Located on the Lewis ("Lew") Meek Farm, Montgomery Township, Section 29, Township 6 North, Range 10 West. The original Wilma Roesler survey of this cemetery is also provided online for cross-checking purposes.

Stiles, Lydia M
12-21-1864 21Y4M8D, Dau. of A&H Stiles
Baird, Almira
9-__-186__ 39Y 6M, Consort of Robt. Baird
Baird, Emma J
10-7-1855 2Y 8M 21D
Baird, Sewell J
4-7-1852 1Y 4M 15D, Son of R&N Baird
Bartmess, Peter
2-9-1857 53Y 17D
Crews, Elizabeth
5-22-1859 22Y 1M 16D, Wife of John Crews
Bartmess, Sarah C
12-1-1853 33Y 2M 11D. Consort of Peter Bartmess
Baird, Nancy
10-1-1856 29Y 10M 28D. Consort of Robert Baird
Bartmess, Mary Jane
4-16-1840 27 Yrs, Consort of Peter Bartmess
Bartmess, Martha
12-28-1840 9M 2D, Dau P&MJ Bartmess