Following is one of the Biographies and Stories which where gathered by Charles Sumner McKamy in the 1950s for publication in a Crawford County History Book. Unfortunately he passed away before the book was published.

Daniel E. Norris, President of Norris Brothers, Inc., of Robinson, Illinois, was born on May 24, 1872, at Petroleum Center, Pennsylvania.

His father was a blacksmith and wagon maker. He moved his shop from Petroleum Center to Bradford, Pennsylvania in 1875, where he started in business. Shortly thereafter, a fire consumed his entire shop, which prompted him to move to Tiona, Pennsylvania, and enter into manufacture and repair of drilling tools for oil wells.

Dan went through the schools of Tiona, Pennsylvania, and attended high school in Warren, Pennsylvania. Upon completion of his education, he started working in his father's machine shop. Shortly after this association with his father, he was married in 1895 to Jane Burrows. To this marriage came one child, a son, Paul.

He continued working in his father's shop until 1906, at which time he migrated to the Illinois oil fields and settled with his brother Frank in Robinson on May 24 -- his birthday -- 1906. A partnership of Norris Brothers was started in a very meager way. It was incorporated in the year 1921 and has continued as such to this date.

The products manufactured by Norris Brothers, Inc. are used primarily in the oil industry. They have shipped their products -- many of which were inventions, perfected and patented by Dan -- to every oil field in the world.

Mr. Norris, during his life in Robinson, has been active in civic affairs, having served two terms as Mayor of the city. During his first term, the present city hall was erected and several miles of city pavement was constructed. He was chairman of the committee which bought the first automotive truck fire-fighting apparatus for the city.

He has been a life member of the Modern Woodmen and Odd Fellows; a member long-standing of the Methodist Church, the Rotary Club, the Elks and the Country Club.

He has had a very interesting and energetic life. His health has been far above average and, at present -- at the ripe age of 80, he is physically in such condition that he visits his place of business every working day and continues to take deep interest in his executive capacity.