Location: Honey Creek Township, Crawford County, Illinois (GPS: 38.920789, -87.690993) (Google Map) (Plot map developed by Burl Rich, July 25, 1990.) For the listing below, the cemetery was compiled and graves probed by Burl L. Rich, updated September 15, 2002. Row numbering starts on the west side of the cemetery and goes east. Gravesite sequences start on the south end of each row and go north. NOTE: All records with numbers or letters are from the Crawford County Court House. Bond = Record taken from the Bond Funeral Home Records now at Goodwine Funeral Home, Palestine, Ill. Highsmith = Record taken from the book "Highsmiths in America." Gowin - Record taken from "the Gowin Book" namely "Our Crawford County Heritage." See also the original 1970-1971 survey by Imogene Bailey and Wilma Roesler.


Rich, Mamie L.
2-20-1895 6M5D. Dau. IF&TE Rich
Rich, Reaville M.
7-27-1897 1Y 5M 11D. Son IF&TE Rich
Rich, Carl Crowley
1-7-1901 2-12-1912. Son IF&TE Rich
Henry, Infant Son
WA&C. 1-11-1871 1M
Henry, William D.
Son WA&C. 10-17-1867 7M 5D
Sponsler, Harlan
Son A&ME. 6-3-1870 10-24-1871
Grave - No marker. Child
Grave - No marker. Child


Grave - No marker. Child
Dorsey, Emily
Dau. A&N 6-27-1874 7Y 4M 4D
Dorsey, Nancy Rich
2-2-1872 38Y 1M 7D, Wife AD Dorsey
Dorsey, Infant Son
A&N 4-8-1871 30 Days
Dorsey, Albert
Son A&N 1855 1870 No marker.
Dorsey, Wiley
Son A&N 1858 1870 No marker.
Grave - No marker. Child
Grave - Plain marker. Adult
Grave - Plain marker. Adult
Wallace, Elizabeth
Dau. C&S 7-30-1873 5M 10D
Wallace, Scytha Rich
Wife of Cyrus 2-24-1873 34Y 24D
Grave - No marker. Adult
Grave - No marker. Child
Lowrance, Mary Polly Rich
2-14-1815 5-20-1877 62Y 2M 26D, Wife of Alexander
Lowrance, Alexander
5-24-1808 3-12-1892 (1-186) Plain marker.
Rich, Samuel David
2-26-1892 36Y4M5D, Son Samuel, Jr.


Rich, Jackson F.
3-8-1864 10-30-1887 (1-150). Children of Samuel (Jr) & Nancy Reavill Rich. Jackson F. Rich broke horses to ride. The Robinson Constitution lists his death as follows: Jackson Rich died Sun. Night Oct. 30, 1887 after a lingering illness of 3 years. (Info on breaking horses per his Nephew Robert Rich 5-26-1993.
Rich, Susan Jane
10-4-1865 8-7-1885 (1-118). Children of Samuel (Jr) & Nancy Reavill Rich.
Rich, Sylvester M.
7-25-1870 9-15-1870. Children of Samuel (Jr) & Nancy Reavill Rich.
Rich, Sytha Amey
8-18-1860 10-12-1860. Children of Samuel (Jr) & Nancy Reavill Rich.
Rich, George W.
4-12-1857 7-22-1858. Children of Samuel (Jr) & Nancy Reavill Rich.
Grave - No marker. Child
Grave - Plain marker. Child
Grave marker. Adult
Grave - Plain marker. Child
Rich, Mary A. Highsmith
1827 1-22-1853 Wife of Samuel Rich Jr. Father Nathaniel Highsmith, Mother Elizabeth Matthews.
Rich, Sarah Highsmith
Dec. 1853 23Y 5M, Wife George Rich. Father Nathaniel Highsmith, Mother Elizabeth Matthews.
Rich, George A.
Son of G&V 1-18-1875 7Y 7M 23D
Marker. Adult
Grave - Plain marker. Adult
Highsmith, John T.
Son of NM&SR 11-17-1861 1Y 3M 2D
Marker. Adult
Blackerby, Infant
of HA&GW 1865
Blackerby, Hester A. Highsmith
2-28-1867 22Y 6M 13D, Wife of G.W. Father Nathaniel Highsmith, Mother Elizabeth Matthews.
Highsmith, Charles
Son of NM&SR 7-13-1871 4Y 9M 9D
Highsmith, Nathaniel Morris
2-16-1889 57Y 3M 26D. Father Nathaniel Highsmith, Mother Elizabeth Matthews.
Highsmith, Sarah R. Rich
1843 1916 Wife of Preston Condrey. (Sister to Scytha Rich Wallace - Row #2) Married 1st Nathaniel Highsmith, 2nd Preston Condrey. Father - Thomas T. Rich (Father - Amos Rich, Bro. Of Samuel Rich, Sr.) Mother - Rebecca (Rebeckah) Rich (Father - Samuel Rich, Sr.)
Rich, Nancy Reavill
4-23-1828 1-7-1895
Rich, Samuel Jr.
10-22-1824 9-23-1901
Gowin, Mary Elizabeth Rich
6-25-1847 12-22-1909 Dau. Samuel (Jr.) & Nancy Rich


