Following is one of the Biographies and Stories which where gathered by Charles Sumner McKamy in the 1950s for publication in a Crawford County History Book. Unfortunately he passed away before the book was published.

The following account includes the Andrew Newlin descendants up to December 1956. They are scattered from the east coast to the west coast and from Vermont to Mississippi, Oklahoma and Arizona. Andrew Newlin was a descendant of one of the early pioneer families of Crawford County. His grandparents, John Newlin the third and Sarah Holliday Newlin, came from North Carolina to Crawford County, Illinois in 1812 or 1819 and settled near the present Newlin cemetery. Their seventh child was William Newlin, who was born March 4, 1799, and who married Rachel Hill. Their home was about two miles north of he Newlin Cemetery on the west side of the Marshall-Robinson road.

Andrew Newlin was their youngest son and fourth child. There is apparently no record of his birth since two dates are given: June 25, 1829 and June 24, 1830. As his parents died when he was a child, he lived in the home of Cyrus Newlin for many years. Later he lived in the home of John Newlin, the father of Harlan Newlin.

On April 8, 1852, he was married to Mary Rebecca Holmes, 1830-1893. They had ten children: Albert, 1853-1894; Amanda, 1855-1927; Laura, 1857-1929; Allen, 1858-1936; Adaline, 1860-1946; Stephen Douglas, 1862-1925; Lawrence, 1864-1939; Ira, 1868-1923; an infant who died March 20, 1871l and Clinton, 1872-1939. These children were brought up in the farm home located about six miles north and west of Hutsonville.

Andrew Newlin, who was noted in his community for his honesty and integrity, became a successful farmer and stock buyer. Through his industry and financial ability he acquired many acres of land in the Hutsonville Township of his day. He became so influential in his community that his advice was sought by friends, neighbors and acquaintances on financial matters. He died January 15, 1900.

His oldest son, Albert Newlin, was married on April 14, 1885, to Elnora Dixon, 1866-1935. Their only child, Estella Lee Newlin, who was born April 16, 1887, was married to Arvel E. Lindley, born October 29, 1885, on October 30, 1907. They had an only child, Grey Eugene Lindley, who was born on March 12, 1920, and who married Joyce Elmira Miller November 7, 1946. They are the parents of Linda Gale Lindley, born March 14, 1948, and Gary Eugene Lindley, born October 19, 1952.

The oldest daughter of Andrew Newlin and Mary H. Newlin was Amanda Newlin, who married Dolphin Douglas Bishop, 1848-1913, on March 11, 1875. To them were born five sons: Carl Bishop, 1877-1948; Ausby Kesler Bishop, who was born December 30, 1879; Alva Gleason Bishop who was born March 14, 1887; Hallie Elwood Bishop who was born February 11, 1892; and Glen Arden Bishop who was born and died in 1893. Carl Bishop never married, Ausby Bishop married Jennie Bullack on June 17, 1931. Gleason Bishop was first married on April 29, 1916 to Helen Fulton, 1888-1951. They had three children: Alva Gleason Bishop, Jr. born January 21, 1919; Robert Fulton Bishop born December 24, 1920; Loramanda Bishop born September 9, 1922. After his first wife's death, Gleason was married to Gertrude Reed on October 31, 1953. They have no children.

Gleason Bishop, Jr. first married Marjorie McGregor Heup, from whom he was divorced. His second wife is Norma, whom he married June 11, 1949 and who bore him a son, Ronald Fulton Bishop, May 22, 1954. He has adopted Norma's two daughters by a previous marriage, Deanna and Carol Bishop.

Robert F. Bishop married Gracia Campbell October 1, 1949. They have no children.

Loramanda Bishop married Bernard Albert Britts February 15, 1941. They have six children: Robert Arthur Britts born March 10, 1945; Barbara Ann Britts born August 10, 1946; Daniel Lee Britts born December 13, 1948; Betty Jean Britts born May 10, 1950; Beverly Kay Britts born December 22, 1952; and Larry Allen Britts born in Japan June 13, 1954.

