nellie A. WoodPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery24
Chapman, OatieLicking TWPHarmony Cemetery21
Chapman, Ova M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery158
Chapman, Perry J.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery22
Chapman, Randall E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery95
Chapman, Riley E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery67
Chapman, Stella M.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery18
Chapman, Walter E.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery18
Chappell, Stella J.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery58
Charley, AlexanderLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Charley, AnnieLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Charley, ErvinLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Charley, Golda NeeleyLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Charley, Goldie M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Charley, Roy E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery90
Chastain, Floyd E.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery70
Chastain, Mary E.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery70
Cheatham, Caryl LynnRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery119
Cheatham, Eva I.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery119
Cheatham, Thomas E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery119
Cheetham, Lizzie A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery70
Chenoweth, Cornelius B.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery39
Chenoweth, Effie JoRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery39
Chenoweth, John H.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery39
Chenoweth, Roy C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery101
Chenoweth, Rutha A.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery39
Chenoweth, Williametta A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery101
Cherry, Deborah LynnRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery76
Cherry, Dillen B.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery55
Cherry, Lucretia E.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery55
Chesser, CharlesLicking TWPDugan Cemetery4
Chesser, Judy AnnPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery5
Chesser, LynnPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery34
Chesser, Minnie MLicking TWPDugan Cemetery4
Cheuvront, Albert B.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery77
Cheuvront, J. M.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery59
Cheuvront, TillieOblong TWPOblong Cemetery77
Chiddix, AlmaMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery20
Chiddix, Cecil, Rev.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery21
Chiddix, CharlesRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery67
Chiddix, Edward C.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Chiddix, Eliza J.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery21
Chiddix, ElmerMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery20
Chiddix, Emma J.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery20
Chiddix, George DarrelRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery67
Chiddix, HarryMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery20
Chiddix, Hazel N.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery67
Chiddix, HughMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery20
Chiddix, Infant DaughterMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery20
Chiddix, Infant DaughterMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Chiddix, Infant SonMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Chiddix, Infant TwinsMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery21
Chiddix, Jefferson C.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Chiddix, John B.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery21
Chiddix, John W.Montgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery17
Chiddix, LucilleMontgomery TWPPleasant View Cemetery15
Chiddix, LuviceyMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery21
Chiddix, Margarett (Young)Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Chiddix, MargretMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery21
Chiddix, Mary K.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery21
Chiddix, Minnie M.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery19
Chiddix, Rebecca JaneMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Chiddix, Robert B.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery22
Chiddix, TillieMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery21
Chiddix, Wade H.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery23
Chiddix, William A.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery20
Childers, Eliza C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery114
Childers, John T.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery114
*Childress, ra D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery82
Chillingworth, William P.,Jr.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery64
Chilote, Edgar P.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery78
Chipman, Cecil GroomerRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery128
Chipman, Elbert HestonRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery128
Christen, Corwin H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery112
Christensen, Carl F.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery83
Christensen, Robert L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery138
Christensen, Robert LeeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery138
Christine, Beulah B.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery109
Christine, David I.Oblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery4
Christine, DeweyOblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery5
Christine, FrankOblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery4
Christine, IsraelRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery68
Christine, IsraelMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery25
Christine, JohnOblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery4
Christine, JosephRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery128
Christine, LuellaOblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery4
Christine, Mary I.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery128
Christine, PearlMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery25
Christine, Pearl M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery68
Christine, Vicki LynneRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery8
Christine, VirgilOblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery4
Christofferson, Hazel MeeseRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery80
Christy, Bruce, Jr.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery138
Chronic, Edna LorraineOblong TWPOblong Cemetery81
Chronic, Elizabeth M.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery81
Chronic, Ernest A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery81
Chronic, Henry N.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery81
Chronic, Marie E.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery21
Chronic, Noel HenryOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery21
Chronic, Stanley SchillerOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery21
Chronic, WilliamOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery21
Cikauskas, FrankOblong TWPOblong Cemetery109
