Location: Honey Creek Township, Crawford County, Illinois (GPS: 38.864489, -87.78864) (Google Map) (Plot map developed by Burl Rich, July 25, 1990.) For the listing below, the cemetery was compiled and graves probed by Burl L. Rich. Updated September 21, 2002. Rows start 192 feet north of the south fence line. A cedar tree stands in middle of cemetery on the east side (as of 11-27-1988), marking where north part of the cemetery starts. Row numbers start on the west side and go east. Gravesite sequences start approximately 33 graves south and go north to road. 'N' beside row numbers signifies north-side rows. See also the original Wilma Roesler survey of 1970-1972.



Emmons, Wanda
Dau OC&CE 1-26-1924 2 Hrs.
Emmons, Baby Son
OC&CE 10-6-1915 12 Hrs.
Emmons, Mary I.
1858 1933
Emmons, John W.
1857 1936
Allison, Amy M. Legg
3-5-1859 5-19-1948 LL-11
Allison, William Hunter
3-31-1866 2-27-1947 LL-11
Simons, Martha B.
1867 1946
Simons, Levi
1863 3-8-1933
Simons, Pearl
Son Levi & Martha 8-2-1916 32Y 1M 14D
Simons, James Leroy
1906 No marker.


Helpingstine, Imogene Frances
1-2-1924 3-30-1925
Hoke, Infant Dau.
Robert & Edith 7-16-1918
Dunlap, Leroy
Son S & R 10-8-1906 9-28-1915
unlap, Lillian Dasy
Dau. S & R 9-25-1909 3-9-1924
Dunlap, Rebecca F.
1869 1941
Dunlap, Sanford Stephen
8-20-1866 11-24-1945
Dunlap, Niles Sanford
3-31-1912 2-6-1960 Vault, WWII
Dunlap, William Franklin
10-29-1841 9-19-1922
Dunlap, Mary Eliza
3-12-1844 11-19-1917
Dunlap, John
1881 1938
Dunlap, Leslie (Sr)
5-20-1916 5-26-1980 Vault, WWII
Earnhart, G. Agnes
2-3-1903 1-23-1981 Vault
Earnhart, Kenneth W. (Jack)
9-2-1909 6-29-1993 Vault, WWII
McIntosh, Ray Douglas
Son JD&CA 5-10-1912 3Y 5M 1D
Higgins, William Jesse
1870 1943
Higgins, Barbara Ellen Goff
1874 1-8-1942
Higgins, Floyd
Son WJ&BE 11-15-1921 No marker. Bond&LL-2


Six unmarked graves
Souther, Elvissa
10-1-1857 9-17-1925 LL-4
Souther, Milburn O.
1853 1931
Grave - No marker


Grave - No marker
Salesman, Mary A.
3-31-1877 30Y
Salesman, Nicolas
7-25-1866 45Y
Earnhart, Edward
12-3-1881 5-27-1961 LL-14
Earnhart, John Richard
1876 1959 Vault, LL-14
Earnhart, William Henry
5-18-1868 12-16-1943 Bond. Father John Earnhart, Mother Margaret Ann Bishop, Wife Evelyn Ford. No marker.
Earnhart, Margaret Ann
7-31-1922 76Y1M29D, LL-3. Father Solomon Bishop, Mother Mary Galbraith. Information per Bond Funeral Home and Jack Earnhart 6-1-1987. No marker.
Dudley, Sylvia Earnhart
No marker. Daughter of John Earnhart, per Jack Earnhart 6-1-1987.
Grave - No marker
Grave - No marker
Grave - No marker
McGoon, Sarah E. Ballard
1864 1945 Vault
McGoon, Charles M.
3-10-1873 11-9-1941
Ballard, Charles E.
3-7-1902 11-28-1931
Ballard, J. Gayle
2-24-1900 2-13-1920 LL-2
Grave - No marker
McGoon, Garnette M.
Dau CM&SE 2-15-1908 7M 11D, 2-146
Stephenson, James W.
12-24-1907 75Y 11M 25D
Ballard, Eugene
11-21-1902 39Y 10M 21D, 1-242
Ballard, Effie P.
8-12-1906 20Y 10M 8D
Grave - No marker
Grave - No marker
Grave - No marker
Clause, Elige
(Grave - No marker. Burial Spot per Charles Legg 3-1-1988)