Hallie E. Bishop was the fourth son of Dolphin D. and Amanda Newlin Bishop. On October 24, 1929, he was married to Mary Lindley, who was born October 21, 1899. He has a daughter by a previous marriage, Genevieve Laville Bishop. She married Thomas H. Marr on August 3, 1940. They have a son, William Thomas Marr, born May 30, 1941.

The third child of Andrew and Mary Holmes Newlin was Laura Newlin who was married November 29, 1881 to John Wilson Kirk, 1852-1886. Their only child, a daughter, Edna Kirk, was born March 14, 1886. She did not marry.

Adaline Newlin, the third daughter and fifth child of Andrew and Mary Holmes Newlin, was never married.

Allen Newlin, the second son and fourth child of Andrew and Mary H. Newlin, was first married on December 14, 1882 to Mary Belle Kirk, 1861-1889. They had three daughters: Elsie Cora Newlin born February 3, 1884; Alma Iris Newlin born August 2, 1885; Mary Malinda Newlin who was born May 13, 1887 and November 12, 1890.

Elsie Newlin was married on November 27, 1912 to Lister Cox Rains, 1883-1935. Their oldest son, Allen Morton Rains died in 1934 at the age of twenty. Their daughter, Mary Elizabeth Rains, born June 15, 1919, married Norbert C. Lynch July 27, 1947. They have no children. The second son is Ralph Lister Rains who was born March 6, 1923 and who was married in June 1944 to Gwendda Tier of Australia. Their children are: Kathleen Mary Rains born June 24, 1948; Bronwyn Elizabeth Rains born March 1, 1951; and Edward Allen Tier Rains born March 30, 1955 in Metz, France.

Alma Newlin was married on April 18, 1909 to Horace Walker who was born on February 29, 1880. Their only child, a son, Emerson Walker, was born May 20, 1913 and on June 18, 1944, was married to Kathryn Espy. They have three children: Edith Sharon Walker born March 9, 1948; Robert Michael Walker born July 24, 1951; and Melinda Diane Walker born September 12, 1953.

On March 29, 1898, Allen Newlin married Ellen Rains, 1875-1933, for his second wife. To them were born a daughter, Madge Irene Newlin born April 14, 1899, and a son, Carl Allen Newlin born on November 17, 1900.

Madge Newlin married Ralph Carleton Musgrave, 1895-1951, on June 15, 1926. To them were born two daughters: Ellen Rosanne Musgrave, who was born September 14, 1932 and who married Robert Eugene Sullivan April 9, 1955; and Mary Jane Musgrave who was born June 22, 1936.

On July 31, 1926 Carl Allen Newlin married Elizabeth Rigby, born March 4, 1900. They have two children: a son, Carl Allen Newlin, Jr., born April 3, 1929; and a daughter, Nancy Porter Newlin, who was born April 19, 1932 and who was married on August 15, 1953 to Loyis Milford Ness. They have a son, Larry Milford Ness who was born August 3, 1954.

Stephen Douglas Newlin, the third son of Andrew and Mary H. Newlin, was married on July 29, 1883 to his first wife Evaline Rains, 1862-1894. Three children were born to them: Henry Douglas Newlin, 1884-1953; Euna Alice Newlin born May 11, 886; and Leo Lester Newlin born June 19, 1891.

On April 24, 1909, Henry D. Newlin married Eva Laura Rupp, who was born on January 17, 1890. They had three sons: Stephen Elmond born February 1, 1910; Max born August 1, 1913; and Philip Blaine born April 26, 1923.

On October 8, 1938, Stephen E. Newlin was married to Margie Lorraine Layton, born April 4, 1915. They have four sons: Larry Stephen Newlin born August 4, 1941; Jimmie Lewis Newlin born February 22, 1943; Jon Douglas Newlin born July 21, 1951; and Duane Jay Newlin born October 7, 1956.