Cissna, Mollie LewisHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery21
Clark, AbnerLicking TWPBellair Cemetery10
Clark, AbyRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery12
Clark, AlbertLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery61
Clark, AliceRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery73
Clark, AliceOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery19
Clark, Allen M.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery10
Clark, Andrew E.Honey Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery7
Clark, Annie ViolaLicking TWPDugan Cemetery4
Clark, ArtherLicking TWPBellair Cemetery15
Clark, Bertha L. JacksonRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery160
Clark, BethuelLicking TWPBellair Cemetery10
Clark, BurtRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Clark, Carolyn E.(Montgomery)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery75
Clark, CharlesLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery39
Clark, Charles E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Clark, Charles H.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery38
Clark, Charles L.Honey Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery7
Clark, Della E.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery38
Clark, Della M.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery38
Clark, Dora J.Honey Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery7
Clark, DorothyLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery38
Clark, E. B.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery47
Clark, EdnaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery42
Clark, ElijahLicking TWPBellair Cemetery15
Clark, Elijah H.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery38
Clark, Emily J.Honey Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery7
Clark, Emma M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery118
Clark, Evelyn B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Clark, Ferne (Hunt)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery118
Clark, Flora B. (Milam)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery62
Clark, Francis M. (Critchfield)Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery21
Clark, George W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery150
Clark, George W.Honey Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery6
Clark, Gernard R.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery118
Clark, Goldie O.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery144
Clark, Gussie (Adams)Martin TWPAdams-Richart Cemetery2
Clark, Hannah TharpLicking TWPBellair Cemetery10
Clark, Henry C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery41
Clark, Hugh N.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery56
Clark, Ida M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery157
Clark, InfantHoney Creek TWPCedar-Maxwell Cemetery19
Clark, Infant DaughterHoney Creek TWPHaskin Cemetery3
Clark, Infant DaughterLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery42
Clark, Infant SonLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery43
Clark, Ira D.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery38
Clark, IsaacLicking TWPBellair Cemetery15
Clark, J. E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery91
Clark, JessieRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery66
Clark, JohnLicking TWPBellair Cemetery10
Clark, John G.Martin TWPBerlin Cemetery4
Clark, JohnyLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery42
Clark, Joseph L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery160
Clark, KirkLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery88
Clark, LafayetteLicking TWPBellair Cemetery10
Clark, Laura B.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery38
Clark, LaurettieLicking TWPBellair Cemetery10
Clark, Lawrence A.Honey Creek TWPCedar-Maxwell Cemetery19
Clark, Lawrence J.Honey Creek TWPCedar-Maxwell Cemetery19
Clark, LeahLicking TWPBellair Cemetery15
Clark, Leslie MaeRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery52
Clark, Lewis B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery118
Clark, Lucy E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery91
Clark, LulaRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Clark, Mahila (McKee)Licking TWPBellair Cemetery10
Clark, MargaretLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery56
Clark, Maria HulseLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery88
Clark, Mariah (Dailey)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery88
Clark, MarindaHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery47
Clark, Martha A. (Grubaugh)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery151
Clark, Martha ElizabethRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery160
Clark, Mary A. GarrardRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery160
Clark, Mary E.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery54
Clark, Mary E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery150
Clark, MattieLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery91
Clark, MattieLicking TWPBellair Cemetery15
Clark, MattieOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery19
Clark, Melsena O.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery10
Clark, Nannie E.Oblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery8
Clark, Nora GraceRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery75
Clark, Ota OttoRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery160
Clark, Otto EugeneRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery160
Clark, Patrick H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery144
Clark, Rebecca A.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery54
Clark, RichardLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery31
Clark, Richard M.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery38
Clark, Rosia E.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery54
Clark, RusiaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery61
Clark, RuthLicking TWPBellair Cemetery10
Clark, S. J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery41
Clark, SarahLicking TWPBellair Cemetery15
Clark, Sarah StantzLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery39
Clark, Thomas B.Honey Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery7
Clark, Thomas B.Oblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery17
Clark, Vica NewlinOblong TWPWhite Oak Cemetery17
Clark, Wilfred E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery73
Clark, Willard E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery75
Clark, William A.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery23
Clark, William C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery91
Clark, William RandalMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery27
Clark, Willian RonaldMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery27
Clarke, LucindaLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery19
Clarke, Wm. E..Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery19
Clawson, Florence BellRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery122
Clay, Edith D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery126
Clay, Jack F.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery126
Claypool, AmandaOblong TWPOblong Cemetery47
Claypool, Edna (Seamon)Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery46
Claypool, Hannah L.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville(Old) Cemetery27
Claypool, LeroyRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery94
