Location: Lamotte Township, Crawford County, Illinois, Section 34, T6N, R11W. (GPS; 39.001222, -87.617791) Cemetery compiled by Wilma Roesler and Imogene Bailey, October 20, 1971. See also the original survey by Roesler & Bailey. Revised by Carolyn Ellis, April 20, 1981. Updated by Alan Ayres and Burl L. Rich, May 12, 2003. Row numbers start on the west side of the cemetery and go east. Gravesite sequences start on the north side of each row and go south.


Murphy, Eliza V
1-12-1876 35Y, 7D, Wife EE Murphy
Murphy, Emma B
5 Mos, 12D Dau. EE&EV Murphy
Harmon, Alexander
Born in Montgomery Co., KY. 8-1-1804. Died in Palestine, IL. 12-13-1876 72Y 4M 12D
Wilson, Wm. W
1-9-1835 7-24-1835 (NO TOMBSTONE)
Fellows, Willie
Mat. Ross. Mass Line - Revolutionary War. 1757 - 1840
Malcolm, John
1st Lt. Trps. - Revolutionary War. Died 1834


Alexander, AK
3-5-1843 7-4-1865
Alexander, Mary E
6-28-1851 18Y 3M
Kitchell, Joseph B
7-28-1849 19Y
Kitchell, Albert B
12-29-1847 26Y 5M
Kitchell, Joseph
4-7-1843 62Y 9M
Allen, Mary
6-17-1848 1Y 1M
Allen, William J
8-10-1849 9M
Allen, Mary E
8-28-1825 5-21-1852
Kitchell, Rachel L
5-17-1788 9-17-1867 79Y 4M
Allen, Sarah E
10-17-1867 16Y 5M 2D, Dau JC&ME Allen


Alexander, Martha J
9-8-1851 24 Yrs
Kitchell, Emily
3-6-1824 9-15-1824
Kitchell, Amanda F
3-12-1828 9-29-1829


Alexander, Lucy
3-3-1856 5Y 1M 25D
Alexander, Julia Ann
7-7-1855 38Y 6M 8D
Alexander, Eliza
9-28-1835 27Y
Alexander, Emily Jane
5-29-1835 4Y 7M
French, Clarissa
7-19-1841 22Y 5M
French, John J
8-1-1841 4M


Wilson, Mary E
8-26-1835 10-4-1860 25Y 1M 8D
Danforth, Cyrus L
10-29-1835 31 Yrs
Looker, Othniel
10-4-1757 8-29-1846 Revolutionary War. (See article on this website concerning the D.A.R. dedication of his headstone. He is the only Governor of the state of Ohio to have served in the American Revolution.)


Alexander, Janella
4-8-1850 1Y 1M 9D

Other researchers say the following people are buried in this Cemetery, but have no headstones.

Janey, Caroline
Wilson, Maria H
Bristol, Jane K