Grave - No marker. Child
Grave - No marker. Child
Rich, Scytha Ford
Wife Samuel Sr. 1794 1-18-1864 Adult
Rich, Samuel Sr.
1788 12-25-1859 Adult. NOTE - The graves of Samuel Rich, Sr. and Scytha Ford Rich were not marked with sandstone or any other type of markers. I, Burl Rich, put tombstones at these graves, because they were the only two unmarked adult graves side by side. Also the earliest graves in the cemetery that had markers were Rebecca A. Rich, died 1859 and Mary A. Rich, died 1862; in this same row.
Barrick, Zerilda I.
Dau GW&MA 8-8-1874 8M18D
Rich, Rebecca A.
Dau. I&MW 3-6-1859 6M 6D. Father - Isaiah Rich (Son of Samuel Rich, Sr), Mother Mary William Montgomery
Rich, Mary A.
Dau. I&MW 3-4-1861 9-4-1862. Father - Isaiah Rich (Son of Samuel Rich, Sr), Mother Mary William Montgomery
Barrick, George W.
3-11-1876 36Y 11D. George Washington Barrick married Martha Angeline Cunningham. Martha's Father Samuel H. Cunningham, Mother Zerelda Highsmith. Martha had a half sister Mary William Montgomery who married Isaiah Rich, Son of Samuel Rich, Sr.
Barrick, Rosinie A.
Dau GW&MA 5-2-1876 8Y 2M 6D
Grave - Sandstone marker. Child
Grave - No marker. Child


