Following is one of the Biographies and Stories which where gathered by Charles Sumner McKamy in the 1950s for publication in a Crawford County History Book. Unfortunately he passed away before the book was published.

Concerning the family of Avery Tobey who settled land in Southeast Montgomery Township, Crawford County, Illinois.

Previous Genealogy:

I. First generation in America: Thomas Tobey recorded at Sandwich, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.
a. Assessor of Taxes 1657, Constable 1658 Sandwich, Mass.
b. Crown Excise Officer 1662-68
c. Was assigned to Military duty of preparing stores and munitions for King Phillip's War in 1676
II. 2nd generation: Samuel Tobey, son of Thomas, Sandwich, Mass.
III. Third generation: Zaccheus Tobey (1703, Sandwich to 1798) Mayor of 2nd Regiment, Bristol Guards
IV. Fourth generation: Zoath Tobey (1737 Dartmouth, Mass.) served in the Regiment of Colonel Abid Mitchell as warrant officer during the Revolutionary War
V. Fifth generation: Zoath 2nd, Dartmouth, Mass. 1764-1812 removed to Vermont
VI. Sixth generation: Avery Tobey born 1796 Montpelier, Vermont, moved to Illinois
a. married Sally Norton whose sister Lydia Norton marries Sewell Goodrich, these brothers-in-law settled land side by side on Buck Creek, Montgomery Twp., Crawford Co. and built houses 1/4 mile apart
b. Avery and Sally had six children, Avery died when his eldest son, Allen, was 14 years old, leaving him as the head of the family. Another son, Sewell Tobey, was taken to be raised by his uncle Sewell Goodrich who had no children. Sewell Tobey inherited the Sewell Goodrich farm. This farm was later known as the Harlin Catlett farm and is now owned by Edna Morton Becker
VII Seventh generation: Allen Tobey bought out the other children of his father, Avery. He married Lavina Pulliam of Vincennes, Indiana who as a girl was raised in the old "Harrison House" Vincennes.
a. Allen and Lavina had five children
1. the son William S. married Ella Gould and raised his family in Little Rock, Ark.
VIII Eighth generation: Sarah Tobey, daughter of Allen and Lavina married Wm. Henry Higgins and lived on the old Buck Creek farm.
a. they raised five children:
1. Roy -- deceased
2. Walter -- deceased leaving three children, Hazelle, Harvey and Stanley (deceased)
3. Homer -- doctor of Winter Park, Florida
4. Gladys -- Mrs. Arch Davis of Robinson who now owns "Avery's" farm, son Howard Davis
5. Grace -- Mrs. C.W. Bowman of Robinson
X Tenth generation
a. Howard Davis -- Belleville, Ill. children Robert and Carolyn
b. Hazelle Higgins Braude -- Chicago, son Robert