Following is one of the Biographies and Stories which where gathered by Charles Sumner McKamy in the 1950s for publication in a Crawford County History Book. Unfortunately he passed away before the book was published.

Adam S. Folck born Oct. 11, 1837. He was the son of Jacob Folck and Nancy Frick Folck. Adam came from a family of five children, living in Dayton, Ohio. His father Jacob built a brick bank house that still stands in that city.

He was married to Sarah Fogwell Sept. 21, 1862 in Ohio. She was the daughter of John Fogwell and Rebecca Harner Fogwell, and was born March 25, 1844. They settled on a farm in Green County, Ohio. In the fall of 1872 this couple with their five children moved to Crawford County by buggy and covered wagon. They settled in a small house south of Robinson known as the Frank Highsmith farm owned now by one of their sons, B. A. Folck.

During the winter, Mr. Folck was robbed of $72.00 at New Hebron (all the money he had to live on that winter). The next spring they moved to a farm of 120 acres which they had purchased before coming to this state. This home is located southeast of Robinson near the overhead bridge. Later Mr. Folck built a two-story house and continued to farm and raise livestock. A great change was made in the appearance of his homestead when the Big Four Railroad route was changed and moved closer to his home in 1905 and 1906. He died of heart attack while attending to his livestock on Aug. 5, 1910.

Mrs. Sarah Folck, his widow continued to live on the farm with a son William until the last few weeks of her illness when she died at the home of a daughter Rebecca Anderson of Robinson on Oct. 2, 1919.

To this union were born 11 children:

Charles E. born in Green Co., Ohio Sept. 1863. When a lad of 14 years he contracted a disease known then as spotted fever. He was seriously ill and the fever left him deaf. At the age of 17, Sept. 2, 1880, he was killed by a train while walking on the tracks from Robinson to his home.

Rebecca Jane was born in Green Co., Ohio Nov. 1865. She took up dressmaking as her profession and had a dress making shop in Robinson until she married Alex Anderson in 1893. The Anderson history is elsewhere in this book.

Jesse May Folck was born in Green Co., Ohio May 1868. She had a long siege of illness that lasted several years. It was thought at that time it was an abscess of the liver. Through her good Christian faith she withstood her illness and suffering very bravely. She died sitting in her chair at the age of 18 years.

Albert Folck was born in Green Co., Ohio April 16, 1870. He was his father's real helper in farming and erecting the building on their new farm. On Oct. 1895 he was married to Sadie Ann Crozier. They went to housekeeping on a farm south of New Hebron. Two daughters gladden this home.

Sadie Ann died April 15, 1899 at her father's home, Joseph Crozier, after a long illness of T.B. Albert after this with his little daughter Jessie moved back to his father's home where he stayed until he married Marjory Conover in 1908. They went to housekeeping on a farm he purchased southeast of Robinson and erected a new house.

In June 1934 Marjory died of lockjaw as the result of hurting her hand on a chain. He lived alone until Nov. 1935 he was married to Etta Gaines. In a few years he retired from active farming as his health began to fail. He died Feb. 10, 1955 at the Allen's Sanitarium and was laid to rest in the Duncanville Cemetery where his first wife, baby, Mother, Father, one brother Charley and a sister Jessie had been buried.

Gladys died in infancy.

Jessie Velma Folck born 1897. She attended College at Charleston and prepared for teaching. She taught several years in the Co. before she married Glenn O. Peelman, a farmer, in 1922. He served in World War I. They are the proud owners of a farm north of Palestine. Two sons were born to this couple. Cleon Dee born Nov. 1926. He graduated from Palestine H.S. He served in the Navy from 1945 to 1947 as an electronic technician Instructor in Hawaii. He was married to Ann Wood May 1950. They live at Genoa, Illinois and is a lineman for the telephone company. Two children came to this couple. A daughter Sandra Kay born 1951 and a son Michael Dee born Oct. 1954.

