Following is one of the Biographies and Stories which where gathered by Charles Sumner McKamy in the 1950s for publication in a Crawford County History Book. Unfortunately he passed away before the book was published.

Hiram Clinton Jordan, son of John Scott Jordan and Sophia Correll Jordan. My Grandparents were Hiram Correll, who came from North Carolina, Rebecca Correll, who came for Virginia.

My Father built a log house on he land he purchased near Mt. Ephram, near Trimble, which was our home place and where they reared five children, two girls and three boys: Beulah, who died at the age of 15 months; Frona, who married Elmer Musgrave; John, who married "Dot" Lorance, who lives in Robinson; Wilber, who married Rebecca Bowers, who lives in Evansville, Ind.; Buford Harold, who married Dale Simons, who live in Robinson. My brother, William Jordan, died at the age of 18 years, my sister, Viola, married Elias Wolfe, and they had a daughter, Bertha, who married Bruce Steel, and after Bruce's death married a Mr. Bungalou, and after his decease married Glenn Apple of Palestine, Ill. and a son Earl who passed away in South Dakota in 1952, and another son, Charles Wolfe, who married Jennie Brownfield, who lives at Trimble, and another daughter, Laudia, who married Sam Jordan on LaMotte Prairie.

Rose Emma McKinney Jordan was born in Indiana, coming to Crawford County when about 12 years of age where she lived with her parents on a farm located 1 1/2 miles east of Trimble, on what is now known as the Headley farm, her parents, John Thomas McKinney and Mary Ann Mattox-McKinney, both now deceased, departing this life at the ages of 67 and 68 years. Their farm sold to Clem Headley and the brother, Alfred McKinney moved to Richland County, Illinois and died there. Eliza Jane McKinney, a sister, married Jesse J. Stephens; Alice McKinney Ransford-Correll married Orland Correll who died near Mt. Ephram; David McKinney married Charity Conrad; Ann McKinney married George Correll, who died east of Flat Rock; Etta McKinney married Henry Kinney; Mary McKinney Drake married William Brown and she died 1/4 mile east of the Headley farm, east of Trimble, Ill.

My wife joined the Grand Prairie Church when 17 years of age where she was a member for 66 years until about one year ago she transferred her membership to the Congregational Christian Church of Robinson. I have been a member of the Grand Prairie Church all my life and am still a member there, since my Mother was a Charter member of that church. We moved to Robinson about 16 years ago and live at 311 E. Cherry St. We lived on the old home place near Mt. Ephram for 71 years, known as the "Old Jordan Farm", now owned by Carlton Trimble, Jr. I will be 87 years of age Dec. 14, 1954. We celebrated our 67th Wedding Anniversary on Nov. 7, 1953, and my wife departed this life on February 3, 1954.