Chas. S. Beeman, farmer, P. O Oblong, is an enterprising farmer, and an experienced wagon-maker of Oblong Township, in which last business he is not engaged very much, at the present. He was born in Peoria County, Ill., November 24, 1837. When ten years old, was brought by his parents to Clark County, Ill., and there they settled on a farm. His education was limited to the common schools of the country. At the age of seventeen, went to serve as an apprentice in a wagon-maker's shop in York, Clark County, Ill., under Richard Falley. He served three years, after which worked as journeyman in Clark and Crawford Counties for about ten years. In 1871, he erected a shop in Oblong, and after about five years successfully spent there, he sold out and returned to his family in Oblong Township, on a nice little farm in the eastern part of the township, where he is comfortably situated, and has a nice residence, and is successfully engaged in farming, and works also at the carpenter's trade considerably. He was married December 30, 1858, to Margaret E. Wood. She was born and reared in Crawford County, Ill. They have nine children, namely: William F., Marion N., Joseph Lincoln, Anna Belle, Charles E., Ulysses E., Pussy, Everet P., Lura A. His father, Nelson, was a native of Pennsylvania, and his mother, Lydia. L. (Bostwick), was a native of Vermont.