Following is one of the Biographies and Stories which where gathered by Charles Sumner McKamy in the 1950s for publication in a Crawford County History Book. Unfortunately he passed away before the book was published.

My grandfather, John Hill, was born in Sullivan County, Ohio Nov. 10, 1817 and the family moved to Crawford County, Illinois in 1818 and he married Lizara Morris in 1838. She was born August 14, 1818 and departed this life March 26, 1863 and to this union were born six children: Charles M., Henry M., Diana (Boofter), Mary A. (McLain), Emma (Newlin), and Louisa (Wolfe). He was a prosperous farmer and livestock dealer, owning some 2500 acres of land, including 160 acres entered from the government by his grandfather, Sargent Hill.

In 1875 he moved from the farm to Robinson and with his son, Charles M., entered the Grocery business, building a large brick building on the south-east corner of the public square (now owned and occupied by the Boyd's Electrical Store), where their sales aggregated some $30,000 annually. He was again married to Elizabeth Sterrett in 1875, when he then built the large brick home, which later was known as the "Robinson Community Building", which was recently torn down by the City of Robinson.

My Father continued in business for several years after Grand Father's death and later I joined my Father in the Grocery business for several years and after his death I retired from the Grocery business in order to take care of the farming interests. Father was married to Mary Reece Wolfe, daughter of Henry and Sarah Wolfe, on Jan. 23, 1862 and they lived on their farm in Hutsonville Township until 1875, when they moved to Robinson and entered the Grocery business. To this union were born five children: Henry and Cleo, who both died very young, Sarah L., who married Thomas H. Griggs, Catherine V., who married Marion N. Beeman, John C., who marries Mattie A. Titus, daughter of George W. and Mary Titus. Both have lived in Robinson all their lives, until her death on June 9, 1853, residing on E. Walnut Street, where John C. still lives, within one block of the public square.

Two sons were born to their union, Charles Titus and Max Allen, both deceased. Charles T. on Oct. 21, 1943 and Max A. on June 5, 1945. Charles T. left surviving, his wife, Mildred, one daughter, Jane W., born June 10, 1925, who married A.W. (Red) McCoy Dec. 28, 1943 and one son, John C. Jr., born June 30, 1922, who married Kathleen Kessler Nov. 15, 1941 and two children were born to them, Charles T. and Kathleen A., Max A. was survived by his wife Crystal, and two daughters, Mary K., born Dec. 3, 1935, who married Robert Stinson, and Betty M., born March 13, 1939.

I have always managed my own farm, in addition to having been engaged in the grocery and livery business as well as being Sheriff of Crawford County four years, from 1934 to 1938, Deputy Sheriff under Charles Coulter, Special Deputy Sheriff under Mose Wallace and John Keller, and served as the City of Robinson Chief of Police for a number of years.