Delmar Lee was born Oct. 1932. He graduated from grade school, but due to several years of ill health, he could not graduate from H.S. He is home with his parents engaging in farming and dairy.

Emma Ann Folck was born in Green Co., Ohio July 21, 1871. She was one year old when the family came to this county. She married Sylvester Crozier Feb. 1894. They went to housekeeping on the Alex Anderson farm southwest of Robinson. Eight years later they purchased the Highsmith farm southeast of Robinson. In 1925 they moved to the Steel farm near Duncanville they had purchased. About this time Emma contracted sugar diabetes. She died Dec. 17, 1933. She was laid to rest in the Robinson New Cemetery where her daughter Florence had been placed.

Four children came to this home. Florence, born March 1896. She attended college at Charleston and taught several years in the Co. She was married to Clare McGahey, a farmer, in 1919. Two children were born to this couple. Florence died Dec. 31, 1924 as the result of a caesarian operation when her last child was born.

Eugene was born June 1920. He served in World War No. 2 from 1942 until he became disabled and was discharged in 1943. In 1942, he was married to Norma Guyer. They now reside at Highland, Ind. Where he has purchased several acres of ground and just finished building a new 6-room house by themselves. He is a welder and mechanic. They have one daughter Beverly Ann born April 11, 1948.

Florence Jean McGahey born Dec. 25, 1924. She was married to Charles Cawood in Aug. 1942. He served in World War II from 1942 to 1945 in Europe. They are the parents of four girls, Loretta Jean, Janet, Susan Roberta and Deborah Jane. Charles serves as a night policeman and drives a school bus.

Iola, the second child of Emma Folck was born in 1898. She graduated from M.E. Hospital at Indianapolis in 1924 and became a R.N. In 1926 she was married to Clare McGahey (husband of her sister). They are now living on a 160 acre farm north of Swearingen they purchased. Intensive improvements have been made by Mr. McGahey. A new 8-room house was built in 1940 and 1941. In 1947 fire took the large barn and a new tile barn was built in its site. To this couple one son was born. Glenn Dee Aug. 1927. He lives south of his folks where his father built him a six-room house and other buildings. He served in the Army from May 1946 to March 1947. He is in partnership with his father who farms very intensively.

Vernon Adolphus Crozier, son of Emma Folck Crozier, was born Oct. 1900. He married Myrtle M. Wilson Sept. 1925. They live on his father's home place southeast of Robinson. He purchased 120 acres south of Swearingen Chapel. Four children were born to this couple. Hazel Margaret, twin born Nov. 1927 and graduated from Palestine H.S. She took training as a nurse. She was married to Aden Keith Crampton in May 1950. He served in the war from Oct. 1942 to 1945 as a Sgt. They reside in Robinson where he bought ground and built his own house. He is a machinist and is a clerk for the Western Auto. Hazel is a very proficient nurse at the Allen's Sanitarium.

Helen Marguerite, twin born Nov. 1927. She graduated from Palestine H.S. and took training as a nurse. She married Lyndon Gene Brock May 1950. He served in the Army from Feb. 1943 to 1945 as combat engineer. They now live at Sycamore, Ill. Where Helen is nursing in the hospital there and Lyndon is an electrician.

Vernon Adolphus, Jr. born Aug. 1932. He graduated from Palestine High School. He is home with his parents specializing in the dairy business.

Sylvester Lee born April 1935. He graduated from Palestine H.S. and is employed at Rochelle, Ill.

Edith Amanda Crosier, youngest child of Emma Folck Crozier born Dec. 10, 1908. She took nurses training in Chicago graduating in 1930 and becoming an R.N. She was married in June 1930 to Robert James Pascente. Edith is still working in the hospital during special and supervisory duties. They have one son Robert William, born Dec. 17, 1933. He graduated from St. Phillip H.S. in Chicago and now finishing his college education in Cleveland, Ohio. They live in Chicago and own their home. They recently had a new house constructed.

