John B. Andrew, farmer, was born March 17, 1807, in Caroline County, Md. He is a son of William Andrew, who was born and died in Maryland. He was a farmer, and was married to Margaret Beechum, who was the mother of eight children. One of them, named David, was in the war of 1812. Mr. Andrew went to school in Maryland and Ohio, and was married in the former State, January 15, 1833, to Miss Elizabeth Ireland, born 1809; she is dead now. She was the mother of one child, named Delilah, who was married December 5, 1867, to Mr. John W. Leaverton, born April 14, 1840. He is a farmer by occupation, and is mentioned in another part of this work. Mr. Andrew was married a second time, January 17, 1853, in Marion County, Ohio, to Mrs. E. A. Essex, born September 12,1821; she is a daughter of John and Nancy Parott, and is the mother of three children, two boys and one girl; the boys, L. J. Essex, born December 2, 1839, and J. P. Essex, born December 21, 1844, are now living; the girl, Frances E., born May 16, 1854, and who married H. W. Hutchings, is now dead; she died April 12,1873. Mr. Andrew is a hale old man, and carries his years well. He and his wife belong to the Christian Church. He is a Democrat in politics.