Lutrick, Alma
Dau M&E. Grave - No marker.
Lutrick, Moses
1847 12-15-1930 Confederate Civil War Vet.
Lutrick, Elizabeth Baud
1854 1937 (LL-7)
Baud, John L.
9-12-1926 63Y 2M 14D
Baud, Louis A.
3-7-1818 1-26-1899
Baud, Susan M.
11-4-1827 5-28-1913 (3-221)
Giesert, Sophia B.
5-6-1870 12-13-1893 Wife of WE Geisert
Baud, Noel M.
4-15-1863 2-1-1883 (1-91)
Baud, Alfred S.
Son LA&SM 3-14-1871 5Y 8M 7D
Cawood, Infant Son
WB&SM 7-11-1860
Rich, Ira W.
Plain marker. 3-25-1879 4-20-1925 Vault. Ira W. Rich, Son of Silas Alfred Rich & Martha Dunlap. According to his Probate Record, Roy Ritch (His brother - Note last name spelling change) paid for his funeral. B. L. Roots was the undertaker and Ira was buried in a Vault. Silas Rich Parents - John & Mary Rich
Rich, John.
Sandstone marker. 1822 Adult
Rich, Mary.
Sandstone marker. 1818 Adult
Malcolm, Scythia Ellen Rich
Feb. 1847 2-23-1907. Sychtia Ellen was daughter of John Rich and Mary R. Jones. She was 13 in 1860 Census; could not find in 1870 census and 28 in 1880 census. Joseph Malcolm was listed as 38 in 1880 Census. In 1900 census it states she was born Feb. 1847. Robinson Constitution dated 2-28-1907 in the Union news states that Ellen Malcome died Friday 2-23-1907 at the home of Isaiah Rich (Her Brother). Funeral was Sunday at 12 Noon with burial in Rich Cemetery.
Malcolm, Joseph A.
7-27-1905 66Y 2M 25D. Union Army Civil War - Co. I, 80th Ind. Vol. Inf. Joseph Malcolm married to Scythia Ellen Rich April 23, 1875. On Obituary it states he was born 22 May 1840 in Knox Co., Ind. and died 27 July 1905 in New Hebron, Ill. It also says he leaves a wife Ellen, one son - John Malcolm of New Hebron and one daughter Mamie Smurden, Linton, Ind. Also two step sons George and William Johnson, Linton Indiana.
Grave - No marker. Adult
Grave - No marker. Child
Grave - No marker. Child
Grave - No marker. Child
Willett, Stephen G.
11-9-1837 12-23-1928 (LL-5) No marker.


Perry, Thomas
3-15-1867 1-26-1916
Marker. Adult
Marker. Child
Marker. Child
Marker. Child
Grave - Plain marker. Child
Marker. Adult
Ford, Arthur
Son Alfred & Nancy Rich 3-21-1879 1Y 21D (1-30)
Ford, Infant Son
Alfred & Nancy Rich 3-21-1880
Rich, Mary J.
Sandstone marker. 9-30-1881 22Y 7M 2D (1-72). Father - John Rich, Mother - Mary R. Jones
Rich, Mary A.
Sandstone marker. Adult
Grave - No marker. (Sandstone) Child
Highsmith, Charles C.
7-9-1874 11M 18D. Highsmith, Charles C. Son - John Madison Highsmith (See Row #3) & Mariah Seaney. John's Father - Nathaniel Highsmith - Mother Elizabeth - Matthews
Grave - No marker. Child
Rich, Charles
10-1-1906 10-2-1906 Son Elmer Rich & Nellie Heath


Grave - No marker. Child
Grave - Plain marker. Child
Grave - Plain marker. Adult
Rich, Susan F. Highsmith
3-14-1882 35Y 8M 7D, Wife James W Rich
Rich, James W.
4-17-1896 52Y2M27D, Union Civil War. Father - John Rich, Mother - Mary R. Jones.
Rich, Cassie B. Ford Lowe
4-14-1896 52Y 2M 27D,WifeJamesRich
Marker. Adult
Ford, Alfred
6-30-1882 28Y 6M 16D. Alfred Ford - Husband of Nancy A. Rich whose second Husband was William Carter.
Grave - No marker. Adult
Highsmith, Charles D.
2-21-1889 2Y 9M 14D. Charles D. Highsmith Father was William Franklin Highsmith, Son of John Madison Highsmith and Mariah Seaney (See Row #3 for Information on John Madison's other sisters & brother.) Charles mother was Sarah Smith.
Grave - No marker. Child
Rich, Sarah E.
Dau I.B. & M.A. 8-12-1887 4-1-1895
Rich, Infant Son
I.B. & M.A. 2-7-1896 3-12-1897
Rich, Isaiah B.
10-2-1856 12-5-1912. Isaiah Breckenridger Rich (also known as Kaiser Rich). Father - John Rich, Mother - Mary R. Jones.
Rich, Mary A.
Wife of Isaiah B. 11-24-1858 6-10-1931 (LL-6) Vault
Carter, Nancy A. Rich Ford
12-3-1913 56Y 4M 28D. Father - John Rich, Mother - Mary R. Jones.
Rich, Ina May
2-14-1914 3M 27D (3-264). Children of Pearl J. Rich (Father Isaiah B. Rich) and Delia Brush.
Rich, Leslie Warren
7-22-1914 (3-287). Children of Pearl J. Rich (Father Isaiah B. Rich) and Delia Brush.