Max Newlin was first married to Natalie Wanda Harris on November 13, 1935. They were divorced. They have a daughter, Mary Ruth Newlin who was born July 3, 1938. Later Max Newlin was married to and divorced from a second wife, Guinevere T. Dye. He married his third wife, Mary Elizabeth Price on July 14, 1955.

Philip B. Newlin married Genieve Self on July 14, 1945. They have two children: David Morris Newlin born July 18, 1949; and Elaine Newlin born December 3, 1951.

On July 3, 1914, Euna Alice Newlin, the daughter of Stephen D. and Evaline Rains Newlin, married Ocey Irwin Cox, who was born December 11, 1881. They have no children.

Leo L. Newlin, the second son of Stephen D. and Evaline R. Newlin, was married on December 31, 1913 to Zillah Mary Stevens, born August 1, 1891. To them were born three daughters: Marjorie Stevens Newlin born January 22, 1915 and who married Hugo Prosper Leaming on October 1, 1949; Lucile May Newlin who was born March 27, 1918 and died November 24, 1948; and Nan Jean Newlin who was born February 6, 1921 and was married on August 1, 1941 to Edward Franklin Clifton whom she divorced later. They have two daughters: Mary Lucile Clifton born March 12, 1943; and Marjorie May Clifton born September 29, 1944. Nan Jean Clifton was married to Walter Wesley Wheeler on September 12, 1950. No children have been born to this marriage.

On April 8, 1897, Stephen D. Newlin married a second wife, Theresa Medsker, 1871-1954. Their son is Harold Medsker Newlin, born May 13, 1904. On December 30, 1934, he married Hester Wilkey, born July 14, 1913. They have one daughter, Kay Weir Newlin born December 28, 1935.

Lawrence Newlin, the fourth son of Andrew and Mary H. Newlin was married on March 28, 1887 to Eliza Seigel, 1865-1946. Their children were: Harry Owen Newlin, 1888-1949; Gladys Newlin born July 2, 1893; Albert Newlin, 1897-1946; and Ernest Newlin, 1901-1954.

On February 10, 1909, Harry O. Newlin was married to Dimple Draper, born November 8, 1891. Their children are: Russell Herman Newlin, 1910-1953; Lawrence Lee Newlin born September 23, 1912 and married to Doris Stanco Teiland on October 1, 1949; Laura Katherine Newlin born December 19, 1946; and Mary Elizabeth Newlin born November 13, 1920.

On January 24, 1932, Russell H. Newlin was married to Marjorie E. Anderson, born January 23, 1911. Their children are: Russell Duane Newlin who was born in 1934 and died the same year; Russell Dean born February 9, 1936; John Everett born February 11, 1937; and Robert Wesley born October 11, 1938.

Laura Katherine Newlin was married on January 7, 1941 to Cecil Adams, born January 27, 1908. Their children are Charles Harry Adams, born October 9, 1941; Mary Juanita Adams, born January 9, 1944; Jerry Lee Adams, born in December 1950; and Beverly Kay Adams who was born October 17, 1952 and who died December 18, 1953.

Mary Elizabeth Newlin married Spencer Larson on June 24, 1944. Their son is David Larson, born March 25, 1950.

Gladys Newlin, the second child of Lawrence and Eliza Seigel Newlin, was married on July 2, 1911 to William Rutledge Miller, born August 23, 1889. They have no children.

Albert Newlin, the second son of Lawrence and Eliza Seigel Newlin, was married December 24, 1919 to Mable Rains, born May 8, 1899. They have two children: Albert Morgan Newlin born September 11, 1920; and Martha Ernestine born April 13, 1925. Morgan Newlin married Elizabeth Nichol on May 6, 1942. They have two sons: Morgan Gregory Newlin born April 9, 1946; and Jerome Douglas Newlin born January 15, 1951.

