Location: Hardinville, Martin Township, Section 36, T6N, R13W. (GPS: 38.917436, -87.804894) (Google Map) Compiled by Tony Carter and Burl Rich, February 24, 1996. Computer transcription by Burl Rich August 31, 2002. Reformatted January 2016 by Larry Jackson. Row numbers start on the west side of the cemetery. Gravesite sequences start at the north end of each row. Rows are 124 feet long. Gravesites are four feet wide in the old section and five feet wide in the newer section. See also the 1970 survey by Wilma Roesler.


Phyliss Lynn Hedges
10-27-1933 Dau. of Golden Hedges Belt
Orville V. Hedges
1-20-1910 2-28-1910
Sylvester Higgins
No marker.
Martha Jane Higgins
(See Note on Martha Jane Higgins, below.) 1827 No marker. ([Martha] Jane Higgins - dau. of Jacob & Elizabeth Garrard) (See Note on Jacob Garrard's family, below.) ([Martha] Jane married first Samuel C. Anderson, 2nd George Robert Higgins 1-4-1866)
Grave - No marker
Grave - No marker
Jonathan Alexander Anderson, Sr.
(See Note below.) 1806 1845 Husband of Synthia Garrard (Synthia Garrard 1811-1844 Died & Buried at Paris, Ill.)
S. C. Anderson
3-27-1827 1865 Co. I 21st Ill Inf, Civil War
S. C. Anderson & J. Alexander Anderson, Sr.
Two stones on same plot
Grave - No marker
Grave - No marker
Grave - No marker


Andrew Richart
11-19-1831 2-24-1888
John H. Richart
1-28-1873 11Y 5M 8D, Son A&L Richart
Grave - Base of stone only
Lucy A. Richart
9-3-1812 6-6-1869 Wife of Isaac Richart
Isaac Richart
5-24-1879 74Y 6M 3D
Ann Richart
1-7-1869 3Y 15D, Dau. A&L Richart
Duncan O. Richart
3-20-1860 4Y 7M 11D
Elias Richart
5-4-1855 12Y 8M 22D
William O. Richart
11-9-1853 17Y 8M 23D
Grave - No marker
Grave - No marker


Webbie Richart
5-29-1896 13Y 4M 14D
Mary Stagner Richart
1836 1902
Isaac Geatton
1-19-1873 61 Years, Ohio Inf., Civil War
Sarah J. Geatton
3-10-1864 19Y 5M 21D, Dau I&A Geatton
Grave - No marker
Ida May Geatton
11-8-1864 7Y 8M 27D, Dau I&A Geatton
Charles M. Spurgeon
8-29-1864 11M 21D. Son John C. & Ellen Spurgeon
John C. Spurgeon
4-26-1874 40Y 10M 16D. Co. D. 30th Ill Inf., Civil War


Elias H. Padgett
9-30-1888 69Y 2M 26D
Eliza J. Padgett
7-30-1837 6-8-1917 Wife E.H. Padgett
Ada F. Dunlap
1-27-1892 Dau. Wm. & A.A. Dunlap
Alice A. Dunlap
10-6-1903 46Y 11M 1D. Wife Wm. Dunlap
Clara A. VanHorn
7-14-1860 4-6-1950 Vault
Charles E. VanHorn
1-7-1863 12-16-1886
Grave - No marker
John G. VanHorn
1-4-1887 69Y 5M 10D
Grave - No marker
Grave - No marker
Elizabeth Connett
9-1-1889 78Y 3M 20D. Wife G. Connett
Gardener Connett
12-3-1877 63Y 7M 2D
Edwin Connett
12-5-1877 1M,11D. Son AW&AJ Connett
May Connett
9-17-1878 2Y,1M,17D. Dau. AW&AJ Connett
Edith E. Richart
12-28-1898 13Y,8M,28D. Dau IW&FM Richart
Fannie M. Richart
8-14-1928 79Y 5M 22D
Isaac Watts Richart
3-22-1900 50Y 5M 10D. Co. A, 62nd Ill Inf., Civil War (See Note below.)
Richard Thomas Badger
10-17-1981 12-25-1981 Son Gary D. & Patricia A. Badger
William A. White
7-20-1904 3-17-1975
Mary E. White
8-3-1909 11-13-1995

ROW 5 (Row is only 52 feet long)

William Flynn
3-21-1930 9-22-1993 "Bud"
Phyliss Flynn
11-22-1931 Md. 2-3-1951
William S. Padgett
1867 1935 Son EH&EJ Padgett
Lillie E. VanHorn
2-23-1885 7-14-1924 Dau. CE & Clara VanHorn
D. W. Richart
1844 1925 Sgt. Co. F, 5th Regt Ill Cav Civil War
Mary A. Richart
1858 1928 Wife D.W. Richart
John Calvin Richart
8-25-1878 11-18-1939
James Leroy Hedges
1879 1943
Chloe Alice Hedges
1882 1955. Maiden name Richart
Lucy C. Richart
1877 1949
Faith K. Richart
1899 1949