Funk, Ruby
4-18-1887 11-9-1888 David A. & Eliza Cawood Funk
Funk, Lester
4-6-1893 8-12-1895 David A. & Eliza Cawood Funk
Funk, Mary E.
Dau. TR&L Funk 5-6-1886 18Y 6M 18D
Grave - Plain marker. Child
Funk, Henry B.
1858 1884
Funk, Inf. Dau.
HB & SM Funk 2-14-1882
Funk, Susan M.
1858 1938


Grave - No marker. Child
Rich, Julia Alice Ford
2-26-1870 2-8-1895. Julia was the 1st Wife of George Elmus Rich. Her Father was John Riley Ford & her mother was Elizabeth Meyers. They had three children - Roy - Loy, a twin buried in Tohill Cemetery and Minnie who married Savilla Frost and is buried in the New Hebron Cemetery.
Rich, Roy
2-2-1895 4-13-1918 24th Co. Boston CAC, WWI. Roy's Father was George Elmus Rich, son of James William Rich. George Elmus Rich - Married first Julia Alice Ford. Married second Lavina Ford a sister to Julia Alice. Thirdly he married Martha A. York, widow of Sylvester Midgett. George Elmus Rich is buried in Good Hope Cemetery.
Rich, Bertha Marie
9-8-1914 2-6-1915 Dau. Samuel & Vivian Rich

List of persons buried in this cemetery but location of grave unknown.

Samuel Rich, Sr.
1788 25 Dec. 1859. Gowin Book - F. Isaiah Rich, M. Mary Harper (Probate Record). His wife - Sytha "Sally" Ford 1794 18 Feb. 1864. Gowin Book - F. Jonathan B. Ford, M. Elizabeth Harper (Probate Record). Married Nov. 25, 1811, Henry Co., Ky. (Record Box 92-File #3)

Rich Cemetery Notes

The property where the Rich Cemetery is located was the original "Home Place" where Samuel & Sytha Rich homesteaded and although no record can be found that they were buried in the Rich Cemetery, I believe it is good reason to judge they are. The reason is why would their children that died in Crawford County be buried here and the parents not. Burl L. Rich 6-6-1986.

Elizabeth Rich was alive as of the 1880 Census; Dau. John Rich & Mary Jones.

Husband: Silas Alfred Rich 1853. Gowin Book; F. John Rich, M. Mary Jones. His wife: Martha Dunlap 1857. Gowin Book - Married August 9, 1873

Eliza Rich 2-20-1882 8 Hrs. Book I-76. Dau. James W. & Susan Rich

G. P. Rode - Baby 1-24-1915 Bond

Dellie Rich 1-21-1890 3Y10M20D Book 1-168. Robinson Constitution - Flat Rock News; "Della Rich daughter of Virtus Rich died at Flat Rock 1-21-1890." F. Virtus Rich - Grandparents - Samuel & Delphina Rich, Great Grandparents John & Mary R. Rich.

Juretta May Rich 10-7-1889 2Y5M23D Book 1-165. Robinson Argus; "Son & Daughter born April 14, 1886 to Samuel David & Jane Rich." Crawford County Death Record. NOTE - The Age must be wrong; it is 3 Years 5 Months 23 Days instead of 2 Years 5 Months 23 Days.

Samuel David Rich son of Samuel Rich, Jr. & Nancy Reavill Rich, Grandson of Samuel Rich, Sr. & Scytha Ford.

William Elijah Whitaker 9-2-1878 16Y5M12D Book 1-14. (Born Vigo Co., Ind.)

Elizabeth Jane Jones 16 Oct. 1882. F. Alfred Ford - M. Nancy Ann Rich whose Father was John Rich. Elizabeth Jane Ford married Joseph Jones 22 October 1898. He was the son of Jacob Jones & Jane Ford