Maggie Lulu Folck was born April 17, 1873 southeast of Robinson. By examination and Normal training, she became an outstanding teacher in the county where she taught several years. She was married to William Lewis Hughes in April 4, 1895, a prosperous farmer living near Hardinsville on their 80 acres farm. Mrs. Hughes was an active member of the Leeper Chapel Methodist Church until she moved to Robinson in 1934 when she moved her membership to the M.E. Church there. In 1933 after the death of her husband W. S. Hughes, Mrs. Hughes purchased a building site and had a 5-room house built at 603 W. Main St. in Robinson. Here she resided until her death Jan. 16, 1940. She was laid to rest beside her husband in the New Robinson Cemetery.

To this union were born five children. Alva Fred born June 1896 and passed away in infancy. Miles A. born Nov. 1897. He graduated from Oblong H.S. and is owner and operator of a service station. Sometime ago he became the owner of a farm south of Robinson known as the Wm. Walker farm. He was married to Lena Glenn Mann Dec. 29, 1929. She had a daughter Norma Ruth by a former marriage. Lena died at her home Dec. 14, 1952. To this couple a daughter Sara Lue was born Dec. 3, 1932. She graduated from Marshall H.S. with straight A and graduated from Indiana State Teachers College in 1956 cum laude and B.S. Degree. Miles and Sara Lue reside west of Marshall. Guy E. born Dec. 1899. He graduated as a registered pharmacist from Kansas College and at the time of his death Oct. 1951 was manager of a drug store in Wichita, Kansas. Martha E. (now Mrs. Ernest R. Britton) born Nov. 1902 resides in Midland, Michigan where her husband is principle of the high school there. Martha graduated from McKendric College and taught several years before and after her marriage. One son Dean R. Britton was born. Mary E. (Mrs. Ernest E. Pulley) born Dec. 1906. She graduated from McKendric College and taught school in Robinson where Ernest is employed with the Ohio Production Co. They are the parents of three girls, Joan C. Pulley (Mrs. Charles Settles) of Indianapolis, Ind. and a son Mark Wayne; Jane Sue and Linda Lue at home. Bessie Wakefield Ducommon, a niece of Mr. And Mrs. Hughes grew to young womanhood as a daughter in their home.

William Harry Folck born Nov. 10, 1875. He grew to manhood farming with his father. At the death of his father, he stayed with his mother until her death in 1919. Then in Sept. 1921 he married Minnie Fry, a schoolteacher of the county. He purchased the home place and died there of heart trouble April 16, 1944. No children were born, but they took George Allen Baker when a small boy and raised him as their son. After William's death, Minnie moved to Olney, Ill. where she died Nov. 16, 1955.

Nora Belle Folck was born Aug. 3, 1878. By Normal training she became a teacher in the Co. where she taught several years when she met and married Harry E. Green July 1907. They resided in Robinson where Mr. Green was County Supt. Of Schools for some years. In the home were three daughters from a previous marriage, Golden Rains, Mary Lowe and Ruth Buck. Mr. Green died in 1930 and Mrs. Green is living in the home on N. Jefferson St. A daughter Mildred was born to this couple. She graduated from Robinson H.S. with straight A's and received a scholarship to college. She graduated from Normal at Charleston where she prepared herself for teaching. She taught several years in the grade schools. She was married to Ralph Wagoner in June 1936. One son, Charles, was born. They live in Indianapolis, Ind. where they recently had a new home built.