ROW 4N-A (North End of Row 40 Feet from South)

Grave - No marker
Grave - No marker
Grave - No marker


Taylor, John H.
10-27-1888 42Y 17D, Civil War
Taylor, Melvina
8-23-1925 75Y 6M 20D, LL-4. Father Jacob Faith, Mother Penina (Pennie) Cox No marker.
Taylor, Vera Isabelle
12-31-1914 6-2-1916 LL-1, No marker. Father L. Elmer Taylor, Mother Nancy Ann Bishop
Taylor, William Harold
3-17-1917 3-25-1917 LL-1, No marker. Father Elmer Taylor, Mother Nancy Ann Bishop
Taylor, Marion S.
8-7-1874 2-13-1927 LL-4
Grave - No marker
Collins, James T.
2-11-1880 49Y 11M 28D, 1-41
Grave - No marker
Earnhart, Charles Ed.
Son E&B 5-7-1904 1M 17D, 1-269
Earnhart, Hazel D.
Dau. JR&E 4-16-1904 1Y 6M 15D
Earnhart, Mabell
Dau. JW&MA 1-7-1890 3Y 2M 2D, 1-168
Souther, Sarah
Wife WM 12-31-1896 64Y 8M 16D
Clause, Elizabeth
Wife Elige 12-18-1852 1-18-1937. Elizabeth's maiden name was Thompson. She was from England and was first married to David Smith, then Elige Clause.


Grave - No marker
Smith, Cuble Belle
5-3-1901 37Y 3M 4D
Foundation of grave marker
Smith, Stella
Dau. CB&V 12-17-1903 18Y 8M 2D, 1-258
Five unmarked graves
Earnhart, Annie May
12-29-1936 60Y 9M 26D, No marker. Father James Matthews, Mother Covie Matthes. Information per Bond Funeral Home Records. Location per Jack Earnhart 6-1-1987.


Grave - No marker


Mullins, Harriet Elizabeth Legg
12-20-1850 8-18-1922 No marker. Father John Legg, Mother Sarah Legg. Burial Place per Charles Legg 3-1-1988.
Mullins, John T.
2-13-1850 12-18-1935. Father James Bartlett Mullins, born Virginia - Mother Pop Taylor. Crawford County Court House Record LL-7, Burial Place per Charles Legg 3-1-1988.
Parker, Sampson M.
2-1-1873 11-24-1920 LL-2. Father George Washington Parker, Mother Elizabeth Mullins
Parker, Charley O.
1-2-1896 8-21-1898
Taylor, Wilbur Levi
6-18-1918 3-25-1950 Vault, WWII
Taylor, Elmer Levi
1877 1957 Vault
Taylor, Nancy Ann
1879 1966 Vault


Row numbers start on the West side and go East. Row #1 starts at the South Fence Line and goes North 192 Feet. A cedar tree on this date (11-27-1986) stands at North end of South Section in middle of Cemetery. GRAVE numbers start on the South side and go North. South side of Cemetery where there are no Graves has a shallow dirt top (2 feet or less) and the rest is hard sandstone.


Grave - No marker
Cox, Reuben E.
Son of JB&MA 2-14-1890 20Y 2M 6D, 1-168
Cox, Jessie B.
3-18-1870 40Y 1M 8D
Keeling, Mary A. Dunlap
11-14-1841 1-4-1914
Gibson, Dora Jane
7-20-1876 7-17-1939. Father Nimrod (NOTE: Family states "Ninian") Keeling, Mother Mary Ann Dunlap, Husband Ernest Gibson
Gibson, Ernest M.
2-7-1865 2-18-1950. Father John Gibson, Mother Emily Powel
Taylor, Joy William
9-12-1916 9-15-1916 Son William & Ida M.
Rich, Otto Byrl
5-7-1917 11-29-1994 Vault, WWII. Foundation where Byrl's stone was set was for a Tombstone for Everett & Della Ford, who are buried in Jones Cemetery. Father Joseph Rich, Mother Ghloe Higgins.
Ford, Betty Ann
Dau. E.&Della 10-29-1927 10-29-1927
Ford, Foster W.
Son E.&Della 6-24-1923 6-24-1923
Smith, Charles Edward
4-29-1919 4-5-1993 WWII
Smith, Otis Carl
3-12-1931 1-25-1953 Vault, KIA Korea
Wilson, Ghloe I. Higgins Smith
1898 3-6-1988
Smith, Allen E.
8-15-1884 1-13-1943. Father - David Smith, Mother Elizabeth Thompson.
Weger, Mary Jane
5-21-1927 4-11-1930. Daughter Elmer & Zelma Goff Weger