Claypool, Loran P.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery51
Claypool, William P.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery47
Clayton, ?Montgomery TWPCoombes Land Cemetery49
Clayton, ClaraRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery155
Clayton, Clarence S.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery73
Clayton, PeterRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery155
Clem, DanielPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery14
Clemens; also see ClementsMontgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Clemens, Effie MyrtleMontgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Clemens, HenryMontgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Clemens, Joseph B.Montgomery TWPLackey Cemetery12
Clemens, MaryMontgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Clements; also see ClemensMontgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Clements, Arrabelle M.Montgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Clements, Benjamin L.Montgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Clements, Benjamin S.Montgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Clements, Benjamin S.Montgomery TWPLackey Cemetery12
Clements, Carl W.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery24
Clements, CynthiaMontgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Clements, D. H.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery24
Clements, DaughterMontgomery TWPLackey Cemetery10
Clements, David A.Montgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Clements, E. HaddenMontgomery TWPLackey Cemetery10
Clements, Ernest MartonMontgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Clements, EstellaHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery24
Clements, Ethel V.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery136
Clements, Frank M.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery5
Clements, FreidaHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery26
Clements, George W.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery26
Clements, Glenn McCroryPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery5
Clements, Gordon O.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery24
Clements, Infant DaughterHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery21
Clements, Irma JanePrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery33
Clements, Jacob, Rev.Montgomery TWPLackey Cemetery10
Clements, JohnMontgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Clements, John D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery161
Clements, Lorn O.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery33
Clements, LydiaHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery25
Clements, MalindaMontgomery TWPLackey Cemetery12
Clements, Malinda A.Montgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Clements, Mary E.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery26
Clements, MathueMontgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Clements, MiltonMontgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Clements, NinaPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery5
Clements, Opal H.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery24
Clements, Oscar M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery91
Clements, Samuel M.Montgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Clements, SylvaniaMontgomery TWPLackey Cemetery11
Clements, Wardie O.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery136
Clements, WilliamettaRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery91
Clergy; see St. ClergyRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery60
Cleveland, J. H.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery47
Clevenger, Infant DaughterRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Clevenger, Infant Twin SonsRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery44
Climer, AbrahamLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery54
Climer, AlbertLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery80
Climer, Ann E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery50
Climer, Anna E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery54
Climer, Arthur D.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery108
Climer, Audry L.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery108
Climer, CarolineLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery108
Climer, Clara P.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery80
Climer, ElizabethLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery50
Climer, Ella M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery80
Climer, Eula B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery108
Climer, Jennie R.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery80
Climer, John H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery49
Climer, Joseph B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery49
Climer, Katie E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery108
Climer, Mary A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery54
Climer, Mary E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery49
Climer, Nancy A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery49
Climer, William H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery50
Closson, Cecil E.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery22
Clough, Cora L.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery80
Clough, George A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery80
Clous, SusanRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery44
Clouse, ArthurRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery44
Clouse, ElizabethHoney Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery7
Clouse, EzraSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery7
Clouse, Infant DaughterSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery7
Clouse, Nancy J.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery37
Clouse, Nettie B.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery7
Clouse, Picket P.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery37
Coates, Iona MaeRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery144
Coates, John B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery144
Coates, Kathryn MarieRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery144
Coatney, Florine A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery85
Coatney, Joe C.Robinson TWP Robinson (New) Cemetery85
Cobb, Allen B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery79
Cobb, Americus S.Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery45
Cobb, C. C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery50
Cobb, Chauncy C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery79
Cobb, ClintonMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery44
Cobb, Ella O.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery79
Cobb, EmmaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery43
Cobb, Emma M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery104
Cobb, Harry W.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery104
Cobb, Homer J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery40
Cobb, Jane (Martin)Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery46
Cobb, JohnLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery49
Cobb, JohnMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery45
Cobb, JuliaMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery45
Cobb, Lyda (Roseler)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery40