Leota Folck born near Robinson Dec. 7, 1881 and graduated from R.T.H.S. in 1903. She attended Normal at Charleston different terms and graduated from the University of Valparaiso, Ind. She taught several years in the country schools and in 1907 commenced teaching in the grades in Robinson. Later she became principle of the school and continued in that position until her marriage July 3, 1918 to Dr. Melvin Ross Maxwell. He practiced as an osteopathic and physician in Mt. Vernon, Missouri where they lived. One son, Wayne Dee was born May 1919. He graduated from Park College, Parkville, Mo. in 1941 and of Kansas City College of Osteopathy and Surgery. He is a practicing osteopathic physician and surgeon in Dalhart, Texas. He is married to Dorothy Early Oct. 1945. She is a graduate of Kansas City College of Osteopathy and Surgery. They have three children. Ross Dee born at Amarillo, Texas March 1947; Jon Thomas born at Amarillo, Texas Aug. 1950; and Marilyn Sue born at Amarillo, Texas Jan. 1954.

Benjamin Arthur Folck was born Aug. 13, 1887. He is the youngest son of Adam Folck. He attended teachers college in Terre Haute and taught several years before and after his marriage to Cleo Stephenson in 1912. She also was a teacher in the Co. B.A. bought the Frank Highsmith and part of the Buchanan farm and moved to the same some years ago after having new buildings erected. Cleo died Feb. 1919. Dorothy was born to this couple April 2, 1918. B.A. continued to live on the farm and cared for Dorothy as a mother. On July 1923 he was married to Lucy Duncan. They lived on the same place until Lucy's death Oct. 1944. Four daughters came to this home and were raised as full sisters. Dorothy, now Mrs. Alfred Adams of Robinson. She graduated from Normal at Charleston and taught school in the county before her marriage. Alfred is an instrument man at the Ohio Refinery. They own their home in Robinson and have three children. Arthur Curtis, Sept. 3, 1939; Patricia Lyne, Sept. 21, 1941; and Nancy Sue, Sept. 23, 1947. Anna, now Mrs. Paul Beck, graduated from college at Charleston, Ill. as a teacher. She taught several years in the Co. before her marriage. Paul served several years in World War II doing duty overseas. They are now living at Evansville, Ind. where they own their home and is coach in the college, and Anna is teaching kindergarten in Evansville. They are the parents of two sons. Robert Beck born May 1942 and James Beck born Sept. 1944. Jane Folck born June 28, 1924. She graduated from R.T.H.S. and was employed at L.S. Heath plant in Robinson before her marriage to Floyd Williamson in 1944. Floyd works at the Ohio Refinery in Robinson and they live at the Folck's old homestead by the overhead bridge. Floyd served several years in World War I and time in overseas duty. They have three children. Donald Floyd Williamson Oct. 25, 1946, Rebecca Jane Williamson Sept. 4, 1948, Anita Louise Williamson July 6, 1951. Alice Marie Folck born Dec. 10, 1930. She graduated from R.T.H.S. and was employed at the shoe factory in Robinson. She was married to Wayne East Oct. 1950. Wayne is employed at Ellis' Machine Shop in Palestine. They have recently bought a house and having it moved to a location southwest of Palestine. Two children were born, Beverly Ann born Apr. 24, 1952 and Janet Marie born Dec. 29, 1954.

Monte Folck, youngest child, was born March 14, 1889. She was married to Raleigh P. Mullins Aug. 31, 1904 who was a schoolteacher in the county. Some years ago they moved to Greencastle, Ind. There he purchased a drug store and operated it until his death on March 16, 1947. Monte still lives in the home. To this union four daughters were born. Imogene, born Nov. 9, 1906 at Trimble, Ill. Now Mrs. J. Elwood Jones, living in Indianapolis, Ind. She is a director of American Junior Red Cross, Indianapolis Chapter. The Editor of Grit, a quarterly magazine of the Delta Theta Tau Sorority, Inc., also of "Golden Years" of the sorority published in 1954. Elwood (Imogene's husband) is a practicing lawyer and served in the Air Forces in World War II. Mae, the second daughter, was born Nov. 7, 1908. Now Mrs. Lois J. Arnold of Danville, Ind. She is the mother of three children, Mrs. Roy E. Noblitt, Judy and Jerry. One grandchild, Rebecca Jo Knoblitt. Lois is president of the Danville National Bank. Leota was born Jan. 8, 1913 at Robinson. She is now Mrs. Rex Haines of Greencastle, Ind. She is a member of the staff, department of psychology, DePauw University. Rex is a partner is Simpson, Haines and Hunter Insurance Co., at Greencastle. He also served in the Navy in World War II. They are the parents of two sons: Philip and David Haines. Sarah Elizabeth, youngest child, was born Aug. 17, 1922 at Greencastle. Now Mrs. Alex E. Jones, of Jacksonville, Ill. She was a college professor until the birth of her two daughters Jo Ellen and Sarah Elizabeth Jones, (mother and daughter namesakes of Sarah Elizabeth Folck). The husband is Dr. Alexander E. Jones, a professor at McMurray College. He spent some time in service in World War II.

