Letter Commissioner Of Pensions

Letter Commissioner Of Pensions
Robinson Ill.
Nov 12, 1890
The Commissioner of Pensions
Washington D.C.


Replying to your call for my different P.O. addresses &c as per inclosed Circular I will day that when I was discharged I came to Hutsonvill Ill where I lived to 1872 when I moved to Casey Clark Co Ill. where I lived till 1880 when I moved to Marshall Clark Co Ill. wehre I lived till 1887 when I moved to Robinson Ill where I now reside

I dont know that I can gave any fuller account of the origin of my disability. my nervousness is the result of over heat & excertion at the Battle of Corrnith Miss oct 3rd or 4th 1862. My chronic diarrhea was contracted at Camp Cape Girardeau Mo during the winter of 1861 & 2

I think my Rheumatisn is the result of great exposrue to very bad weather during the campaign aganist Island No 10 Mo in the early Spring of 1862, and at different places notably at New Madrid Mo and Duckport La. It is hard to tell Just when one contracts Rheumatism but I Know that it was during my service. on account (next page) of sore eyes (which were very much inflamed) I was left at Duck- port La for about one Month in the Spring of 1863. about this time I was also Suffering greatly with diarrhea.

This is about as well as I can state the matter

I am a badly broken down man and that I lost my health while in the Service and hope you will grant me a pension. As my record will show that I done my whole duty toward putting down the rebellion. as my eyes is very bad I have not written this letter myself but the language is my own

Yours very truly
Zackariah Adams
Late 1st Sargt Co H
11 Mo vols

Letter For Sarah Adams

Letter For Sarah Adams
Department of the Interior
Bureau of Pensions
Washington DC January 15 1898

Certificate No 863728
Name Zachariah Adams


In forwarding to the pension agent the executed voucher for your next quarterly payment please favor me by returning this circular to him with replies to the question enumerated below.

Very respectfully,
H Clay Evans
J Merriam
W.D. Pension Agent
Chicago Illinois

First. Are you married? If so, please state yor wife's full name and her maiden name.

yes her name Sarah E. Adams before maried Sarah E. Willard

Second. When, where, and by whom were you married?

July 16 1867 marshall clark county Ills by G.R. Patton J. P.

Third. What record of marriage exists?

marshall clark co Ill marriage Record

Fourth. Were previously married? If so, please state the name of your former wife and the date and place of her death or divorce.

I was married to Julia A. meeker at Point Plesant mo march 16 1862 at whitch time mo did not issue lisens I was married by the chaplin of Regt

Fifth. Have you any children living? If so, please state their names and the dates of their birth.

Ida May Adams borned may 31 1866, John H Adams Sept 8 1869, Josiah Adams march 12 1872, Zachariah Adams Jr June 13 1877,Oliver Adams may 21 1880 and Charles Adasm Borned may 8 1885

Date of reply, July 5, 1898
Zachariah Adams

Letter For Sarah Adams

Letter For Sarah Adams
County Clerk of Crawford County.
Chas. O. Harper, Clerk
J.H. Price, Deputy

Robinson, ILL. December 6 1902

I Zachariah Adams was borned at or near Palestine April 20 1840 I enlisted in Company H. 11. Missouri Vollenteers July 20 1861 Served till January 15 1864 and Reenlisted in Same Company and Regiment and Served till End of War 4 year & 6 months End of War I was Dicharged at St Louis Missori on 15 of January 1866 I Was Discharged as orderly Sargeant

I Was maried to Julia A Meeker at Point Pleasant missouri march 16th 1862 I was maried by the Chaplin of our Regiment it Was at a time When thare Was no Licens in the State of missouri the Chaplin is Dead it Was about 10 miles below new madrid missouri at Point Plsent

I lived With her till shy Died at Hutsonville Crawford Co Ills on June 11th 1866 Anson Parker & Tilton Roggers Was the undertakers at Hutsonville at that time and they Burried her
(next page)

in Refference to maring Julia A meeker W.W. Boatwright he was one of our Company Lutenants at time was Presant and it may be Thare was more

Refer to James morris and His Wife Jeff Daugerty John Thomas or maran Holmes or Any of our company whom may be living when this is needed Jerry Richards the Dr Was Lowher Dr James Barlow Dr Atwood Which are all Dead also Reference to her Death Sarah Hamilton Essa Jenkins or Essa Hedin Pearces Family Theodore Seigel Mrs witworth march Beckom John alvim Mrs condy James Jron m.P. Rackerby Andy cote

I make this Papper for my Presant Wife* Sarah E Adams most Any of the old citzens of Hutsonville Will no
(next page)
I was maried to Sarah E. Willard July 16 1867 at marshall Ills Clark Co by J.R. Patten a Justise of the Peace Present Was Charle Chinsworth & Wife Whitch are both Dead Joel musgrave Was Living thare at marshall at the time but was not Presant I dont think

I draw a Penson Rhumatism Deisease of Heart Nervis System and Eyes cronic Diarrhear Resulting Disease of Rectum

this is made by Zachariah Adams for the benifit of my Wife Sarah E Adams my own Hand Wrighting and Wording this 6 day December 1902 at Robinson Crawford co Ills
Zachariah Adams

Additional Comments: * a note writen to the side says, "Em Grace at Terri Haute her name now is Smith at Presant"