Grave - No marker
Grave - No marker
Grave - No marker
Cullom, Edward N.
9-28-1883 11-18-1959 Vault. Son of Rev. John & Martha Cullom
Gibson, Effie J.
Dau Ernest&Dora 12-25-1890 9-19-1979 Vault
Grave - No marker
Grave - No marker
Faith, Jacob
3-1-1863 50Y
Faith, Penney E.
Wife of Jacob 8-27-1875 52Y
Grave - No marker
Grave - No marker
Powel, W. H.
Son F&M 9-1-1865 5M6D
Powel, Mary
Wife F. Powel 4-5-1876 40Yrs
Eight unmarked graves
Bartlett, Grover F.
4-16-1885 5-16-1955 Vault
Bartlett, Isabell Mundhenk
7-8-1888 2-22-1920 Vault, LL-2. Father Frank Mundhenk, Mother Jane Reid
Bartlett, Inf. Son
G&I 1-18-1916 1Y5M24D
Barett, Inf. Dau.
G&I 1-24-1917 2-26-1917 LL-1
Grave - No marker
Grave - No marker
Helpingstine, Mary & Martha
8-8-1924 8-9-1924. Father Melville G. Helpingstine, Mother Laura Catherine Dunlap


Four unmarked graves
Faith, Thomas Jefferson
11-23-1931 90Y1M28D, No marker. Father Jacob Father, Mother Pennina Cox. Record per Bond Funeral Home. Charlie Legg said Thomas had a glass eye and this spot is where Charlie said, in 1988, that Thomas is buried.
Six unmarked graves
Darnall, Isaac N.
10-25-1862 5-27-1917 LL-l. Father Andrew Laurie Darnall, Mother Matilda Abshear
Darnall, Audie Imo
Dau. J&Eliza 2-4-1900 3M5D
Darnall, Lyman L.
Son J&Eliza 3-13-1903 4M3D
Pierson, Isaac
12-29-1880 85Y11M20D
Grave - No marker


Six unmarked graves
Cox, James
2-10-1858 57Y3M4D
Twelve unmarked graves


Four unmarked graves
Darnall, James L.
11-12-1857 43Yrs. Wife was Nancy Bennett
Twenty-three unmarked graves
Purcell, Wiley MC
5-10-1857 40Y15D
Purcell, James Henry
8-14-1855 3Y11D. Children of Wiley MC Purcell & Agnes Purcell.
Purcell, Wiley J.
8-7-1855 3Y11D. Children of Wiley MC Purcell & Agnes Purcell.
Purcell, Stephen M.
10-10-1856 1Y6M26D. Children of Wiley MC Purcell & Agnes Purcell.
Four unmarked graves


Grave - No marker
Clark, George W.
12-18-1834 9-14-1896 2-45
Ten unmarked graves
Grave marker
Ten unmarked graves
Darnall, Inf. Dau.
AL&SJ No Dates
Darnall, Sarilda J.
1-18-1864 20Y8M12D, Wife AL Darnall
Darnall, Docia M.
Dau. AL&SA 8-29-1875 4Y3M9D
Darnall, Jacob F.
Son AL&SA 8-5-1874 9M1D
Darnall, Sarah A.
1-22-1874 26Y10M19D Wife AL Darnall
Darnall, Inf. Son & Dau.
AL&SA No Dates