J. Eli Richart
4-9-1884 8-13-1956
Hazel O. Richart
8-15-1903 7-31-1957
Anna O. Richart
1-14-1892 3-8-1990
Velma Hedges McCain
6-21-1908 6-11-1995 Wife of Walter G. McCain. Father - James L. Hedges, Mother - Chloe Richart (Row #5)
Mary A. Wortman
2-23-1900 10-16-1971
Henry W. Wortman
10-30-1897 1-2-1992
Edna M. Adams
12-3-1885 5-24-1967 Dau. W.B. & Amanda Adams
William B. Adams
12-13-1858 2-26-1934
Amanda L. Adams
11-22-1859 9-5-1949
John Quincy Adams
9-10-1892 10-30-1964
Gussie Clark Adams
8-9-1894 8-22-1979
Robert J. York
6-1-1915 9-24-1991 PFC US Army WWII
Alonzo Franklin White
11-19-1874 5-31-1957
Annie Louisa White
1-15-1884 3-18-1978
Inf. Dau. White
5-27-1926 Dau. AF & AL White
Inf. Dau. Holmes
12-4-1942 Dau. Russell & Ruth Holmes
Russell David Holmes
8-11-1913 2-14-1958
Ruth Odessa Holmes


Grant C. Adams
8-20-1922 7-24-1998 Cpl. U. S. Army WW II
Wanda G. Adams
4-27-1928 Married 10-16-1948
Mary Elizabeth Crum
8-26-1916 Maiden Name Adams
Daniel Quincy Adams
3-12-1929 3-9-1995
Sharon K. Allison Adams


Lester L. Reinbold
5-9-1909 3-5-1998
Bouchie Adams Reinbold
Verda Fern Frost
11-14-1906 7-1-1994
Mary Louise Frost Adams
5-15-1918 1-22-1999
Joseph William Adams
10-27-1918 3-6-1992


Carol Ann Badger Dunlap
4-10-1951 12-27-1997
Elizabeth A. Badger
5-24-1932 Maiden Name White
Richard D. Badger


Martha Jane Higgins: Married first Samuel C. Anderson (1-19). Married Second George Robert Higgins who died 11-25-1879, age 47 Years. George R. Higgins is buried in the Sears Graveyard.

Andersons: The headstone of Jonathan Alexander Anderson, Sr. is set in front of Samuel C. Anderson. Tombstone was installed by the wife of the Late Harold "Eck" Anderson, Jon Anderson's Mother. Jon is States Attorney of Crawford County on 3-6-1996. Jonathan A. Anderson, Sr. was married twice. First to a Miss Carson who was the mother of Samuel C. Anderson. Second wife was Synthia Garrard. There are 3 unmarked graves south of their tombstones and Jonathan, Sr. could be buried Here. Harold Anderson's father, Jonathan Alexander Anderson, Jr. is buried in the Robinson Old Cemetery. Samuel C. Anderson was in the Civil War in the 21st Ill. Infantry, Company I, in the same company with Allen Patton. Allen Patton's Letters are being published in the Early 1996 Robinson Daily News. Samuel C. Enlisted 6-13-1861, discharged 12-16-1865. He must of died early after his discharge as his wife married George Robert Higgins on 1-4-1866. (Higgins History book states she was a widow.) In the 1850 census an Alexander Anderson, Age 7, was living with Elizabeth Garrard, age 60 who was born in Virginia. Remember Martha Jane Anderson Higgins was the daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Garrard. Alexander has to be John Alexander Anderson, Jr. as he was born 4-24-1844 in Edgar Co., Ill. Also Living with Elizabeth Garrard were Samuel C. Anderson and his wife, Elizabeth's daughter, Martha Jane Garrard Anderson, age 23, and a son, George W. Anderson age 2/3 of a year.

Merle Richards' survey of the Richart Cemetery states that the oldest grave in the cemetery is supposed to be that of Jacob Garrard. Location had been lost. Could some of the unmarked graves in Row #1 be that of Jacob and Elizabeth Garrard? It is most likely that he is buried south of 1-10, Martha Jane Higgins, as there is two unmarked graves and she was their daughter.

Isaac Watts Richart: Isaac was only 12 Years old when he enlisted in Company A, 62nd Ill. Infantry during the Civil War. Daniel W. Richart, brother to Isaac, was only 17 years old when he enlisted in Co. F 5th Regt. Illinois Calvary during the Civil War. The boys of Issac Richart were all very big for their size. A "John C. Richart" was also in the Civil War and is buried in the Hardinville Cemetery.