Cemetery destroyed. Location: Section 11, Township 5 North, Range 11 West. Compiled 1970 and 1971 by Wilma Roesler and Imogene Bailey. Their original survey of this cemetery is also provided online for cross-checking purposes.

Murphy, Marshal C.
9-9-1856 12Y 18D
Funk, William R.
6-12-1867 5Y 2M 6D, Son of GM&EJ Funk
Funk, William M.
11-27-1851 1Y 7M 20D, Son of WM&M Funk
Funk, Thomas P.
7-25-1859 7Y 9M 15D, Son of GM&EJ Funk
Funk, Eliza J.
4-1-1861 1Y 6M 10D, Dau. GM&EJ Funk
Funk, Gabriel
4-11-1855 1Y 9M 1D, Son WM&M fUNK
Funk, Mary
10-9-1790 1-23-1854 64Y 3M 14D, Wife of Gabriel Funk
Footstone G. F.
18______ 67Y 2M 24D. The top of the above marker was broken off and gone, we believe this to be the marker of Gabriel Funk, husband of Mary Funk - Per Wilma Roesler & Imogene Bailey.