Twenty-eight unmarked graves
Mullins, P. C.
3-30-1893 2Y5M8D. Children of J.T. & H.E.A. Mullins.
Mullins, Carrie A.
3-6-1886 1Y10M25D. Children of J.T. & H.E.A. Mullins.
Mullins, H. L. F.
5-11-1881 1Y3M1D. Children of J.T. & H.E.A. Mullins.
Mullins, Samuel A.
6-15-1879 7M4D, 1-33. Children of J.T. & H.E.A. Mullins.
Mullins, Charles Frazier
2-4-1878 10M2D, 1-3
Mullins, E. N.
9-8-1877 2Y6M. Children of J.T. & H.E.A. Mullins.
Mullins, E. I. L.
2-26-1875 2Y6M25D Children of J.T. & H.E.A. Mullins.
Mills, William M.
4-24-1875 43Y7M
Mills, Melissa
1-4-1916 85Y
Allison, Thomas R.
4-18-1837 7-24-1917 LL-1

ROW 8 (North end of this Row is 196 Feet from South Fence)

Four unmarked graves
Darnall, Emily
Wife A.L. 2-23-1899 50Y8M16D
Five unmarked graves
Grave - Plain marker
Carter, William
8-30-1892 54Y7M12D. Co. D. 82nd Ill. Inf., Civil War, 1-188

ROW 9 (North End of this Row is 200 Feet from South Fence)

Four unmarked graves
Keeling, M. Nimrod
(NOTE: Family states "Ninian") 12-1-1878 36Y10M. Company A, 5th Ill. Calvary, Civil War
Four unmarked graves

ROW 10 (North End of this Row is 204 Feet from South Fence)

Legg, Charles E.
2-7-1922 11-12-1990 Vault, WWII
Legg, Maxine Camp
Four unmarked graves
Allison, James H.
1872 1923

ROW 11 (North End is 110 Feet Long from South Fence)

Legg, Sarah E. Mills
No marker. 1860
Legg, John W.
No marker. 1863
Legg, William
No marker. 1860's
Legg, Everett R.
12-7-1890 6-9-1951 LL-12, WWI
Legg, Pearl E. Rich
7-1-1892 6-10-1931 LL-6
Grave - No marker
Mills, Anna Legg
Mills, Harry Otho
7-17-1906 1-1-1995
Ford, Guy W.
Son of E&E 10-17-1905 1M12D
Seed, Elias W.
10-5-1843 8-15-1927 LL-4
Seed, Elizabeth D.
7-4-1845 7-25-1916 LL-11
Grave - No marker Vault
Cullom, Rev. John E.
1843 1923
Cullom, Martha J.
1841 1924
Ash, Emma Cullom
3-4-1878 7-26-1943
Cullom, William Davis
8-7-1875 12-19-1946
Cullom, Elizabeth M.
1877 1957 Vault

ROW 12 (North End of this Row is 112 Feet from South Fence)

Legg, Loretta M.
Dau. LD&MA 11-3-1876 1Y5M16D
Legg, Martha Cordelia
Dau. LD&MA 12-20-1880 No marker. Burial Place of Legg Family members is per Elizabeth Legg in 1988.
Legg, Evangeline Faith
1855 4-7-1915 Wife LD Legg, No marker. Burial Place of Legg Family members is per Elizabeth Legg in 1988.
Legg, Lorenzo Dow
7-27-1849 7-3-1935 LL-7, No marker. Burial Place of Legg Family members is per Elizabeth Legg in 1988.
Legg, Walter Elmer
9-30-1885 1-14-1916 No marker. Burial Place of Legg Family members is per Elizabeth Legg in 1988.
Legg, Alonzo W.
12-28-1887 1-14-1916
Legg, Clarence
3-1-1907 7-5-1922 LL-3
Legg, Guy Ellsworth
8-6-1913 8-1-1935
Moade, Martha J. Crum Legg
7-5-1889 4-8-1976 Vault
Porter, Lloyd W.
Son EW&A 1914 1915
Porter, Chloe Irene
2-3-1916 9-30-1919
Mefford, W. Lawrence
9-15-1910 4-15-1994 Vault, WWII
Mefford, Mattie A.
6-6-1883 7-15-1962 Vault
Mefford, G. Russell
8-4-1878 1-19-1961 Vault
Mefford, Sarah Francis Morgan
8-6-1848 2-22-1926 Vault

