Following is one of the Biographies and Stories which where gathered by Charles Sumner McKamy in the 1950s for publication in a Crawford County History Book. Unfortunately he passed away before the book was published.

Peter King, one of the early pioneer residents of Crawford County, was born in Hesse Darmstadt, Germany, March 24, 1836. He was married in 1860 to Kathryn Adelman, also of Germany. Shortly afterward the came to America and settled on a farm near Dayton, Ohio. In 1865 they came to Crawford County. She and their three sons came by boat down the Ohio River and up the Wabash River to Hutsonville while he drove through. They purchased a farm on LaMotte Prairie where she passed away at the age of thirty-six years. They were the parents of eight children, four sons and four daughters. One son, George, and a daughter, Rosa, passed away in infancy.

Peter King, Jr. (1861-1926) married Ellen Correll. They had one son, Justin, who resides near Trimble. He married Fern Elliott of Merom, Indiana. They are the parents of three children, Rex, Lyle, who passed away at the age of seventeen years, and Dale.

The following paragraph is from Charles McKamy's notes, but was not included in later drafts of this biography.

Shortly after Peter King married the young couple wanted a home of their own. They were able to obtain passage along with other immigrants who were coming to America. They paid their way over by becoming members of the crew and assisted in various work to be one. They landed at the New York wharfs and like others began their journey westward. They came to Palestine, IL. Here the family headed north through the various roads that were laid out to the center of the prairie. The prairie was bordered by small saplings and brush. the Kings and the _ender family leased and moved into a two story house on a farm. Now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Ocie Horning and family. They then moved on the Hill 120 acre farm, now owned by Henry Mehler, where the King family lived for several years.

Michael King (1863-1931) married Alice Leyton and to this union four sons were born. Noble of Uniontown, Alabama, married Mary Louise Pack. Allen of Hutsonville married Mabel Lindley, parents of Kathleen Ann who passed away in infancy. Harvey of Marion Junction, Alabama, married Hilda Kimbrough and two sons, Harvey, Jr. and Clarence were born to them. Ira married Eva Swinger, parents of Maurine Jane, Marlin who passed away at the age of five years, and Maurice Lee.

John King (1864-1952) married Mary McCain. To this union three children were born. Mabel passed away at the age of twelve years. Floyd married Florence Hathaway and they have one daughter, Nita Ann. Lyman, Walnut, Calif., married Elsie Burris, deceased. A daughter, Gala, was born to them.

Mary King (1870-1922) married William York. Three children were born to this union. Lawrence, deceased, married Lura Scotten. To them, two sons were born, Lynn and Phillip. Roy, deceased, married Audrey Kirts. Edna married Orris Burris. They are the parents of three children, Marjorie, Bonnie and Gerald. Lizzie King (1873-1895 married Harlen Correll. Two children were born to them. Gladys married Grover Brink of Ohio, parents of Carleton, Lois, Mary and Dorothy. Cloyd married Maud Brown and they are the parents of ten children, Earl, deceased, Mary, Mildred, Ellen, Evelyn, Marlin, Grant, Clara, Ruby and lily Maud.

Anna King, born in 1875, married Lewis Life. To this union three children were born. Ralph married Virginia Arman, deceased, parents of a daughter Marjorie. Opal married Malcolm Bruner. Three children, Sewell, Eugene and Geneva were born to them. Claud married Mary Anderson, parents of two children, Virginia and Joan.

Peter King, Sr. passed away January 26, 1909.