Following is one of the Biographies and Stories which where gathered by Charles Sumner McKamy in the 1950s for publication in a Crawford County History Book. Unfortunately he passed away before the book was published.

By Mona Farren

Elias Gitchel Rutherford, Gitch as he was known all over Crawford County, was born is Tuscarawas County, Ohio February 22, 1845, the son of Benjamin and Mary Few Rutherford.

When a young boy in his teens, he and another boy drove a large flock of sheep from Ohio to Robinson, Illinois for Harvey Brigham (the father of Mrs. E.E. Gordon), a former Ohio man who had lived near the Rutherford family and later moved to Robinson and followed the stock business.

Gitch decided to stay in Illinois and did not return to Ohio until he was in his sixties. He married Kate McGrew who lived only a few years, leaving him with two small children, Maude and Frank.

Later, he was united in marriage to Sarah Jane Bales who was born in Lawrence County, Indiana October 18th, 1848, the daughter of David McCollum and Hannah Bales. Jennie Bales, as she was known in the vicinity of Oblong and Robinson, came with her parents in a covered wagon from Indiana at the age of three years. D.M. Bales took up a claim south of Oblong.

Coll Bales, as he was known all over Crawford County, was an unusual man. Those were harsh pioneer days and the Bales family had many struggles, as did nearly all the early settlers in that vicinity, but neighbors bore one another's burdens. No matter what happened, deaths, births, illness and troubles of kinds, Coll Bales was wanted and needed by all. He never failed to answer a call of distress. He was a firm believer in his church, leading in all religious activities, raising his powerful voice in song and prayer all the days of his life. Jennie Bales started teaching school while in her early teens. I've heard her tell of the old Dark Bend she had to travel through on horseback to the Ambraw River and ford across to reach her school in South West Township near Landes. She taught many terms in various County schools until her marriage to Gitch Rutherford on February 22, 1873.

To this union were born five children: Justin R., Benjamin M., Harvey L., Charles H. and Mona R.

Both Gitch and Jennie faced hardships. They raised their children here and contributed to the building of the community in every fine way.

Mr. Rutherford was a farmer for many years, then entered the grocery business. He was a staunch Republican, always eager and willing to serve his party. He was highly respected and honored in his community.

Jennie, or Jen as her close friends addressed her, was a plain, free-spoken woman, standing for the rights of all. A faithful Methodist all her long life. When joy or sorrow came into the homes of her neighbors and friends, they would say, "Go get Mrs. Rutherford". She was her father's own daughter.

She will be remembered by her kind and loving deeds of mercy. She liked everyone. I never heard an unkind word against her, but many called her Blessed.

The Rutherford's lived for over fifty years in Robinson. Then Mr. Rutherford's health failed in his 82nd year and they were taken to their daughter's home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mr. Rutherford died in July 1926 and is buried in Tulsa.

Mrs. Rutherford spent the following fourteen years with her only daughter, Mona R. Farren, building a new life in her late seventies, making new friends, finding her place in the church life she loved so much and enjoyed life to the fullest. She was the eldest of ten children and outlived them all except one sister, Mary Bales Fisher, who followed a year later.

My mother was 91 years and four months old when her summons came to enter into Life Eternal. Her children surrounded her with love and devotion for we knew she was a rare personality.

Gitch and Jennie's children have led honorable lives. Justin R., when a young man after his early school days, went to work for Brubaker and Sons in the construction business. Later, he went to the Herb Woods Dry Goods Store. He then moved to Bedford, Indiana to work in the Bedford Stone Works. Later he became a shoe merchant, following this business many years. His last twenty of more years were devoted to the Masonic work of Bedford, filling many offices. He was one who went about doing good. Justin passed away at the age of eighty-one on February 20, 1956, leaving his wife Cora, and two daughters, Jeanette and Mona Louise, and three grandchildren.

Benjamin M. was born November 10, 18977. Ben, as everyone called him, was well known during his boyhood and early manhood. Always happy and known for his jovial way. He was for years with the H.E. Whitaker Dry Goods Store, later going to Chicago, St. Louis and Denver. He lived with his sister Mona for fourteen years and died in her home in Tulsa on April 6, 1944.

Harvey L. died in infancy.

Charles H. lived in Robinson all his childhood and young manhood, going to the public schools and working in the store of Lute Brigham. Charles was best known for his activity in the baseball field. He moved to Indianapolis, married Florence Skinner, and moved to California where he lived for years. In 1918, they moved to Oklahoma where he was connected with the oil fields. His wife died in 1950 and he still lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Mona R. lived all her life in Robinson. She was the first librarian of the Carnegie Library where she served eight years. She was married to Charles F. Farren of Pittsburgh, Penn. On July 16, 1913 and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where she still resides. One son, Charles R., blessed this union. Mr. Farren was a devoted husband, father, and son-in-law to the Rutherford family. On May 1, 1926, he departed this life and is buried in Tulsa. Mona Farren has continued living in Tulsa and her son Charles is married, living in Tulsa. They have one daughter, Mary Ann.