Located Section 14, Township 5 North, Range 11 West, on land originally owned by the Allison Family. The survey below was compiled 1969 through 1972 by Wilma Roesler and Imogene Bailey.

Allison, David Young (Rev.)
3-5-1881 72Y9M29D
Allison, Sarah
7-1-1896 84Y7M25D. Tombstone erected by DH Clements
Highsmith, James Buchanan
5-24-1882 25Y4M29D
Allison, William M.
6-19-1861 9M23D, Son CM&ME Allison
Allison, Calip M.
10-14-1865 30Y2M29D
Highsmith, Thomas T.
4-16-1891 77Y4M10D
Highsmith, Angeline
8-27-1883 52Y4M29D, Wife of TT Highsmith
Allison, Robert Y.
4-13-1874 12Y14D, Son CM&ME Allison
Allison, Clement V.
5-24-1866 2Y8M9D, Son CM&ME Allison
Seaney, Audrillo
9-1-1885 2Y4M29D
Allison, Claudie M.
4-15-1879 1Y9M13D