Cobb, Margaret E.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery79
Cobb, Mary Alice WaltersRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery157
Cobb, Mary C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery40
Cobb, NancyLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery49
Cobb, Percy W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery157
Cobb, PharebahMontgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery44
Cobb, Sarah R.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery49
Cobb, TaylorLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery49
Cobb, Virginia A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery49
Cobb, William A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery104
Cobb, William L.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery49
Cochran, Ada M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery77
Cochran, Addie, Mrs.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery120
Cochran, Connett W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery64
Cochran, Darin LloydRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery120
Cochran, ElizaHoney Creek TWPBeckwith Cemetery31
Cochran, Frank W.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery77
Cochran, Gertrude MaceRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery120
Cochran, Hazel M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery77
Cochran, Infant SonLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery41
Cochran, James W.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery77
Cochran, Marion F.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Cochran, Mary L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery120
Cochran, SamuelHoney Creek TWPBeckwith Cemetery31
Cochran, Samuel EverettRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery120
Cochran, Samuel M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery120
Cochran, Sarah E. HughsHoney Creek TWPBeckwith Cemetery31
Coday; also see CodyLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery32
Coday, E.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery32
Coday, E. V.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery32
Coday, Mahala HiteLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery32
Coday, MaryLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery32
Coday, Peter S.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery32
Coddington, John ArthurRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery125
Coddington, Ruth PowlessRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery125
Coder, Louisa E.Southwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery9
Cody; also see CodayLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery32
Cody, Clifford E.Oblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery6
Cody, Emma E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery152
Cody, Harold M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery144
Cody, Horace F.Oblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery6
Cody, Matthew N.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery152
Cody, Vere Dee BruceLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery32
Cody, Virgil E., Jr.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery114
Cody, Virgil, Sr.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery114
Cody, William DeBruceOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery6
Coe, Mary A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery118
Coe, Rolla L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery118
Coffman, Clarence C.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery43
Coffman, HarveyRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery35
Coffman, JohnRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery35
Coffman, Marthey J.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery35
Coffman, MichaelRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery35
Colbert, Frank D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery130
Colbert, Ina M.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery130
Colborn, Martha AliceHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery64
Cole, Florence RikerLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Cole, Harry I.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Cole, Hettie M.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery70
Cole, Hiram O.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery9
Cole, J. RoyOblong TWPOblong Cemetery90
Cole, Leonard, Rev.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery70
Cole, W. J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery66
Coleman, Emma (Otey)Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery46
Coleman, John F.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery11
Colescott, Harry E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery77
Colescott, Rebecca L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery77
Collier, Mary D.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery36
Colliflower, A. H.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery19
Colliflower, ArthurLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery19
Colliflower, Arthur B.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery38
Colliflower, Bertha J.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery31
Colliflower, Carrie E.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery19
Colliflower, Elizabeth F.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery44
Colliflower, Enola FayLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery18
Colliflower, Ernest G.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery37
Colliflower, Fanny MayLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery27
Colliflower, GalenLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery26
Colliflower, Gleason S.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery31
Colliflower, HarryLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery19
Colliflower, Lawrence G.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery27
Colliflower, Lawrence ManfordLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery34
Colliflower, Lois HedgesLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery37
Colliflower, Mary E.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery18
Colliflower, MaxLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery33
Colliflower, Merle S.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery38
Colliflower, Norma NevaLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery18
Colliflower, PhoebeHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery44
Colliflower, RalphLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery18
Colliflower, ReedHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery61
Colliflower, Roscoe C.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery31
Colliflower, Sarah A. HorningLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery30
Colliflower, SusannaLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery31
Colliflower, Wilbur FloydLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery18
Colliflower, William J.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery30
Colliflower, William P.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery31
Colliflower, Winfred GraydonLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery31
Colliflower, Wm. EarlLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery26
Collins, Bertha F.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery72
Collins, CarolineHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery39
