Following is one of the Biographies and Stories which where gathered by Charles Sumner McKamy in the 1950s for publication in a Crawford County History Book. Unfortunately he passed away before the book was published.

Allen Wesley Mann of Robinson, Ill. was a large land owner and stock farmer in Crawford County. He was born May 9, 1850 on a farm near New Hebron, Ill. He was the son of Abel H. Mann and Lovice Mann. His brothers were Ora and William Mann and sister Josephine Mann. He grew to manhood in Crawford Co. engaging in the business of farming, stock raising and stock dealing. He passed away Oct. 10, 1925, age 75 years, 5 mo. He was a resident of Crawford Co. his entire life.

Mary Cora Wakefield, the wife, was born May 27, 1852 near Mason, Ohio. At an early age she moved to Crawford Co. with her parents Reuben T. Wakefield and Mary Wakefield and brothers Wallace, Andrew and William Wakefield.

May 18, 1870 Allen Wesley Mann and Mary Cora Wakefield were married and settled on a farm south of Robinson, Ill. They moved to Robinson in 1885 where they resided the balance of their lives. Eight children were born to them viz: Arthur W. Mann, Mrs. Williametta M. Chenowith, Clyde H. Mann (single), Lloyd C. Mann of Robinson, Ill., Mrs. Leonora M. Kincaid of Paris, Ill., and Mrs. Aldah M. Bussard of South Bend, Ind. Two other children, Clarence and Myrtle passed away in early childhood. Of the eight children, Aldah M. Bussard is the only survivor. Mary Cora Wakefield Mann's death occurred April i18, 1917, age 64 yrs. 11 mo.

The grandchildren of Allen Wesley and Mary Cora Wakefield Mann are Allen Parker Mann, son of Arthur W. and Daisy Parker Mann, Robinson, Ill.; Mary Wakefield Mann Crebs and Louise Hughes Mann, daughters of Lloyd C. and Gladys H. Mann, Robinson, Ill.; Louise Mann deceased in infancy, Rochelle Kincaid Gray, Glen Ellen, Calif., and Stewart Allen Kincaid, Paris, Ill., children of Stewart W. and Leonora M. Kincaid, Paris, Ill.; Dr. Frank Wakefield Bussard, son of Dr. Clifford F. and Aldah M. Bussard, South Bend, Ind.; Roy C. and Williametta M. Chenowith of Robinson, Ill. have no descendant.

The great grandchildren of Allen Wesley and Mary Cora Wakefield Mann are Sandra D. Mann Carpenter, Hawthorne, Calif., daughter of Allen Parker and Faye Nuttall Mann; Catherine Ann Crebs and Mary Wakefield Crebs, daughters of Judge Caswell and Mary Wakefield Mann Crebs, Robinson, Ill.; Mary Josephine Gray and Williametta Jean Gray, daughters of George and Rochelle Gray, Glen Ellen, Calif.; Stewart William Van Hoosear and Allen Wesley Van Hoosear, sons of Theodore and Mary Josephine Van Hoosear, Oakland, Calif.; Clifford Barry Bussard and Larry Allen Bussard, sons of Dr. Frank Wakefield and Jacqueline Bussard, South Bend, Ind.; Stewart Allen and Nadine Kincaid have no descendant.

Michael Allen Carpenter, son of James and Sandra Mann Carpenter of Hawthorne, Calif. is a great great grandchild of Allen Wesley and Mary Cora Wakefield Mann.

Prepared by Aldah Mann Bussard.