Location: Crawford County, Illinois. (GPS: 38.889660, -87.778851) (Plot map developed by Burl Rich, July 25, 1990.) For this listing, the cemetery was compiled and graves probed by Burl L. Rich. Updated September 20, 2002. Each row is approximately 113 feet in length. Row numbering starts on the east side of the cemetery. Gravesite sequences start on the south and go north. Each gravesite is approximately four feet wide. See also the original Wilma Roesler survey of 1970-1972.


McCarty, Clifford Eugene
5-26-1923 10-12-1923 Son B&E
McCarty, Infant Son
9-19-21 Byron & Emma Dunlap
Dunlap, Polly
8-15-1829 1-30-1917
Dunlap, Richard F.
1862 1921. Father Thomas Dunlap, Mother Polly Fitts
Dunlap, Mary B.
1871 1934. Father Jeff Fitts, Mother Polly Reedy
Dunlap, Frankie
1902 1926
Kent, Infant
Son J&H 1-31-1896 15 Days
Grave - no marker
Hodges, Dennis E.
4-28-1952 1-12-1981
Mikeworth, Melissa
12-7-1982 9-29-1988 (Hodges)
Daron, Alvin
2-25-1899 11-5-1986
Daron, A. Elizabeth Dunlap
7-11-1899 10-25-1971
Daron, Deloris Ruth
Dau. A&E 2-25-1933 1-1-1935
Daron, Donald Daniel
Son A&E 4-21-1927 5-5-1927
Daron, Infant
Dau. A&E 7-15-1926
Daron, Mary Elizabeth
Dau. A&E 12-12-1923 12-13-1923
Daron, Archie
Son WF&CM 11-8-1908 10-8-1921


Clark, Infant
Dau. JL & MA 7-4-1890 4M6D
Grave - no marker
Garrard, Thomas H.
Son WA&ME 7-9-1868 19Y5M1D
Grave - no marker
Glosser, Mariah E. Haskins
2-16-1868 Wife Jackson Glosser. Died 2-16-1868, 37Y10M6D, 1st Husband William A. Garrard
Garrard, William A.
11-25-1864 43Y11M6D
Grave - no marker
Daron - Inf. Sons
Sons of Daniel & Henrietta - Both graves on same plot.
Daron, Daniel
1809 1876
Daron, Minnie
6-6-1900 7-30-1984
Daron, Carry M.
Dau SA & CM 2-14-1898 5Y4M1D
Daron, Frankie
Son SA & CM 2-5-1902 8-19-1902
Daron, Stephen A.
7-27-1905 44Y4M23D
Daron, Caroline Eagleton
1875 1953
Daron, Laura E.
Dau SA&CM 8-6-1891 12-4-1911


Daron, Mae
1894 1965
Daron, Everett
1897 1997
Haskin, Robert E.
2-24-1899 75Y1M24D. Father Robert C. Haskin, Mother Martha E. White
Haskin, Margaret E. Higgins
4-2-1877 50Y2M6D,Wife RE Haskin
Haskin, Amanda E.
Dau RE&ME 1-11-1855 11M8D
Haskin, Charles P.
Son RE&Me 8-23-1878 7Y8M19D
Fowler, Margaret A.
Dau. WM&T 3-14-1854 10Y9M11D
Grave - no marker
Robinson, Harvey Lee
1903 1904 Inf. Son Jane & Bert. Brother of Golda Robinson - Husband Kenneth Garrard. Father - Birt C. Robinson - M. Amanda Jane Highsmith. Raised by Etta & John Lowrance
Highsmith, Betsey E.
1857 1906. Full name - Elizabeth Ellen Daron Highsmith. Father - Daniel Daron, Mother Henrietta Reese. Henrietta buried in Hardinville Ill Cemetery.
Highsmith, J.M. (James Madison)
1851 1926 Attended Pearl Chapel Church
Garrard, Robert E.
3-11-1853 8-24-1938. Father William A. Garrard, Mother Mariah Elizabeth Haskin. Grandfather - Robert C. Haskin
Garrard, Louisa Eagleton
1-23-1860 8-9-1944


Haskin, Martha E. White
8-2-1798 7-25-1872 Wife Robert C. Haskin
Haskin, Robert Cochran
8-22-1793 3-1-1858. Father Asahel Haskin who was born 8-12-1765 in Norwich, Conn. Asahel was a Private in Massachusetts Troop in Revolutionary War. Mother of Robert was Jeanette Cochran, Born Dec. 23, 1765 and died in 1827.
Haskin, Robert A.
7-29-1856 7M, Son Alfred & Margaret A.
Grave - no marker
Grave - no marker


Kamplain, David M.
1972 1987 Vault
Boyd, Samuel Roper
10-26-1870 57Y9M26D. Married Louisa J. Haskins, she was born 6-7-1820, died & Cremated 8-14-1901. Her father was Robert C. Haskin, Mother Mary Elizabeth White.
Boyd, Clara H.
Dau HN & Lavina 7-13-1870 2Y10M2D (Lavina Gaddis)
Boyd, Hiram Newton
Son SR&LJ 2-20-1870 26Y8M27D
Boyd, Newton D.
(No One Buried Behind This Stone) Private Co. K, 6th Ohio Calvary, Civil War
Boyd, Samuel RJ
Son SR&LJ 9-27-1865 17Y3M26D
Boyd, John W.
Son SR & LJ 3-25-1865 20Y3M26D, Civil War
Boyd, Margaret J.
Dau SR & LJ 7-25-1855 1Y2M18D
Boyd, Martha E.
Dau. R & A 2-22-1854 9M2D
Boyd, Robert
7-24-1854 25Y9M20D. Father Benjamin Boyd, Mother Delia Boyd. He married Mary A. Haskin whose Father is Robert C. Haskin - Mother Mary E. White


Boyd, Nancy Augusta Price
4-12-1839 1-11-1914 Vault
Boyd, Robert Marion
11-29-1896 55Y10M16D. Father Samuel Roper Boyd, Mother Louisa J. Haskin
Boyd, Austin M.
Son RM&NA 11-17-1886 17Y11M4D
Boyd, Infant Son
Son of RM&NA 11-17-1877
Boyd, John W.
Son RM&NA 1-23-1865 9-15-1876
Boyd, Charles B.
Son RM&NA 12-18-1866 9-7-1876
Boyd, Ellen F.
Dau. RM&NA 3-1-1864 9M11D
Garrard, Infant Dau.
Dau.TW & MA 5-19-1867
Garrard, Louisa J.
Dau. TW&MA 12-19-1868 1Y7M
Garrard, Samuel R.
Son TW&MA 10-25-1862 3-24-1874
Garrard, Cary O.
Dau TW&MA 3-26-1873 3-21-1874
Grave - no marker

Garrard Children - TW is Thomas W. Garrard, MA is Martha A. Boyd. Martha's Parents are Samuel Roper Boyd and Louisa J. Haskin

List of persons buried in this cemetery but location of grave unknown.

NOTE: All records with numbers or letters are from the Crawford County Courthouse.

Charles Carter
4-15-1883 3Y1M15D 1-93 (Died of Lock Jaw)
Infant Fitts
9-23-1878 1Hr. 1-15