Collins, CatherineHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery39
Collins, Charles A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery73
Collins, CliffordOblong TWPOblong Cemetery86
Collins, Eunice A.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery29
Collins, George A.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery29
Collins, Glenn V.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery148
Collins, Infant DaughterHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery39
Collins, Infant SonHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery39
Collins, James T.Honey Creek TWPPort Jackson Cemetery7
Collins, LarkinLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery84
Collins, Lena P.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery103
Collins, Leona A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery73
Collins, MillieHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery39
Collins, Millie D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery90
Collins, Oliver J.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery39
Collins, PhebeHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery39
Collins, Rebecca J.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery40
Collins, Robert D.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery29
Collins, Roscoe L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery103
Collins, Ruth ElizabethRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery72
Collins, Thelma KinneyHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery40
Collins, Tryphena A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery72
Collins, WilliamHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery39
Collins, William H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery72
Collins, William H.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery90
Colman, Andrew J.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery12
Colmey; also see Comly, ComleyLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Colmey, Duane C.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery27
Colmey, Infant SonLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery36
Colmey, Mary JaneLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery27
Colton, Mary S.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery138
Colton, Samuel C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery138
Colyer, CyreniusLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery65
Colyer, Lucy WatersLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery65
Colyer, Lula M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery65
Colyer, Samuel M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery65
Combs, AllieOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery14
Combs, Esta M.Oblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery14
Combs, WilliamOblong TWPMikeworth-Prairie Cemetery14
Comer, Rhoda B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery71
Comer, Wm. O.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery71
Comley; also see Comly, ColmeyLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Comley, Bezaleel W.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Comley, David FranklinLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Comley, Margaret J.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Comly, DorothyLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery34
Comly, Infant DaughterLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Comly, Infant SonLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery34
Comly, LucileLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery34
Comly, Mary J.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Comly, Newton E.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Comly, Palmer T.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Comly, Robert S.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Compton, Alonzo E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery142
Compton, Nola ReedRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery142
Conard, Infant DaughterMontgomery TWPFuller Cemetery29
Condit, Allen HerbertRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery119
Condit, C. A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery54
Condit, EbenezerLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery45
Condit, ElmoreLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery54
Condit, GracieLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery56
Condit, Harry D.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery119
Condit, Ida BellLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery54
Condit, Jennie G.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery119
Condit, Lauretta A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery45
Condit, Little FrankLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery56
Condit, Little HarrieLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery56
Condit, Little LucyLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery56
Condit, Ruben H.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery54
Condit, Thomas B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery54
Condit, William W.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery45
Condrey, D. Z.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Condrey, David M.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Condrey, E. J.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Condrey, EdieLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Condrey, FrankOblong TWPOblong Cemetery84
Condrey, Golden RichartOblong TWPOblong Cemetery84
Condrey, Hamline B.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Condrey, InfantLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Condrey, Lillian (Brown)Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery84
Condrey, Lucinda (McCrillis)Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Condrey, M. ClydeOblong TWPOblong Cemetery80
Condrey, Maude S.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery80
Condrey, Oliver M.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Condrey, P.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Condrey, PriscillaLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Condrey, WillieLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery35
Condrid, A.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery15
Condry, Charles D.Oblong TWPWatts Cemetery26
Condry, GussieOblong TWPWatts Cemetery26
Condry, WorthyOblong TWPWatts Cemetery26
Cone, Julia B.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery85
Conklin, John L.Martin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery11
Conklin, Louis E.Martin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery11
Conklin, Sarah E.Martin TWPPrior Grove Cemetery11
Conley, Arthur E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Conley, GanelleRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Conley, MinniePrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery27
Conley, William A.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery27
Conner, Charlotto MeffordRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery111
Connett, Aaron W.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery39
Connett, Alice L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery112
Connett, Anna JaneHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery33
Connett, Beulah F. YorkRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery132
Connett, Catherine I.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery39
Connett, Clarence PeteRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery132
