An article in the Robinson Argus "I Remember When" series by Don Catt.

When they rolled the credits for a movie at the Lincoln Theater back in the early 40s, it usually said, "Color by Technicolor." The color wasn't nearly as good as now, but for those of us who had been watching black and white, it was something new and different. I think as we watched those cowboy shows in black and white, our minds just automatically put the colors in. Their hats were black for the bad guys and white for the good guys, so that was no problem. Their shirts were checkered or black. We didn't care what color the checks were and everyone knew trees were green. We watched black and white movies, but I think in our minds, we colored them. But color was the "in" thing, so I tried to scratch up enough extra money to take Chris to the Lincoln Theater to see the latest color movie (in Robinson, that is).

I was disappointed when color TV came out. I was so sure that Spock was green that I was disappointed when he wasn't. By the time we got our color TV, the color had improved so much that I was happy with everything else. I have no idea why I thought Spock should be green. After color TV, colored movies were old hat and may have been the reason movie attendance dropped off so much and the Lincoln closed.