Following is one of the Biographies and Stories which where gathered by Charles Sumner McKamy in the 1950s for publication in a Crawford County History Book. Unfortunately he passed away before the book was published.

Written by Elsie Tedford

Robert Stuart Tedford was born near Morea in Montgomery Township, Crawford County, Illinois on December 1, 1854, and died in Montgomery Township, within a few miles of his birthplace, on January 8, 1925.

He was the fourth of eight children born to John Melvin and Martha Stuart Tedford, who came to Crawford County about 1852 from Blount County, Tennessee. Three older brothers, William, Joseph and John Calvin were born in Tennessee.

His parents were among the Tennessee and Ohio families who organized the Morea United Presbyterian Church. He was among the first children baptized there and at the time of his death, was an Elder in this same church.

He was the grandson of Paxton Tedford of Tennessee, and the great grandson of Captain John Tedford, who was born in Ireland, came to Virginia in 1753, and served as an officer in the Revolutionary War.

His youngest brother, Isaac Wright, who died in young manhood, and three sisters, were also born in the Morea community. His sister Mary became the wife of R.O. Longnecker and moved to Lawrence County. His sister Sarah Eliza became the wife of Arthur Smith and also lived in Lawrence County. His youngest sister, Martha, became the wife of Alva Vinsel. They lived in Crawford County until their deaths.

Robert Stuart Tedford's father, John Melvin Tedford, enlisted with Company D of the 38th Illinois Infantry Regiment of the Civil War. He was wounded in service and lay out on the battlefield all night. He died in 1865 from this exposure. Robert was then 11 years of age. He became a farmer and in 1880, he was married to Louisa Adams, only sister of William B. and Daniel H. Adams. He farmed many years in Honey Creek Township where were born eleven children -- ten of whom lived to maturity. In 1907 he sold the farm in Honey Creek Township and purchased one in Montgomery Township where he resided at the time of his death.

The oldest son, James C. Tedford, was born in 1881 and married Carrie Goff, daughter of Harve Goff, in 1907. James moved to Cottage Grove, Oregon, where he was Superintendent of Highways in Lane County for a number of years. He died there in 1952. His widow and son, Lowell, born in 1910, continue to live in Cottage Grove and Portland, Oregon respectively.

The second son, Windsor, died in infancy. Harley O. Tedford, third son, was born in 1884 and married in 1908 Anna Tohill, daughter of Louis Tohill. Harley died in Lawrenceville in 1955 shortly after retiring as Secretary of the Mt. Carmel District of the National Farm Loan Association. His widow and four of his five children live in Lawrence County. Robert, a farmer, born in 1909, married Esther Benson in 1928. They had five children; John Robert, died in 1951 at the age of 20 years; Lawrence, now in the armed services; Treva, employed at Richland County Hospital at Olney; and Jerey and Max at home.

Frances, born 1911, married in 1932 Paul Clapp, owner of Clapp's Garage near Birds. They have one son, Mark, born in 1944.

Mildred, born in 1916, married in 1941 Earl Weed, owner if the A-1 Electric Shop in Carmi, Illinois. They have four children, Stephen, Ernest, Frances and Ruth Ann.

Harley, Jr., born in 1923, is employed at the Case Pottery in Robinson. He served in Europe during World War II, married Leah Goff in 1926. They have four children, Anna Jane, Ronald, Linda and Larry. Linda and Larry are twins.

Raymond, veteran of World War II serving in Italy, born in 1926 and is employed at the Lawrenceville Refinery. He married Rosemary Cupp in 1949. They have two children, Steven and Kathy Lynn.

Everett Tedford, fourth son of Robert Stuart Tedford, was born in 1886. He taught school for a number of years in Illinois and Oklahoma. He married Blanche Springer, daughter of Dell Springer, in 1908. Everett died in Colorado in 1914. His son, Emerson, born in 1910, now lives in Shreveport, Louisiana. He married Bessie Sheffield of Texas in 1938. They have two children, George and Mary Ann.

Emmet Tedford, fifth son of Robert S. Tedford, was born in 1888. He served in France during World War I. He is an ordained Minister of the Christian Church and was active in the ministry until 1953 when ill health forced him to enter the Veterans Hospital.

Gertrude Tedford, sixth child of Robert S. Tedford, was born in 1890. In 1911 she married Fred S. Laughead, a farmer of Montgomery Township. She died September 1, 1955.

Flossie Tedford, seventh child of Robert S. Tedford, was born in 1893 and died in 1912 at the age of 19 years.

Elsie Tedford, eighth child of Robert S. Tedford, was born in 1895. She resides at Flat Rock, Illinois where she has been a primary teacher for many years.

Percy Tedford, ninth child of Robert S. Tedford, was born in 1897. He has farmed most of his life. He lives at Flat Rock.

Chester McKinley Tedford (Mack), tenth child of Robert S. Tedford, was born in 1899. He served in France during World War I where he was wounded and gassed. He died at the Battle Mountain Sanitarium in Hot Springs, South Dakota in 1920.

Fred Tedford, eleventh and youngest child of Robert S. Tedford, was born in 1902. He married Cleo Rich of Lawrence County in 1923. He is employed by the Illinois State Highway Department. They have six children; Charles Ray born in 1924, veteran of World War II, married Kathryn Hill of Charleston in 1946. He is Assistant State Director of the Illinois State Farm Insurance Company. He is a graduate of Springfield Law School and has been admitted to the bar. They have one daughter, Michelle Kay.

Eugenia Arle (Jean), daughter of Fred Tedford, was born in 1925, married in 1945 Forrest Osborn, a farmer of Pana, Illinois. They have three children, Shirley, Nancy and Charles Robert.

Mary Lou, daughter of Fred Tedford, was born in 1927, married Jack Mills in 1951. He is employed by the Robinson Telephone Company and resides at South King Street. They have two children, Susan and Mary Catherine.

Donald Mac, son of Fred Tedford, was born in 1931, served with the 25th Reconnaissance Company in the Korean War, was wounded three times, served three years with the U.S. Army in Germany and at present stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Anita Fern, daughter of Fred Tedford, was born in 1932. She is a Physical Education teacher in the High School at Taylorville, Illinois.

Carol Dean, youngest daughter of Fred Tedford, was born in 1937. She is with the Western Union Company at Elgin, Illinois.

Robert Stuart Tedford's first wife, Louisa Adams Tedford, died in 1910. In 1915, he married Mary A. McKamy, widow of William McKamy and mother of Charles S. McKamy of Robinson and John McKamy. She died in 1930.