Connett, ClemRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery112
Connett, Cornelia O.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery111
Connett, Curtis C.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery35
Connett, D. H. "Dude"Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery132
Connett, Dwight V.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery35
Connett, Edna (Smith)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery148
Connett, EdwinMartin TWPAdams-Richart Cemetery2
Connett, ElizabethMartin TWPAdams-Richart Cemetery3
Connett, Ella R.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery35
Connett, ElsieHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery35
Connett, Florence A.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery132
Connett, GardenerMartin TWPAdams-Richart Cemetery3
Connett, GardnerMartin TWPAdams-Richart Cemetery3
Connett, H. P.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery33
Connett, Harry B.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery95
Connett, Hermitt G.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery28
Connett, J. ArthurMartin TWPHardinville Cemetery28
Connett, James FinleyOblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery2
Connett, Lavena (Grant)Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery77
Connett, Lillie R.Martin TWPHardinville Cemetery28
Connett, Matilda J.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery35
Connett, MayMartin TWPAdams-Richart Cemetery2
Connett, P. P., Dr.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery35
Connett, PoseyOblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery1
Connett, RebeccaHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery35
Connett, RebeccaOblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery1
Connett, Richard DeanRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery133
Connett, Rutha A.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery37
Connett, W. PaulRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery149
Connett, William S.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery112
Connett, WoodruffHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery37
Connours, Carrie (Cooper)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery105
Connours, Harley E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery105
Connours, James L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery105
Connours, Lynn W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery105
Conover, Alice M.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery60
Conover, Amanda FrancesHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery60
Conover, Annie L.Honey Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery9
Conover, CarlHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery61
Conover, Carl N.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery22
Conover, CatharineRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery23
Conover, CatharineSouthwest TWPWaggoner Cemetery2
Conover, Cliffe H.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery22
Conover, ClydeHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery60
Conover, Clyde C.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery60
Conover, Clyde, Jr.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery60
Conover, Cornelius DolphHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery61
Conover, Dolph, M.D.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery61
Conover, DouglasMontgomery TWPMorea Cemetery34
Conover, EarnestHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery60
Conover, Effie D.Montgomery TWPMorea Cemetery34
Conover, Emma B.Honey Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery11
Conover, Ethyle E.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery22
Conover, Frieda A.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery59
Conover, Geroge P.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery61
Conover, Gladys P.Honey Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery11
Conover, Infant DaughterRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery21
Conover, Infant DaughterRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery22
Conover, JohnRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery35
Conover, John JeffersonHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery60
Conover, John N.Honey Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery11
Conover, Leola MayRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery22
Conover, LizzieHoney Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery10
Conover, LucindaHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery38
Conover, MargaretRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery35
Conover, Margery (Folck)Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery22
Conover, Mary C.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery35
Conover, May NewlinRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery22
Conover, MillieHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery61
Conover, Nelson J.Honey Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery11
Conover, Orion A.Honey Creek TWPGood Hope Cemetery11
Conover, PaulMontgomery TWPMorea Cemetery34
Conover, PaulineMontgomery TWPMorea Cemetery34
Conover, Preston K.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery22
Conover, RebeccaRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery35
Conover, RichardRobinson TWPKirk Cemetery23
Conover, StellaHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery61
Conover, WilburHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery60
Conover, William GeneHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery60
Conrad, Arthur A.Hutsonville TWPGuyer Cemetery2
Conrad, CharityPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery11
Conrad, Charity J.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery10
Conrad, Charles E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery161
Conrad, Clara B.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery38
Conrad, DanielPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery11
Conrad, EdwardHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery64
Conrad, Emma PearlHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery58
Conrad, GeraldHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery62
Conrad, Grace CooperRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery72
Conrad, HettyHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery43
Conrad, Imogene (McDaniel)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery103
Conrad, Infant SonPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery11
Conrad, Jacob P.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery10
Conrad, JamesHutsonville TWPGuyer Cemetery2
Conrad, JamesPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery11
Conrad, LizabethHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery43
Conrad, Lois (Simmons)Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery76
Conrad, Malinda J.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery38
Conrad, Martha ReeLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery28
Conrad, Mary A.Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery29
Conrad, Mary E.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery35
Conrad, Mary FrancesRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery161
Conrad, Mary J.Prairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery11
Conrad, MyrtleHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery64
