Location: Lamotte Township, Crawford County, Illinois, Section 9, T6N, R11W. Cemetery compiled by Wilma Roesler and Imogene Bailey, May 1971 (See also their original survey.) Revised by Carolyn Ellis, June 2, 1981. Updated by Alan Ayres and Burl L. Rich, May 19, 2003. Row numbers start on the west side and go east. Grave/plot sequences start on the south end of each row and go north.


McGahey, Margaret Ann VanHorn
1848 1914 Wife of Rush McGahey
McGahey, Rush Patton
1845 1926
McGahey, John William (Willie)
2-7-1873 2-16-1873 Infant Son


Mail, Bessie Leota
9-13-1873 8M23D, Dau. JF&EM Mail
Mail, Elizabeth
7-28-1902 41Y4M


Mail, Isaac Donald
3-6-1831 8-29-1913
Mail, Mary Purcel
11-26-1836 11-8-1872 Wife of Isaac Mail
Mail, Marlin D
2-22-1857 12-4-1890
Mail, Sarah Jane Reavill
1-9-1857 4-6-1902 Wife of Marlin Mail
Mail, Infant Daughter
12-23-1883 No Age, Dau. MS&SJ Mail
Mail, Royal L.
6-16-1888 5-30-1889 Son MS&SJ Mail
Mail, Franklin H.
4-19-1886 8-23-1889 Son MS&SJ Mail
Mail, Infant Daughter
6-16-1890 No Age
Mail, Ernest
8-15-1879 3-25-1887 Son MS&SJ Mail
Mail, Frederick
4-15-1803 2-8-1873 69Y 9M 23D, Md. Louisa McGahey


McGahey, Margaret A.
7-30-1870 5Y 11M 2D, Dau JA&D McGahey
McGahey, Richard M.
10-23-1870 21Y 6M 27D
McGahey, James A.
3-15-1830 12-21-1871
McGahey, Dorcas Walters
8-21-1838 12-14-1917 Wife of James McGahey
McGahey, Lucy Ellen
10-4-1861 12-13-1943
McGahey, John F.
(Died in Jasper Co., IL) 3-21-1874 33Y 7M 25D


McGahey, Osmond N.
1-2-1859 20Y 9M 1D
McGahey, Allen
8-8-1857 59Y 11M 2D
McGahey, Orville B.
7-22-1856 2Y 26D, Son of Allen & Mary Buchanan McGahey
McGahey, Harriet Newland
10-2-1851 41Y 7M 6D, Wife of Allen McGahey
McGahey, David
9-29-1851 78Y 9M 16D
McGahey, B.
11-25-1822 43Y 4M
McGahey, Elizabeth Donnell
11-25-1822 43Y 9M, Wife of David McGahey
Fox, Lucinda Evelyn McGahey
6-8-1842 Died in 33 Year of her Age
Kent, Claudia May McGahey
3-23-1904 22Y9M16D, Wife of Nelson R. Kent
McGahey, Esther L.
4-25-1893 2-28-1919 Dau. of CA&LI McGahey


Mail, Louisa Hariet McGahey
2-9-1865 59Y 10M 7D, Wife of Frederick Mail
Mail, David Marlin
9-24-1857 28Y3M24D, Son of F&L Mail
McGahey, Osmond
12-26-1799 11-20-1847
McGahey, E. A.
9-5-1838 2Y 1M 12D - No headstone
McGahey, Eliza C.
7-7-1842 3-17-1847 - No headstone
McGahey, Infant Dau.
2-20-1898 2-25-1898
McGahey, Fatie W. Alexander
1-14-1874 8-28-1898 Wife of James O. McGahey

Headstones from "Old McGahey Cemetery"

NOTE: The Following headstones were from an Old McGahey Cemetery. The Old Cemetery was North of the McGahey-Mail Cemetery. People are not buried in this cemetery, and Old McGahey Cemetery has been destroyed by farming-over the cemetery.

Logan, A. H.
Sep. 1876 45 Years
Logan, Ann E.
7-14-1856 2Y 11M 5D