Jonathan Folck, a brother of Adam Folck, was born in Green Co., Ohio May 27, 1825. His wife, Margaret (Gano) Folck was born Aug. 5th, 1833, also in Green Co., Ohio. In 1868 Jonathan and wife Margaret Folck with their five children, namely John H., Anna Isabelle, Elizabeth Mahala, Henry and Josephus, traveled by covered wagon to Crawford Co., Ill. And settled on a farm near Morea. Jonathan died Jan. 31, 1898. Their oldest son John H. married Florence E. Truitt in 1890 and to this union were born three daughters.

John H. Folck died June 6, 1931. His wife Florence died Oct. 1, 1944. Mary Milvina (Mollie), the oldest daughter, was born Dec. 12, 1890. She was united in marriage to Riley Brashears Aug. 19, 1909. They lived on a farm in the vicinity of Palestine where he farmed and engaged in the carpentry trade. Mary (Mollie) died March 20, 1918 after a long illness of T.B. Riley remained on the farm until the death of his father-in-law then moved to Palestine where he purchased property. To this union 2 daughters were born. Pearl Ruth born Jan. 13, 1910 and died Feb. 28, 1913. Florence Katherine born June 1913. She was married to Leonard Buntin Aug. 1935. They owned a nice farm southeast of Palestine where he is engaged in farming and raising livestock. They have done extensive remodeling of their home. They are the parents of two children. Wade Leon Buntin born July 3, 1939 and Joyce Kay Buntin born Dec. 25, 1944.

Minnie Ruth, second daughter of John H. and Florence E. Folck was born Feb. 25, 1893. Taught school in Crawford County four years. She was married to Leath Postlewaite, a farmer, in June 1915. They now reside on their farm of 120 acres three miles southeast of Palestine. They are the parents of five children, Dean, born July 1916. He graduated from the University of Ill. in agriculture in 1938, and received an appointment as aviator cadet, receiving his training at Randolph Field, Texas. Later resigning from the Army and becoming a pilot for Pan American Airways, where he still remains as captain. He was married to Betty Kelly of Yonkers, New York and has three children: Ellen, Susan and Neil. They reside in Fairfield County, Connecticut where the own their home.

Virginia, second child, was born Sept. 1918, and graduated from Charleston Teacher's College in 1940 in Home Economics. She taught school seven years. She was married to James Claypool, a veteran of World War II, of Marshall, Ill. He is the owner of Claypool Insurance Agency. They have two children: Constance Jane and Kenneth. They are still in Marshall where the own their home.

Doris, third child, was born Feb. 12, 1922, attended Bradley College, Peoria, taking pre-nursing, later graduating from Nurse's Training at St. Luke's Hospital, Chicago, where she remained as a nurse until her marriage to Dr. Robert W. Elghammer of Chicago. After serving two years in the Government Public Health Service in Alaska, he is now practicing at Danville, Ill. where they are the proud owners of a nice home.

Jeanne, fourth child, was born April 29, 1927. She graduated from University of Illinois Journalism in 1949. After graduation she held positions in New York City, Colorado Springs, and San Francisco, Calif. She married George Downing of Roseburg, Oregon, an etomologist. After two years in the service spent in Germany, they are now living in Juneau, Alaska, where he is with the U.S. Forestry Service.