ROW 13 (North End of Row is 68 Feet from South Fence)

Faith, Rosella E.
1864 1925
Faith, Levi J.
1860 1911
Grave - No marker
Grave - No marker

ROW 14 (North End of Row is 70 Feet from South Fence)

Grave - No marker
Grave - No marker
Grave - No marker
Clark, Thomas B.
2-27-1855 5-10-1924
Clark, Emily J.
12-22-1861 8-1-1937
Clark, Dora J.
4-17-1887 5-7-1969
Headstone foundation only - No grave.
Clark, Charles L.
2-9-1897 1-3-1984 Vault


List of persons buried in this cemetery but the location of their grave is unknown. NOTE: All records with numbers or letters are from the Crawford County Court House. 'Bond' means that the record is from the Bond Funeral Home, whose records are now owned by Goodwine Funeral Home, Palestine, Ill. (3-22-1993 - Burl Rich)

Frank Bunell
3-12-1878 2 Yrs. (1-5). (Born Indiana - Green Goff Undertaker)
Fielden Vorce Clark
(Male) 12-14-1882 2Y5M23D (1-87). Thomas B. Clark - Physician (Amos Goff Undertaker)
Iva May Castle
3-30-1884 2M1D (1-106) (J. D. Parkeson, M. D. )
Lavina Cox
9-22-1886 44Y10D (1-130) (Born Lawrence Co. Ill.)
G. W. Cox
7-17-1878 4Y9M24D (1-12) (Green Goff Undertaker)
Henry Cox
3-25-1915 76Y2M (Bond)
Hannah Davis
10-29-1903 40Y6M (1-259) & Bond
Audrey Darnold
3M5D (1-249)
Ella G. Dunlapp
7-20-1878 1Y9M19D (1-13) (G. Goff Undertaker)
Greenup G. Goff
4-30-1885 (1-116) (Buried Charlottesville Cemetery)
William Ezra Houts
9-22-1903 37Y9M2D (1-260) (Dolph Conover M. D. - Hardinville) (Ruddell Undertaker)
George McDaniels
2-19-1906 46 Years (2-19) (Widower at Death) (Emmons - Undertaker)
Joseph Neville
8-7-1895 18Y7M6D (1-209)
Ruby Edith Parker
10-8-1913 10-3-1914 (3-310). F. Samp Parker - M. Mary Frances Taylor
David K. Smith
4-7-1895 48Y17D (1-208). Wife - Elizabeth Thompson (Her Second Husband was Lige Clause)
John Wesley Smith
3-10-1897 2-19-1914 (3-263) & Bond. F. C.B. Smith - M. Virinda Souther
3-24-1915 (No Age) Bond. Died of Tuberculosis - F. C.B. Smith - M. Viranda Souther
5-27-1915 (No Age) Bond. F. C.B. Smith - M. Virinda Souther
Ella Mona Smith
5-17-1916 15Y8M19D (LL-l) Bond. F. C.B. Smith - M. Virinda Souther
Virinda (Verinda) J. Smith
9-21-1864 4-27-1936 LL-1 & Bond. H. Cuble Belle Smith. F. William Souther. M. Sarah Bishop
Ira E. Taylor
3-19-1878 1Y5M9D (1-7). (Green Goff - Undertaker)
Lelia Alfaretta Updike
4-3-1878 7Y20D (1-6)
A. M. Updike
6-28-1878 16Y1D (1-9). (J. R. Young - Undertaker)
Rose Ella Updike
1-15-1925 60Y5M4D (Bond). (Married at Time of Death) F. Thomas Allison - M. Ellen Wright
Gracy Weger
9-10-1902 10M29D (1-238)
Josie Weger (Baby)
5-15-1916 5-30-1916 (LL-l) (Bond). F. John H. Weger. M. Josie Smith
Babe Weger
4-26-1911 6-19-1916 (LL-1) (Bond). F. John H. Weger. M. Josie Smith
Josephine Olive Weger
1-24-1883 8-29-1921 38Y7M5D (LL-2) (Bond). F. David K. Smith. M. Elizabeth Thompson. Husband - John H. Weger