The Robinson Constitution (newspaper) - March 14, 1900 - page 8. Compiled by Sue Jones

But few of our people comprehend the extensiveness of the overall and waist sewing industry in Hutsonville. About fifty women are now engaged here in sewing waist's and overalls for a Terre Haute Factory, and they manage to make abut 950 dozens of these garments per month, for which they receive 45 cents per dozen, or $427.50.

Out of this amount the women pay transportation of the goods to and from Terre Haute, about 5 cents per dozen. This work is principally done by J. R. Callahan and Ben Ormiston and enables them to make good wages with their teams.

Of course the grater portion of this money is spent among our home people and is but another evidence of what an industry of this or any character can benefit a community.