Following is one of the Biographies and Stories which where gathered by Charles Sumner McKamy in the 1950s for publication in a Crawford County History Book. Unfortunately he passed away before the book was published.

Joseph Reasnor Howard, son of Isiah Jones and Sophia A. Howard. My Grandfather lived in Ohio and grandmother's name was Newman from Ross County, Ohio.

I was born in Delaware County, Indiana, Muncie the county seat, on Nov. 5, 1872.

My wife, Elenor Alice Painter, born in Madison County, Indiana.

We were married in Emmitville, Indiana on August 22, 1899, to which union two children were born, viz: George Joseph, Mary Louise, both born in Bridgeport, Ill. Mary Louise was married to Paul E. York and to this union two children were born, viz: Constance Carrol and Stephen Theodore, living in Robinson. George Joseph was married to _________ on ______, 19__ and they live in Decatur, Illinois. My wife's brother, George A. Painter, made his home with us during his last days. Her Mother's maiden name was Elvessa Louise Norris.

I and the family moved to Bridgeport in ___ 1907 from Van Buren, Ind. where I was connected with my two brothers in the Van Buren Bank, which we operated and owned and moved from Bridgeport to Robinson in 1914. After spending seven years in the Oil Field Rig Building business, in Robinson I engaged in the timber and lumber business, then I became connected with the First National Bank of Robinson for seven and one-half years, after which I went into the County Treasurers office, with John T. Cox, as Treasurer, and then on September 1, 1932, I became head of the Insurance Department in the McKamy Realty Company, where I have been up to this time (Nov. 1, 1953) twenty-one years and two months. My children were both graduates of the Robinson High School and George Joseph spent three years in the Millikin Business University at Decatur, Ill.

My wife and I are both members of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Robinson, and I am a member of the Rotary Club in Robinson.