Following is one of the Biographies and Stories which where gathered by Charles Sumner McKamy in the 1950s for publication in a Crawford County History Book. Unfortunately he passed away before the book was published.

May Winter, daughter of David Mitchell Winter and Eliza Jane (Ransom) Winter. The parents of her father, John Winter and his wife Nancy (Small) Winter with their two sons, Culbertson and David Mitchell, with a group of families from Greene County, Ohio came to Crawford County, Illinois, soon after the Civil War and located about three miles southeast of Morea, where a United Presbyterian Church was located, which was the church of their faith. Father's brother, Culbertson Winter married Harriet Lessing, to this union was born one daughter, Carrie, who is now deceased. In 1870 Culbertson passed away with a disease contracted in the army during the siege of Vicksburg.

In 1869 my parents came to Crawford County, Illinois from Jackson County, Ohio, locating in the Duncanville, Illinois neighborhood where they made their home with his parents, and to them were born five children: Edgar, Minnie, May, Luella and Roy, three of them having passed away, leaving myself and Roy, I being a public school teacher for many years and Roy engaged in the grocery business, both residing at this time in Palestine, Illinois.

After the death of our grandparents, John and Nancy Winter my father continued to make his home in Montgomery Township but later this farm was sold and another purchased near Swearingen Chapel. On account of failing health our family left the farm and father and mother spent their remaining years in the village of Duncanville, father died in 1922 and mother in 19__ both being laid to rest in the Duncanville Cemetery. My parents were good citizens and interested in the betterment of their community, father served three years in the Union Army, "Marching with Sherman to the Sea", which proved his patriotism. They were devout Christians who quietly lived their religion.