Following is one of the Biographies and Stories which where gathered by Charles Sumner McKamy in the 1950s for publication in a Crawford County History Book. Unfortunately he passed away before the book was published.

Born in Palestine March 18, 1831, died Nov. 31, 1925, the oldest native born citizen of Crawford County. His father, James S. Otey, came to Palestine from Virginia in 1818 and his mother was Susan, a daughter of Edward N. Cullom, who came to this county from Kentucky in 1814 and who, with other white people, at that time lived in Forts to protect themselves from the Indians. His mother often pointed out the site to him of Fort Lamotte, that they frequently passed on their road to and from Palestine to their farm near what was later the location of Trimble. She told him of their living in Fort Lamotte, northwest of Palestine. Capt. Otey's grandfather and Joseph Kitchell were the original owners where Palestine is now located.

After he grew to manhood on the farm, he went to Terre Haute where he worked for his room and board learning the carpenter trade for three years. He was finally considered a master mechanic and received master's wages. After ten years there he was induced to come to Robinson by his brother-in-law, James H. Steel, to build him a home in 1862. Mr. Steel cleared the ground where the spacious home of Mrs. W.C. Jones was erected, now the fine home of Mrs. Dorothy Crebs, and continued building homes in Robinson and became one of the most active business men here.

In 1865, he erected a blacksmith shop with Thomas Sims on West Maim St. and added to it a wagon shop, which he followed for fifteen years. He built many homes and later became an undertaker which business he ran for about fifteen years.

In 1881 he and his son, Harry E. Otey formed a partnership under the name of Otey and Son and built a Planning Mill. Later his father retired and Harry took over the business. His father died at the age of 94 years, 5 months and 2 days. He was married to Miss Mary Hebb of Terre Haute in 1855 and to this union seven children were born, viz: Harry E., Mrs. Rose Tohill (deceased), Cliff F., and Mrs. Helen Apgar. The wife passed away in 1885. Capt. Otey was later married to Miss Emma Coleman who was soon called in death, then later Mrs. Elizabeth Hill, from whom a separation soon followed. His last wife was Susan Hamilton, whom he married in 1897 and to this union five children were born, one dying in infancy, the others, Roscoe of Toledo, Ohio, Mrs. Florence Magin, Raymond and Byrl. The mother passed away some years ago.

Author's note: Another business man who had much to do with making Robinson the city it is today and to whom we pay tribute.