Following is one of the Biographies and Stories which where gathered by Charles Sumner McKamy in the 1950s for publication in a Crawford County History Book. Unfortunately he passed away before the book was published.

John Newlin, the Patriarch of the family, came here with his family in 1818 from North Carolina, with his sons, Nathaniel, Thomas, James, Caper, John Jr., Johnathan and William. James entered a section of land within one half mile of where Cyrus Newlin lived and he had eight children, all sons, Andrew, John, Hiram, Alfred, Abraham, Oliver, Nathan and Cyrus. He died in 1852.

John Hill also came from North Carolina and settled what was known as the "Bub Newlin" farm, and he had four sons, Charles, Doctor, William and Richard. John Hill died in Robinson, a well-respected and good businessman who had retired. His nephew, John Hill in Robinson survives him.

From 1818 to 1821 came Aaron Ball, Mahlin Voorheis and Eli Hand. Mr. Voorheis, a native of New Jersey and an uncle to the "Tall Sycamore" of the Wabash, Senator Voorheis. He settled on the farm where Henry C. Voorheis later lived.

Mr. Hand was a native of Virginia and came here in 1821 settling where later his grandson, Woodford D. Hand, lived. James F. Hand was his son and the father of Woodford D. Newlin. He died in 1876.

Nathan Musgrave, a Quaker from North Carolina came here in the spring of 1826 and later his mother-in-law Zylpha Cox, a widow, William Cox, her son, with A.B. Raines, John R. Hurst, Phillip Musgrave, James Boswell, Joseph Goon, Axum Morris, Phillip Corbet also came to Lamotte Township.

William Cox was the first merchant in Hutsonville. Nathan Musgrave had but one son, William P., and one daughter, Belle, who married a Mr. Kennedy. William Musgrave came here in 1833 and married a daughter of Mrs. Cox.

When Nathan Musgrave came here he found two or three friends living in the neighborhood where he settled among the Lindleys, Thomas Lindley and his son, John. His sons were Abraham, William, John R., and Morton and two brothers, Samuel and William. Sam Lindley was a son of William and a daughter, who married Lafayette Raines. The Lindleys and Musgraves were recognized as people of integrity and honesty. Nathan Musgrave lived to a ripe old age and amassed quite a fortune.

Uncle "Jack" Hurst lived with Nathan Musgrave, a Quaker without blot or blemish.