Paul, fifth child, born Oct. 18, 1933. He graduated from the University of Ill. in 1955 in agriculture. He was married to Terry DeLong of Waukegan, Ill. June 9, 1956, and is now serving with the armed forces in Germany.

Margaret (Fritz) Folck, youngest daughter, was born in the vicinity of Palestine. She stayed at home with her parents and when her sister Mollie was sick, she with her parents moved to the Brashear home to help care for her until Mollie's death in 1918. She remained in the home and became a second mother to her niece Florence Kathern. Later she with her mother and brother-in-law Riley moved to Palestine where she had the care of her mother until her death in 1944. Margaret is now living in Palestine and working in the hair pin factory at that place.

Joseph Folck, son of Jonathan and Margaret (Ganol) Folck, was born Aug. 10, 1860. He came to Ill. with his parents in a covered wagon from Green Co., Ohio when he was 9 years old. He was married to Laura Shaw in 1883. She was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Donaldson) Shaw. They were the parents of 8 children. John Agustus was born Feb. 27, 1884 in Pleasant View vicinity. He was a farmer and hunter and lived with his parents until their death. His father Joseph dying Feb. 14, 1912 and his mother Laura Folck died Jan. 3, 1917. He continued to live in the home place with his sister Flossie until his death March 25, 1938. He was laid to rest in the Pleasant View Cemetery where his mother, father and two brothers, Otto born 1894 and died 1897 and Jasper 1888 dying in infancy had been buried and sister Sadie.

Denver Folck, 2nd son was born Jan 6, 1886. He was married to Ola Reynolds Dec. 31, 1913. They were the parents of four children, Beaulah, Keith, Wayne and William, all living in Indiana. Denver died Oct. 16, 1942.

Sadie, the oldest daughter was born April 15, 1889 and was married to Earl Lackey May 16, 1909. They lived on a farm near Heathsville, Ill. When she died at the tender age of 27 yrs. on Oct. 20, 1916. They were the parents of 3 children. Leatha Lackey born June 1910 and married Francis Liston and had two children: Mary Kathryn and Robert Lee. Leatha's husband died and she later married Herman Seaney and lives in Robinson.

Edna was born Jan. 1912 and was married to Leon Stanford and they are living at Gary, Ind. Ralph born Dec. 1913 married Maxine Tohill and two children were born, a daughter dying in infancy and Mary Ann living in Palestine.

Esther, the second daughter, was born Nov. 1, 1892. She was married to Leslie Hughes Oct. 1913. One daughter Macie was born July 10, 1918 on a farm in the Pleasant View vicinity.

Nora, the third daughter was born Oct. 2, 1896. She was married to Clarence Edgington Oct. 7, 1917. He is now working in the Steel Mills at Gary, Ind. They have one son Clarence born Sept. 1918. He was married to Anna Baldoff and they have two children, Betty and Wade Terry, living near Gary, Ind. Flossie Anna, 4th daughter, born Oct. 1899. She was married to Furman F. Fuller Sept. 1917. They live in Pleasant View vicinity on the farm they purchased from the estate and was her father's homestead. They are the parents of three children.

Wanda born Aug. 1, 1918 and married Robert H. McNiece and they live at Park Forest, Ill. They have four children; Sandra Lynne, Myra Gay, Shawna Raye and Ronda Faye all at home.

Laura Inez born July 20, 1920 was married to Barnard Mickey, who is now a U.S. Mail Carrier in Robinson. He served from Sept. 1942 to Sept. 1945 in World War 2, serving in France and England. They own their home in Robinson where they live with their children, Paul Fuller and Norma Jean.

Gary Dean, born March 16, 1934. He married Nancy Sue Millsap and they have one child, Glenda Elane. They live in Palestine.