Conrad, Nancy E.Hutsonville TWPLindley Cemetery14
Conrad, Oral B.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery35
Conrad, PrestonPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery10
Conrad, Sarah A.Hutsonville TWPGuyer Cemetery2
Conrad, Sarah ArmintaPrairie TWPGrand Prairie Cemetery10
Conrad, Violet A.Honey Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery38
Conrad, William E.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery58
Conwell, Elizabeth AnnLicking TWPBellair Cemetery7
Conwell, WilliamLicking TWPBellair Cemetery7
Cooch, NaomiOblong TWPWatts Cemetery27
Coogan, Johnny, Sr.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery80
Cook, Anna StewartRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery61
Cook, BernieLamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery26
Cook, Lillie B. (Burner)Robinson TWPKirk Cemetery28
Cook, MaryHoney Creek TWPNew Hebron Cemetery43
Cook, William R.Montgomery TWPWesley Chapel Cemetery40
Cooke, EdwinHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery41
Cooke, EmilyOblong TWPPrier-Shire Cemetery3
Cooke, PeterRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery39
Cooley, Anna B.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery39
Cooley, Dewey C.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery90
Cooley, Emily (Morris)Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery28
Cooley, Ervin C.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery39
Cooley, Helen E. (McGrew)Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery39
Cooley, Jennie R. CulpLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery29
Cooley, Joel H.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery39
Cooley, Joseph E.Licking TWPWilkin Cemetery39
Cooley, Leland S., Pvt.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery57
Cooley, Martha Ann BrowningRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery84
Cooley, MaryLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery39
Cooley, Nancy AnnLicking TWPWilkin Cemetery39
Cooley, PearlRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery90
Cooley, Perry A.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery17
Cooley, Rosey A.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery23
Cooley, Wm. R.Prairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery23
Coombes, Amanda M.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery70
Coombes, Charles EugeneRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery38
Coombes, Charles M.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery38
Coombes, Loren E.Honey Creek TWPJones Cemetery70
Coombes, NellieRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Coombes, Nola AnnRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery38
Coombes, Richard DeanRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery136
Coombes, VoorheesRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery41
Coombes, William GlenRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery38
Coon, Albert A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery41
Coon, Elinor D.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery41
Coon, John A.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery47
Cooper, Adam J.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery47
Cooper, Albert B.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery107
Cooper, Albert GreenRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery149
Cooper, Augusta B. HandHutsonville TWPDraper Cemetery11
Cooper, Carolyn W.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery67
Cooper, Carrie ConnoursRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery105
Cooper, CathrineLicking TWPHarmony Cemetery22
Cooper, Charles J.Hutsonville TWPDraper Cemetery11
Cooper, Cladys M.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery93
Cooper, DavidLicking TWPHarmony Cemetery22
Cooper, Edward E.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery47
Cooper, ElizabethOblong TWPOblong Cemetery47
Cooper, Ethel (Myers)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery70
Cooper, Fountain J.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery66
Cooper, Frank A.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery66
Cooper, Fred C.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery24
Cooper, GenevraOblong TWPOblong Cemetery47
Cooper, George T.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery93
Cooper, Glen G.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery85
Cooper, Grace (Conrad)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery72
Cooper, Grace R. EvansHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery24
Cooper, HannahLicking TWPBellair Cemetery10
Cooper, Harriet HuntRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery81
Cooper, Harry T.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery67
Cooper, Hazel H.Hutsonville TWPDraper Cemetery11
Cooper, HenryRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery70
Cooper, Ida MayRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery107
Cooper, Inis L.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery125
Cooper, John C.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery52
Cooper, JonathanRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery46
Cooper, Joseph E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Cooper, Joseph W.Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery46
Cooper, L. N.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery49
Cooper, LusettaHutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery19
Cooper, Margaret E.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery67
Cooper, Mary EllenOblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Cooper, MattieHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery52
Cooper, Minnie E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery49
Cooper, Minnie M. DickHoney Creek TWPBeckwith Cemetery30
Cooper, Montie (Browning)Robinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery47
Cooper, PricillaRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery46
Cooper, RachelRobinson TWPRobinson (Old) Cemetery46
Cooper, Samuel J.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery22
Cooper, TerryPrairie TWPMt. Pleasant Cemetery17
Cooper, Thomas H.Hutsonville TWPBradbury Cemetery19
Cooper, Vern H.Hutsonville TWPDraper Cemetery11
Cooper, William A.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery47
Copper, Elizabeth SwitzerHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery63
Coppock, Elizabeth H.Montgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery21
Corbin, AlonzoLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery42
Corbin, Clarence W.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery76
Corbin, ElizabethLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery42
Corbin, EnochLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery44
Corbin, FrankLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery44
Corbin, Infant ChildrenLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery56
Corbin, Infant DaughterLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery44
Corbin, Infant SonLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery44
Corbin, John L.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery45
Corbin, Little AlleyLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery49
Corbin, Pearl AmandaLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery44
Corbin, Rhoda A. FunkLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery56
Corbin, Thomas LeeLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery45
