Location: Montgomery Township, Section 24, Township 5 North, Range 10 West. Survey compiled by Wilma Roesler, June 20, 1970.

In the Canaan Baptist Church yard - 1817-1960 there is a marker which reads as follows:
This anvil was brought from England by the Allisons in 1750, and in 1809 they brought into a place north of Russellville, Illinois.
In 1810 Fort Allison was built by the Allison brothers: Samuel H. the blacksmith, Jonathan, John, Ezra, and Richard, a Baptist Minister.
This anvil was dedicated in memory of the primitive Baptists to the Canaan Church on it's (sic) 130th Anniversary by the Allison descendents (sic) - Oct. 19, 1947.
The anvil mentioned above is on a large stone near this marker which reads as follows:
Rebecca (Wife of F.H. Allison) died May (no day) 1850 - about 78 years.
(The anvil is now located in the Crawford County Illinois Historical Society Museum.)

Allison, Rebecca
5-1850 Abt. 78 Years, Wife of F.H. Allison