Martha E. Newlin was married June 23, 1942 to Carl Ritch. Their children are: Carmen Anita Ritch born February 22, 1943; Austin Wynwood Ritch born June 19, 1944; Bradley Lane Ritch born August 25, 1949; and Kimbel Robbie Ritch born March 5, 1953.

Ernest Newlin was the youngest son of Lawrence and Eliza Seigel Newlin. On April 7, 1927, he was married to Nellie Bohn, born November 14, 1904. They have twin boys, Richard Arlen Newlin and Robert Ernest Newlin who were born August 27, 1936. Robert Newlin was married in July 1956 to Sybil Lynn.

Ira Newlin was the fifth son of Andrew and Mary H. Newlin. On March 9, 1891, he was married to Naomi Crow, 1872-1939. To them were born four children: Samuel Newlin, 1891-1948; Vera Newlin born April 23, 1894; Roy Newlin born August 30, 1898; and Randal Newlin born November 14, 1906.

Samuel Newlin was married November 13, 1914 to Ruth Hand who was born June 13, 1896. To them were born three daughters: Naomi Jane Newlin born September 7, 1915; Mary Ann Newlin born December 9, 1917; and Bessie Mae Newlin born August 1, 1924.

Naomi Jane Newlin was married on September 6, 1934 to Horatio Nelson Spencer, born April 2, 1911. Their children are: Naomi Jane Spencer who was born July 8, 1935 and who married Nicholas Michael Ellis December 11, 1955; twin boys Horatio Nelson Spencer and Samuel Newlin Spencer, who were born on November 26, 1938; Vera Ann Spencer born October 18, 1940; John David Spencer born September 4, 1942; Ruth Ellen Spencer born September 12, 1953; and Sarah Lynn Spencer born August 20, 1955.

The second daughter of Samuel and Ruth Newlin, Mary Ann Newlin, was married on June 26, 1948 to Gerald Norton. They have two daughters: Jerelyn Roy Norton and Janice Ann Norton, born September 12, 1950 and March 18, 1955, respectively.

Bessie Mae Newlin, the youngest daughter of Samuel and Ruth Newlin, was married in 1949 to Frank Headley. Their daughter, Elnora Frances Headley, was born November 19, 1950; and their son, Shepard Peter Headley, was born September 4, 1953.

Vera Newlin, only daughter of Ira and Naomi Crow Newlin, was married on March 20, 1921 to Albert Johnson Kirby, born March 3, 1894. They have two sons: Robert Johnson Kirby born February 12, 1926; and Richard Newlin Kirby born May 24, 1928.

Robert Johnson Kirby was married on June 2, 1948 to Ellen Jane Hensler. Their oldest son, Michael Alan Kirby was born April 17, 1952; their daughter, Marilyn An Kirby, was born January 18, 1955; and their youngest child, Robert Newlin Kirby was born December 8, 1955.

Richard Newlin Kirby was married April 18, 1951 to Rebecca Simmons who was born May 30, 1931. They have two sons: Richard Newlin Kirby, born December 25, 1952; and Stanley Kenneth Kirby, born August 14, 1956.

The second son of Ira and Naomi Crow Newlin, Roy Newlin, never married.

The youngest son, Randal Newlin, was married on August 16, 1930, to Alice P. Young, born March 9, 1905. Their daughter, Betty Louise Newlin, was born July 24, 1932, and was married to Archie Linn on July 21, 1956. Their son, Ira Thomas Newlin, was born November 22, 1933.

The youngest son of Andrew and Mary H. Newlin was Clinton Newlin, who inherited the Andrew Newlin home and who lived there with his wife, Emily Rains Newlin, 1874-1946. They were married on December 28, 1898. Their only child is a daughter, Laura Newlin, born at the Newlin homestead on January 14, 1900, the day before grandfather Andrew Newlin died.