Cork, Bessie MayRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery72
Cork, Harvey R.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery72
Cork, Leo R.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery80
Corl, Charles E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery92
Corl, Ethel B.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery92
Cornwell, Emma T.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery82
Cornwell, James E.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery82
Cornwell, John F.Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery82
Cornwell, Mattie Mae (York)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery81
Correll, Achsah A.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery15
Correll, Albert H.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery5
Correll, Albert N.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery7
Correll, Aleatha J.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery97
Correll, AlfredRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Correll, AlfredRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery14
Correll, Alice A.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Correll, Alice A.Southwest TWPKeplinger Cemetery18
Correll, Anna B.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery51
Correll, Anna M.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery7
Correll, Anna MayRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery15
Correll, Belva M.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery6
Correll, BernitaRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery7
Correll, BlancheRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery7
Correll, C. ByrlRobinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery146
Correll, Catharine A.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery15
Correll, Catherine R.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery15
Correll, Charles M.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery40
Correll, Clarence E.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery7
Correll, Cora A.Hutsonville TWPLindley Cemetery14
Correll, Cora E.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery24
Correll, Cora EttaRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Correll, CordeliaRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Correll, DavidRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery16
Correll, David WayneLamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery97
Correll, Edgar E.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Correll, Edith Pearl (Boyd)Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery8
Correll, EffieHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery70
Correll, Effie M.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery51
Correll, EliRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery14
Correll, Eli W.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery51
Correll, ElizabethRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery16
Correll, Elizabeth E.Licking TWPBellair Cemetery16
Correll, Ellis E.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery98
Correll, Ellis N.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery60
Correll, Elsie F.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Correll, Elsworth T.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery11
Correll, Evelyn E.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery60
Correll, EverettRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery14
Correll, FlorenceLicking TWPHarmony Cemetery24
Correll, Francis P.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery15
Correll, GaleRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery7
Correll, George W.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery15
Correll, GladysHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery41
Correll, Guy R.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery6
Correll, HarlanOblong TWPOblong Cemetery97
Correll, Harlan G.Lamotte TWPPalestine Cemetery97
Correll, HarrisonLicking TWPHarmony Cemetery24
Correll, Herbert AllenHoney Creek TWPJones Cemetery69
Correll, HiramRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery15
Correll, Hiram C.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery15
Correll, Infant DaughterLicking TWPHarmony Cemetery24
Correll, Infant DaughterMontgomery TWPGreen Hill Cemetery20
Correll, Infant SonRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery15
Correll, Ira H.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery15
Correll, Jerusha G.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Correll, JohnRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery14
Correll, John H.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery24
Correll, Jonathan R.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery14
Correll, LeanderRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Correll, Leona E.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Correll, LesterHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery51
Correll, Lester J.Lamotte TWPOak Grove Cemetery31
Correll, Lillie MayHutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery52
Correll, LizzieRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery11
Correll, Lula E.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery15
Correll, MahalaRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Correll, Margaret E.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery11
Correll, Margaret H.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery7
Correll, Martha I.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery16
Correll, Mary A.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery11
Correll, Mary A.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery5
Correll, Mary E.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Correll, Mary E.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery7
Correll, Matilda E.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery15
Correll, MaudRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery6
Correll, Maude (Johnson)Robinson TWPRobinson (New) Cemetery102
Correll, Myrl KeithOblong TWPOblong Cemetery98
Correll, Myrtie B.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery11
Correll, Nancy J.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery15
Correll, Noble O.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery7
Correll, Nolan E., Dr.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery16
Correll, Orlan N.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery11
Correll, Permelia J.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery14
Correll, Rachel C.Oblong TWPOblong Cemetery97
Correll, RebeccaRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery15
Correll, Rollie H.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery24
Correll, Ross G.Hutsonville TWPHutsonville (New) Cemetery41
Correll, RuthRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Correll, Sarah FosterRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery5
Correll, Sarah I.Licking TWPHarmony Cemetery24
Correll, Sarah J.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery15
Correll, Sarah J.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery9
Correll, Shelby H.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery7
Correll, Sophiah I.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery14
Correll, SusannahRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Correll, TaylorRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery14
Correll, ThomasRobinson TWPNewlin Cemetery10
Correll, Thomas L.Robinson TWPNewlin Cemetery15