James Montgomery Eagleton, tavern keeper, Robinson, was born in this county February 8, 1832. His father, James Eagleton, was a native of Blount County, Tenn., born in the year 1795. Here he grew to manhood, and at the age of twenty-four, in 1856, he came to Crawford County, Ill., and settled on a farm. He married shortly after he came here to Miss Margaret Montgomery, a daughter of James Montgomery, at which time he purchased a farm near Palestine and engaged in the business of farming.

In 1841, he sold his farm and purchased another near New Hebron. Here he made his home until his death, which occurred in 1877. He raised a family of eleven children, six of whom are living, four in this county, namely, William, David, George and our subject. Their mother died in 1874.

Subject of our sketch was married in this county February 16, 1854, to Miss Nancy Baugess, at which time he engaged in farming in the southern part of this county. In the fall of 1869, he removed to Southwest Missouri, but remained there about two years, when he returned to this county and engaged in the marble business in Robinson, but shortly after built a house near the Wabash Railroad, and engaged in his present avocation, where he has good property. He has a family of two children living, namely: George and John Cornelius. He and his wife are church members, they belong to the church called the Church of God. Politically he is a Republican.